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Expensive Watch Brands


  Expensive Watch Brands  

are more prestigious than others, which can help raise the higher price. Luxury watches are made from precious metals and gemstones, which can be more expensive.

A watch with a gold case and diamond-studded bezel will be much more expensive than one with a stainless steel case and a simple dial.

Luxury watches often have complex movements with many complications, such as a perpetual calendar or a tourbillon. Preparing an expensive watch takes more time and skill too which drives up the price.

Expensive watch brands

Some expensive watches are produced in very limited quantities. Luxury watches are in high demand, which helps to raise the price. Generally, the price of a luxury watch is determined by its complications, including brand name, the materials used, the complexity of movement, the rarity, and demand. Some of the Expensive watch brands are explained below.


  1. Patek Philippe  

Patek Philippe is a Swiss luxury watch. It is located in the Canton of Geneva and the vale de Joux, which was established in 1839.

It is invented by two persons, i.e. Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe. So this watch is named Patek Philippe.

Since 1932, the business has been held by the Stern family in Switzerland and remains the last family-owned separate watch manufactory in Geneva.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the elder watch manufacturers on the globe. Patek Philippe makes watches that are normally created from treasured metals and rocks, like gold, platinum, and diamond.

This watch is very special because of its complement to creating watches of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


  2. Rolex  

Rolex is probably the world’s best-known luxury watchmaker and has been in business since it was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905.

Wilsdorf founded Rolex while living in England. The name “Rolex” was invented in 1908 because Wilsdorf liked the sound of it and which is easy to pronounce.


Rolex is produced in-house by the company across its various factors in Switzerland. Rolex has respective installations where it produces watch cases and motions, as well as unique skills to forge metal, set special stones, and create outcomes.

Rolex watches are in high demand, and finding popular models available for sale in a retail environment can be challenging. Rolex has many popular watch collections across many categories for both men and women.


  3. Vacheron Constantin  

Vacheron Constantin is a Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer. It was founded in 1755 and established by Jean-Marc Vacheron.

This watch is the world’s oldest continuously operating watch manufacturer. Since 1996 it has been a subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont group.

Vacheron Constantin

A key component of Vacheron Canstantin’s appeal is the timeless elegance of its designs.

This watch has been providing men and women with the highest quality Swiss luxury watches.


  4. Breguet  

Breguet is a Swiss-French luxury watch, clock, and jewelry manufacturer founded by Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris in 1775.

Breguet is the epitome of excellence in watchmaking and part of the fabric of European cultural heritage.


Breguet is quite a prestigious brand due to its rich history, robust advertisement technique for average-class individuals, and high-end watches. Since the quality is the best, the entry and retail costs are high for Breguet watches.


  5. Audemars Piguet     

Audemars Piguet Holding SA is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches and clocks. It was founded in Le Brassus, Switzerland, and established by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet in the Vallee de Joux in 1875 acquiring the name Audemars Piguet in 1881.

Besides their timekeeping accuracy and complex movements, their limited production is one of the main reasons for the higher price of Audemars Piguet. Generally, AP watches are more expensive than other luxury watch brands.

Audemars Piguet

This watch is a family-owned luxury watch brand that’s the part of holy watch trinity comprised of AP.


  6. Jaeger-LeCoultre  

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer founded by Antoine LeCoultre in 1883 and is based in Le Sentier, Switzerland.

It is one of the only watchmakers in the world that continues to manufacture everything in-house. Jaeger LeCoultre watches are handmade.


A man who wears a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch values quality, technical precision, and traditions.

This watch is considered more prestigious than Cartier This watch is regarded as a top-tier Richemont brand.


  7. Cartier  

Cartier International SNC, or simply Cartier, is a French Luxury goods conglomerate that designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewelry, leather goods, and watches.

This watch was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris in 1847. Cartier creations are made of heightened-quality special metals like 18k gold and platinum.


The valuable treasured metals used in Cartier creations are timeless and gain more weight over time, especially driving up the prices of Cartier creations. This watch is a special expression of an inventor’s style.


  8. Omega   

In 1894, a watch company called Louis Brandt et Freres created a 19 caliber famously named OMEGA.

The organization was renamed in its honor in 1903. In 1932, the first little wrist Chronograph was presented; the Omega 28.09 Chronograph is just one of the company’s many well-known watches.


Omega has been keeping time at the Olympic games since 1932 and that’s just one of the many things that make this coveted luxury watch brand famous.

The James Bond consistency has been wearing Omega watches in spy movies since 1995, and NASA astronauts wore Omega watches during the 1969 trip to the moon.

Known for its function and style, the Omega watch comes in a dizzying array of styles to meet a variety of needs.


  9. TAG Heuer  

TAG Heuer was founded in 1860, which is originally known as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. The corporation was bought by TAG Group in 1985 and then carried over in a friendly buyout by French opulence goods empire LVMH.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer patented a dashboard clock called “Time of Trip” in 1911 and presented its first wrist chronograph in 1914.

Given its tight association with automotive ambition, it’s not surprising that TAG Heuer has a history of being famous with experienced and amateur auto racers.

In 2013, the company celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Carrera, a racing-inspired chronograph that has spanned ten eras since its 1963 introduction.


  10. Chopard  

The Chopard watch was produced in Switzerland in 1869, this sophisticated timepieces are highly coveted for their design aesthetics.

Chopard is also known for its fine jewelry, which may explain some of the exquisite models produced over the decades.


Many famous figures wear Chopard luxury watches, and the company further distinguishes itself by partnering with the Mile Miglia Car rally, the historic Grand Prix of Monaco, and the Cannes Flim Festival.


  11. Piaget  

Piaget SA is a Swiss amenity watchmaker and jeweler. It was founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget in the village of La Cote- aux Fees.

Piaget was launched as a manufactory of watch movements but started selling its line of watches in the 20th century.


Piaget SA has developed a reputation of being a watchmaker with watches adorned with precious stones.

They create much high horology watches with high complications and have more impressive finishing than most omega watches. They are the more expensive brand and manufacturer of high-end jewelry.


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