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Top 10 Universities for Human Resources Management in Canada

  Top 10 Universities for Human Resources Management in Canada  

Human Resource course provides a betterment knowledge and skills in Staffing. Human resources is important for Fostering organizational culture. The main role of Human Resources is to improve employee opportunities so here are the Top 10 universities for human resources management in Canada.


  1. The University of Toronto  

The University of Toronto is one of the best universities in Canada. The University of Toronto offers many undergraduate programs in different faculties. This University is also known as the most prestigious university.

The University of Toronto

Around 80% of students study at the undergraduate level. From the different countries and regions, most of the students attend this university. Insulin is one of the major innovations in universities in Toronto.

The primary language at this university is Toronto. In 2024 it ranked 21 in QS World University Ranking. It is one of the best universities for Students.


  2. McGill University  

McGill University is an English-language University Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. McGill University offers more than 400 postgraduate Programs in different sectors.

McGill University

This university is one of the top public universities in Montreal, Canada. In 2024 it ranked 30 in the World University Ranking. This University is also known as one of the most expensive universities in Canada for students.


  3. Queen’s University  

Queen’s University is the oldest in Kingston, Canada. This university has many faculties such as Smith’s School of Business, School of Policy Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Health Science.

Queen’s University

This university is also one of the top universities in Canada. This university is popular as the top doctoral university in Canada. This university is popular around the world and in Canada.


  4. University of Windsor  

The University of Windsor is a public research university in Canada. It is also perfect for the
international student to gain various knowledge. The University encourages students to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

University of Windsor

The university provides an excellent pathway to immigration in Canada. All programs are taught by experts in the field using the latest technology, with opportunities for work experience.

There are many faculties such as the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, Graduate Studies, Law, Nursing Science, etc. This university is beneficial for the students for the international students.


  5. York University  

The top-ranked International university is York University. For the students, they prepare for their long-term career and personal success.

York University is a little expensive. It has ranked 353 in the QS World University Ranking 2024.

York University

York University is driving positive change. In this university, there are many Faculty for the student For their bright Future.

This university aims to make the students in the discipline and provide more knowledge for the betterment of the student’s life.


  6. University of Calgary  

The youngest top-five university in Canada is the University of Calgary. The University of Calgary has 14 faculties such as the Faculty of Arts, Science, Kinesiology, and Graduate Studies, the Faculty of Law the School of Architecture, planning and Landscape, the Faculty of social work, etc.

University of Calgary



The University of Calgary provides services such as Housing services and Library Services. It offers great education to the education. Out of Seven countries, the University of Calgary is ranked one of the top universities.

In these universities, more International students are interested in studying at this university compared to other universities.


  7. Ontario Tech University   

Ontario Tech University is a public research university located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Ontario Tech isn’t focused on developing the next tech breakthrough, it is also focused on improving people’s lives and the planet.

Ontario Tech University

This university promotes social change in student’s behavior. Many athletics programs are provided to the students such as badminton, curling dance, golf, rowing, hockey, Soccer, etc.

This university collaborates with industry, community, government, and academic organizations. This university ranks 1121 in World Universities.


  8. Simon Fraser University  

Simon Fraser University is one of the best universities in Canada. Simon University is a public research university in British, Columbia.

Simon Fraser University

There are three campuses they are Vancouver Bumaby, which is also known as the main campus of Simon Fraser University in Canada, Surrey is the Second campus, and Vancouver is regarded as the third campus of Simon Fraser University.

This university was established in 1965. This university was created to provide higher education.

It is ranked 318 in the QS world. In this university, There are many Faculties to get higher education for national and international students.


  9. Kwantlen Polytechnic University  

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is one of the universities which provides higher education for students. It is one of the top universities and colleges in Canada.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

It is a public University. There are many Faculties at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Such as the Faculty of Art, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Trade and Technology, and Wilson School of Design.

QS World University Ranking has placed KPU at 1521 for 2022. Most international students pay between $15,100 – $24,367 per semester in tuition and mandatory student fees, as full-time students in KPU. So, this university is one of the best universities for students.


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