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Top 10 Religious places of Nepal

✔ Nepal is a country with a rich religious history and culture. It is home to many important sites. It includes temples, monasteries, and stupas. Many religious places in Nepal are important to people of all faiths.

✔ There are 81.3% of people followed the Hindu religion, 9% of people followed Buddhism, 1.4% of people followed Christianity, 3.8% of people followed the Muslim religion & 0.7% of people followed other religions in Nepal. Religion is a system of beliefs that relates humanity to spirituality and moral values.


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  Top 10 Religious places of Nepal  


  1.  Swayambunath Stupa  

✔ Swayambunath Stupa is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is in Kathmandu’s municipality.

✔ The old name of Swayambunath is Swayambhu Maha Chaitya. Swayambunath is also known as home to abound monkeys.

Religious place of Nepal

✔ It was built by King Manadeva in the 13th century Swayambhunath is a structure of small stupas, pagoda temples, and monasteries and presents a peaceful view of the Kathmandu valley.

✔ Swayambhunath is the most religious place for the Buddhist Newars. The height of Swayambunath is about 4613 feet.

✔ The tourist is also called Swayambunath the temple of monkeys because a large group of monkeys is lived in that temple.


  2. Pashupatinath Temple  

✔ Pashupatinath is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Kathmandu Valley. It is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal near the Baghmati River.

Religious place of Nepal

✔ The Pashupatinath temple was built by Prachanda Deva and a Licchavi king. The name Pashupatinath is derived from the Sanskrit ‘pashu’ means animal and ‘pati’ means protector.

✔ The four faces of Pashupatinath which present Shiva’s aspect are Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Tatpurusha, and Aghora.

✔ The Pashupatinath temple was built by Prachanda Deva and a Licchavi king.

✔The best time season for visiting this temple is September to November and the best time for trekking in Nepal. Pashupatinath temple is the largest temple complex in Nepal.


  3. Janaki Temple  

✔ Janaki temple is a Hindu temple, dedicated to Hindu goddess Sita. The temple lies in Janakpur, Nepal. Janakpur temple is known as the birthplace of Sita.

Religious place of Nepal

✔ The total area of the temple is about 14820 sq. meters. The wall of the temple is Mithila paintings are beautiful.

✔ There are 60 rooms decorated with the flag of Nepal. The Janaki temple is also known as the Nau LakhaMandir.

✔ A golden statue of the goddess Sita was found in 1657. Every year many people come to Nepal from India, Sri Lanka, and other countries to visit JanakiTemple.

✔ The best period for visiting Janakpur is May, July, and August. According to people March-May falls under the spring season in Nepal.


  4. Muktinath  Temple  

✔ Muktinath temple is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. It is situated at the foot of a throng of mountain passing in Mustang, Nepal. The climate of the Mustang is cold, humid but cool.4

Religious place of Nepal

✔ Muktinath can visit by helicopter from Kathmandu or Pokhara. It was established on the 3rd of 2007 January A.D. and it is considered to be a Shakti Pitha for a yatra.

✔ The Muktinath temple is the place where Lord Vishnu got salvation from the curse of Brinda.

✔ Muktinath Temple is one of the most famous religious sites in the world Yearly thousands of tourists come to visit Muktinath Temple.

✔ The best period for visiting Muktinath is September, October, and November.

✔ The meaning of Muktinath is God of Salvation. Dhaulagiri Mountain can be seen from the Muktinath Temple. Gandaki River flows from the village of Saligram and the Ashrama of Pulaha.


  5. Manakamana Temple  

✔ Manakamana is a Hindu temple that is believed in the goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati. It is situated in Gorkha District, Nepal.

Religious place of Nepal

✔ Manakamanatemple was built in the 17th century during the period of Ram Shah or Prithvipati Shah.

✔ The name is Manakamana, Mana means ‘heart’ and Kamana means ‘wish’. Tumlingatr Airport is closest toManakamana Temple.

