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North Korea



  About North Korea  

✔ We can visit all countries of the world through the internet but there is still one country that is still inside the mouth of darkness and outside the world of the internet.

✔ That is North Korea which is officially known as the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

North korea

✔ North Korea is an East Asian country with a lot of hidden facts which is still unrevealed in the world.

✔ North Korea which is also known as the most secretive country in the world was founded by Kim II Sung in 1948.

✔ Now being ruled by the leader Kim Jong-un who has the fourth-largest army in the world.



  Social Condition of North Korea  

✔ In the 21st North Korea is the only such country that is unknown to the outside world.

✔ North Korea is such a place where people cannot wear clothes as they wish, cannot cut their hair in their style, and cannot visit a place where they want.

North Korea

✔ The people in North Korea are still far away from freedom.

✔ In North Korea, people are not allowed to wear blue jeans because it means that it is a symbol of imperialism.

✔ In North Korea, only people from high-level classes are allowed to use the North Korean internet called “Kwangmyong”.

✔ In North Korea, no one is allowed to keep a pet in the house.

✔ In North Korea, if we take a child to a school we have to manage desks and benches ourselves.

✔ In North Korea, people are not allowed to speak with Tourists.



  Economic Condition of North Korea  

✔ The economic condition of North Korea is not that much good. Inside North Korea, there is poverty and hunger.

✔ The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of North Korea was 5.45% from 1988 to 2019.

Economic condition

✔ North Korea only export petroleum product to other countries. The most successful export industry for North Korea is the garment industry.

✔ North Korea is also very poor in agricultural conditions. In North Korea, all income is invested in making military equipment.

✔  The rate of unemployment in North Korea is 3.20. According to the estimation of 2020, North Korea has 60% poverty.



  Political Condition of North Korea  

✔ There is only one political party in North Korea that governs the country i.e. Politics of North Korea which is also officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

North Korea Places

✔ It is under the leadership of the Workers Party of Korea. The constitutional type of North Korea is unicameral. The current chief judge of North Korea is Kang Yun-sok



  North Korea  


  1. Pyongyang/Rungrado Stadium    

✔ Although North Korea is the most secretive country in the world some places can enlighten the name of North Korea in the world i.e.

✔ Pyongyang which is also known as Rungrado May Day Stadium.

Rungrado Stadium

✔ It is the world’s largest football stadium which is located in the capital city of North Korea.

✔ It took 2.5 years to construct this stadium which can fit 114,000 people inside it.

✔ This stadium is mostly used in sports events, festivals artistic and gymnastic performances.

✔ Pyongyang metro is also one of the deepest metros in the world, This may be because this metro also serves as a bomb shelter.


  2. Mansuade Grand Monument  

✔ Mansuade Grand Monument which is also known as Mansu Hill Grand Monument is located in the capital city: of Pyongyang in North Korea.

Mansudae Grand Monument

✔ It is one of the largest and most iconic spots in North Korea which features two large bronze statues of former leaders ( President Kim Sung II and General Kim Jong II ) of North Korea.

✔ Tourists and visitors are expected to bow in front of them and show respect to them. In North Korea, we can see pictures of these two people everywhere.

✔ The height of this statue is 20m(60 feet) tall.


  3. The Juch Tower    

✔ The world’s second tallest monument after the San Jacinto is The Juch Tower which is located in the capital city of North Korea and was constructed in 1982.

The Juch Tower  

✔ This tower was named after the ideology of Juche which was introduced by the country’s first leader Kim II Sung.

✔ This tower to built to commemorate the 70th birthday of Kim II Sung. This tower is built in premodern Korean pagoda style. The height of this tower is 170m(560ft).


  4. Paektu Mountain  

✔ Paektu Mountain which is also known as Baekdu Mountain is the highest mountain in the Chinese-North Korean Border.

✔ The height of this mountain is 2,744m(9,003ft). This mountain is a stratovolcano mountain which was last time erupted in 1903.

Paektu Mountain 

✔ According to North Korean mythology, this mountain is sacred and it has been worshiped by the surrounding people throughout history.

✔ This mountain is also mentioned in the national anthem of North Korea called “Arrirang”.


  5. Mount Kumgang  

✔ Mount Kumgang which is also known as Diamond Mountain in Korea is a mountain which is located in Kangwon province of North Korea.

✔  The height of this mountain is 1638m(5,374ft).

Mount Kumgang

✔ Mount Kumgang is famous for its natural beauty from ancient times. Mount Kumgang is also regarded as the Korean National Spirit.

✔ This mountain is 50km far from South Korea.

✔ There is also a special administration region in North Korea called Mount Kumgang Tourist Region which was established in 2002 to control South Korean tourist traffic.


  6. Kim Sung II Square  

✔ Kim II Sung Square is the largest city in North Korea, at the foot of Namsan Hill in Central District which is named after the founding leader of North Korea called Kim II Sung. This country was constructed in August 1954.

North Korea Places

✔ This square is a common gathering place for rallies, cultural dances, military parades, and so on.

✔ The area of this square is 75000 sq.m and it is the 37th largest square in the world.

✔ This square is also known as “Kilometer Zero” as all the national roads are measured from there.


  7. Chollima statue  

✔ The Chollima statue which is located in Pyongyang city, the capital city of North Korea is a monument that was constructed by the Merited Sculpture Production Company of Mansuade Art Studio.

North Korea Places

✔ It was built as a gift to Kim II Sung on the occasion of his 49th birthday which is 46m tall at all. This statue has also received the “Peoples Award”.

✔  This monument represents the “Chollima Speed” of the Chollima movement.

This Statue was built in 1961. This statue is also considered a Korean national symbol.


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