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Visiting place in Nepal


  Visiting place in Nepal  

✔ Nepal is a multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual country with lots of prospects and opportunities for tourism. Although it is small in area.

✔ It has many interesting facts and unbelievable history. It is itself a kind of mystery. 

✔ If you are looking best country to visit & spending valuable time on your boring working days? if yes, Nepal can be the best country for refreshment, Enjoyment, Happiness, & many other fulfilling colors of your joyful life.

✔ There are many Adventures places, lots of mountains,  Huge numbers of National Parks, Religious Temples, Historical monuments, Different cultures, And Different languages.

✔ Nepal is a small country but it is very rich in Geography Nepal has World’s tallest Mount Everest Called  “Sagarmatha”

✔ The Lowest point in Nepal lies in Mukhiyapatti Musharniya of Dhanusha District at 59 meters Above Sea level.



  1. Lumbini: A Beautiful Journey  

✔ Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Siddhartha Gautam Buddha. who was the founder of the Buddhist religion which is followed in many countries in the world.

✔ He is known as the light of Asian people. we can say he is the father of Buddhist people. Gautam Buddha establishes many Spiritual slogans.

visiting place in nepal

✔ People from many countries used to visit to see the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

✔ Millions of people come here to feel the peaceful environment. The people say that when they go there they feel like they are in heaven.

✔ Lumbini is a famous tourist destination in Nepal. It has its own unique history & many historical temples which are made by different countries.

  Famous Temples in Lumbini:  

1. Mayadevi Temples

2. World Peace Pagoda

3. Bodhi Tree

4. The Sacred Garden

5. Lumbini Monastic Zone

6. German Monastery

7. Royal Thai Monastery

8. Chinese Monastery

9. South Korean Temple

10. Golden Temple of Myanmar

11. Sri Lankan Temple

12. Singapore monastery

13. Austrian Monastery


  2. Gorkha Durbar  

✔ Gorkha Durbar is located in Gandaki Province in Gorkha District It is the 4th Largest District in Nepal by area.

✔ Gorkha Durbar is the historical place where the Shah dynasty began its regime and from where the unification of Nepal started.

visiting place in nepal

✔ Ram Shah constructed Gorkha Durbar in pagoda style in the 16th century(1686 BS), highlighting the Newari architecture.

✔ Gorkha Durbar is not only famous as the birthplace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah but also as a place where the annual Dashain festival began.


  3. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve  

✔ Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is Located in Myagdi, Rukum & Baglung District in Dhaulagiri Himal range in Nepal.

✔ This Hunting Reserve area of 1325 sq. km. This place is famous for hunting. Many tourists who are interested in hunting visit this reserve.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

✔ This reserve was established in 1987. It is the only hunting reserve established in Nepal. We can find different kinds of animals and plants here.

✔ The climatic condition in Dhorpatan is cold. In Nepal, hunting is illegal except in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.


  4. Rara Lake  

✔ Rara Lake is also known as Mahendra Lake. Rara Lake is situated in the western part of Nepal, 300 km north of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

✔ It is located in the Jumla and Mugu districts of Karnali province.

✔ We can find different species of fish in this lake. On September 7 it was declared a Ramsar site.

Rara Lake

✔ The main occupation of people living in the area is agriculture. This lake has been classified as oligotrophic as it is slightly polluted.

✔ Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. In winter, people love to visit Rara Lake because in winter we can see different types of birds.

✔ In Rara Lake, we can find a Rara fish that is only found in Rara Lake. It is a perfect place for people who love nature, birds, and fish and who want a fresh environment.


  5. Sagarmatha National Park 

✔ Sagarmatha National Park was established in 1979.

✔ It has become the country’s first national park that was inscribed as a natural World Heritage Site.

Sagarmatha national park

✔ We can find different species of plants and animals. 208 species of birds are here.

✔ More than 1000 floral species were found here in this park. Each year many tourist visit this park.

✔ The climatic condition of this place is cold. Different endangered plants and animals are being protected in this park.


  6. Pashupatinath Temple  

✔ Pashupatinath is located in the capital city of Nepal. it is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Pashupati. This temple was enlisted as a world heritage site in 1979.

Tourism in Nepal

✔ It was constructed in 1692 CE. Pashupatinath is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the Capital city of Nepal. This temple is established in pagoda style.

  places to visit near Kathmandu.  

1. Dharahara

2. Buddha Stupa

3. Kathmandu durbar square

4. Chandragiri hills

5. Nuwakot


  7. Citwan National Park  

✔ Chitwan National Park is in the Tarai region of Nepal. We can find different species of plants and animals here. Every year many tourist visit this park.

Tourism of Nepal

✔ The place is famous for its wildlife. More than a thousand people go there to see the wildlife lifestyles.

✔ it is covered with green there, we can see a one-horned rhino and a Bengal tiger. So people used to go there to see different types of wildlife

✔ Chitwan National Park was established in 1973. It was enlisted in a world heritage site in 1984. Chitwan means “Heart of the Jungle”.

✔ There are a total of 128 Royal Bengal Tigers in Chitwan national park.


  8. Patan Durbar Square  

✔ Patan Durbar Square is located in the heart of Lalitpur City. It was built in 1637 AD. It is constructed according to Newari culture and tradition.

Tourism in Nepal

✔ Patan is the most ancient Buddhist city in the world. It was enlisted in a world heritage site in 1979 AD.

✔ Krishna temple is one of the most important temples in Patan Durbar Square. One of its attractions is the ancient royal palace


  9. Kathmandu Durbar Square  

✔ Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of three squares within Kathmandu Valley.

✔ It is believed that it was built by the Malla king between the 13th to 16th centuries.

Tourism in Nepal

✔ For many year tourist visit, this palace to know about the history of ancient Nepal. It is also known as Hanuman Dokha durbar square.


  10. Lantang National Park  

✔ Langtang National Park was established in 1976 AD. Langtang National Park has Gosaikunda Valley and other lakes too. It cover’s an area of 1,710 sq. km.

Langtang National Park

✔ It was the first protected area in the Himalayan. The climate of the park is dominated by the southwest summer monsoon.

✔ The summit of Langtang Lirung is the highest point in the park.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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