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Pokhara: Nepal

  One of the best tourist destinations in Pokhara Nepal  

✔ Pokhara is a city on Phewa Lake, in the center of Nepal. It is known as the gateway to the Annapurna circuit, a popular trail in the Himalayas.

✔ The area of Pokhara is 464.2km. It is mainly famous for the lake, mountains, heritage, tal barahi temple, paragliding, bungee jumping, trekking, etc.

✔ Pokhara is also known as an area of tourism it is the capital city of Gandaki province. 

✔ Pokhara Valley is the second-largest valley in Nepal. It is located in the middle part of Nepal.

✔ every year more than one million people come to visit Pokhara including internal and external tourists.

✔ It is located in Gandaki province. 203 kilometer(126 mi) west of Kathmandu valley. Pokhara is in the front position of tourism in Nepal

✔ Here we can visit different places like Phewa Lake, Tal Barahi temple, Devil’s Fall, Sarankot, Ghandruk, and Bindhyabasini temple.



  1. Tal Barahi temple  

✔  The Tal Barahi Temple is situated on an island in the lake. We can hire a colorful boat called Dunga and sail through the lake for a relaxing ride. 

✔ Tal Barahi temple is also known asLake Temple”. It is the Hindu Temple of the Barahi goddess.

✔ It is the most important religious monument of Pokhara. This temple is located on a small island in the middle of Phewa Lake.

Tal barahi temple

✔ It is located in the middle of the lake so the only way to go there is by boat.

✔ The temple is the symbol of the manifestation of Ajima representing the female force. Devotes visit the temple in the Nepali months of Baisakh and Kartik. (November and December).



  2. Phewa Lake (Fewa Lake)  

✔ Phewa Lake is one of the largest lakes in Nepal. Phewa Lake is a freshwater lake in Nepal formerly Baidam Tal located in the south of the Pokhara Valley which includes Pokhara Valley, parts of Sarangkot, and Kaskikot.

Phewa Lake (Fewa Lake)

✔ The lake is also famous for the reflection of mountains like Machhapuchhre and other mountain peaks of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges on its surface.

✔ We can hire a beautiful boat called Dunga and sail through the lake for a memorable and relaxing ride.

✔ It offers an exciting view of nature where we can enjoy boating and visit the Hindu holy temple “Talbarahi Temple” located within the Lake.



  3. Devil’s Fall  

✔ Devil’s Fall is a famous waterfall located at Pokhara in the Kaski district of Nepal.

✔ The water forms a tunnel after reaching the bottom. This tunnel is 500 feet long and runs 100 feet below ground level.

Devil's Fall

✔ This waterfall comes from the lake flowing to Seti. It is also one of the best tourist attractions in Pokhara.

✔ All through it is known as Devil’s Fall but always gives a people very magical feeling, the light and the water vapor are beautiful.

✔ Tourists and local people love to take a photo of it. Hence people visit this place.



  4. Trekking in Pokhara  

✔  Trekking is an outdoor activity done by walking for more than one day.

Trekking is one of the best activities for people who love to experience new things, who love to walk, and who want to explore and enjoy the scenery.

Trekking in Pokhara

✔  Trekking could be a motive for people. It can be a commitment, an aim, a party, a mission, a social gathering, etc.

✔ People love trekking because the activity makes them happy, and the view refreshes them.

✔ People who love Trekking become healthy mentally and physically they feel relaxed from the bottom of their hearts.



  5. Boating  

✔ Boating is one of the best things to enjoy the spectacular view picturesque landscape of Pokhara Valley. You can do round boating in Pokhara Valley except for Monsoon.


✔ It is also one of the best tourist attractions in Pokhara. People love boating in Phewa Lake. It helps people to feel free and to refresh their minds.

✔ Boating is an adventure game itself you must follow the safety rules before doing boating  

✔ It also helps people to enjoy the view of Phewa Lake. Not only in Phewa Lake but you can do boating in other lakes too.



  6. Paragliding  

✔ In Pokhara paragliding, you will fly like a bird, and get an unforgettable experience with the view of the beautiful Fewa Lake, valley, and the Himalayas.


✔ If you want to experience this then you can visit Pokhara but you have to avoid the rainy season and the time when thermal are active.

✔ It is also a main tourist attraction in Pokhara. Hence, People love to visit Pokhara to do paragliding.

✔ Many internal and external tourists come here to do paragliding and see the beautiful view of Pokhara from the sky. 



  7. Ghandruk  

✔ Ghandruk is the culturally inhabited region of the Nepalese Gurung Community The village is located in Kaski District.


✔ Ghandruk is a common place for treks in the Annapurna range of Nepal.

✔The peaks of Mt Annapurna, Mt Machhapuchare, and Mt Hiunchuli can be seen from the village, and it is also the gateway of poon hill.

✔ Ghandruk takes only a 4-5 hour drive from Pokhara, making the place a great weekend break.

✔ We can also wear a Gurung and other traditional dress in Ghandruk.

✔ In Ghandruk we can find many domestic animals like horses, Donkeys, yak, goats, Buffalo, and many other animals.

✔ The people love to visit Ghandruk and love their food culture, and environment.



  7. Bungee jump  

✔ Bungee jumping is a sport in which a jumper falls from a high place with a bungee cord attached to his/her both feet.

✔ When they fall from the top of the bungee cord they experience free fall until a few seconds.

Bungee Jump

✔ Bungee jumping forces you to face your fear and helps you to experience the feeling of happiness and pride after you do it.

✔ Many people love to do bungee jumping in Pokhara because it is full of adventure environment and it is full of natural beauty.

✔ Opening time For the bungee jump is from 9 AM to the Evening at 5 pm If you go someday not forget to do such an adventure bungee jump.

It’s not very expensive there is a different price list for local people or foreigners.


Some other tourist destinations near Pokhara:

  • Seti River Gorge
  • Gurung Memorial Museum
  • Matpani Gumba
  • Tibetan Refugee Camp
  • Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
  • International Mountain Museum
  • Begnas Lake
  • Poon Hill
  • Peace Pagoda
  • Sarangkot

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