✔ The distance between Manakamana and Pokhara is 71 km. The best day to visit there is Friday and Saturday.

✔ Nepal launched its first commercial cable car On November 24, 1998. The cabal carried covers 2.8 km.

✔ A total of 18.5 kg of gold has been used in the Manakamana Temple.


  6. Gosaikunda Temple  

✔ Gosaikunda temple is one of the most famous Hindu religious places yearly many tourists visit the temple.

✔ It is located in the Langtang National Park in Rasuwa District, Nepal.

Religious place of Nepal

✔ This temple is at a height of 4380 meters from sea level. Gosaikunda is 44 km far from Kathmandu. The best season to visit Gosaikunda is October to December and March to May.

✔ It is famous for its purest holy lake. Water that came from the lake and their locals was said to have healing properties.

✔ The best season to visit the temple is Autumn and Spring season. Mt Manaslu Mountain is seen from the Gosaikunda temple.


  7. Krishna Mandir  

✔ Krishna Mandir is a famous Hindu religious side of Nepal which is located in Patan Durbar SquareLalitpur, It was built in the 17th century by King Siddi Narsing Malla.

Religious place of Nepal

✔ It has great historical and religious value. The best season to visit the temple is October to November. The temple is famous for being Dedicated to lord Krishna.

✔ Temple is also famous for being an important asset of Nepal. Many people came to visit this temple to worship lord Krishna and his wife Radha during Krishan Ashtami.


  8. Changu Narayan Temple  

✔ Changu Narayan is an ancient Hindu temple, located in Bhaktapur District, Nepal. It was built in 325 AD by the Lichhavi dyPlumeria plants nasty King Mandev.

Religious places of nepal

✔ The height of the temple is 1543m. from sea level The Changu Narayan temple holds a strong religious and historical place in the country. The best time to visit there is during the spring season.

✔ According to people, it said that the oldest Hindu temple’ is still in use in the Kathmandu valley. The temple was surrounded by a Plumeria plant forest known as Changu.


  9. Swargadwari Temple   

✔ Swargadwari Temple is located in Pyuthan District, Nepal. Swargadwari is a Sanskrit word that means “Gateway to Heaven”.

✔ It was established in 1941(1998 B.S). Swargadwari temple is famous for commemorating the special role of cows in Hinduism.

Swargadwari Temple 

✔ The height of Swargadwari Temple is 2100m. It is also a popular side for trekking.

✔ The significance of Swargadwari is the last path used by the Pancha Pandavas to ascend to heaven.

✔ The best time to visit the Swargadwari temple is in June and July. There are 585 steps to reach the Swargadwari Temple. There are a vast number of Rhododendrons in the way of Swargadwari Temple.


  10. Pathibhara temple  

✔ The Pathibhara temple is also a famous religious place for Hindus and Buddhists. Pathibhara is located in Taplejung, Nepal. Limbu people worship the place as power and purity.

Top 10 Religious place of nepal

✔ The time to visit there is between March and June and September and November.Kanchenjunga Mountain seen from pathibhara temple.

✔ The altitude of Pathibhara is about 3794m. It is 243km far from Kathmandu. Pathibara is also known as the goddess of desires.

✔ It is pagoda pagoda-style temple made up of stone and brick. During Dashain, the temple is decorated with flowers and lights. Visitors should be respectful of the temple and its worshippers.


  11. Halesi Mahadev Temple  

✔ The Halesi Mahadev temple lies in Halesi Tuwachung Municipality Khotang district, Nepal.

✔ It was a naturally established temple that lies in between Dudh Koshi and Sun Koshi.

Top 10 Religious place of nepal

✔ This temple is mainly famous for Hindus, Buddhists, and Kirat. There are two big caves which are also known as Maratika Cave & Halesi Cave.

✔ If you searching for a peaceful and spiritual place to visit Halasi temple is the best option. It is a popular travel destination, specifically during the Shivaratri festival.

✔ It is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva meditated for 3 months.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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