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The Blue Brain Project


  The Blue Brain Project  

✔ We all know that our brain works 24 hours even when we are sleeping because if our brain stops working we will die, that is why there is a term used in medical science with which you will also be familiar.

✔ Brain Dead: In medical science, no one is considered dead as long as the human brain remains functioning or working condition, that is even in a coma when our body does not work, the brain remains alive.

✔ It is the most critical part of the human body, it is a part of the brain, from primitive man to today’s modern-day civilization, we have covered the journey from lighting fire for the first time to making supercomputers only based on our brain.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ Now the human brain has become so capable that it can even be used in the lab. scientists from all over the world have gone far ahead in this research. It is being called the world’s first biologically detailed digital reconstruction of the brain.

✔ It is being experimented on rats only. that is why efforts are going on to do digital reconstruction and simulation of rat brains this experiment is famous by the name of the blue brain project among scientists, biological researchers around the world, and some people who see and hear something different.

✔ Best Ten universe understanding the thought why scientists are trying to understand the Brain.


  Let’s find the answer  

✔ Actually, Understanding the human brain is a vital factor because not only the brain it will be easy to understand the biological mechanism of computers and where our thoughts and emotions come from due to which we are called humans, But the Blue Brain project will also make a big contribution in developing new age computing technology but this work will only extend to increasing the understanding of computer technology. The effect is not limited to this.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ The more understanding increases about the Human Brain, the more it will help in diagnosing and treating brain-related diseases. The brain of a rat is very small compared to the human brain and it is not possible to know so much. Nor have the psychological interaction been understood. The Brain structure of the Brain and its psychology are complex biological problems that can be detected only through experimental measurements. The Blue Brain project aims to digitally reconstruct these complex processes and their interdependencies in the rat brain. An attempt was made to make a better construction than the data available till now, which will give an improved structure. Blue Brain project is also a means of measuring the brain’s capacity. Simulation means trying to recreate or recreate something.

✔ Reproduce our reconstruction accurately. It can be done without making any changes to all the previous lab experiments done on it and without disturbing the parameters of the reconstruction.

✔ Digital reconstruction is always a refined and expanded version. This is a new type of experiment which is from the perspective of neuroscience research. It is precious because it gives deep information about something and till now there is no other effective way to get such information, Now let us tell you how this Blue Brain Project started.

✔ The Blue Brain Project is a Swiss Brain research initiative whose founder and director is Professor Henry Makram Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which is called Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Logan is Swedish.

Rat Brain

✔ It is in Logan, Switzerland, EPFL is one of the two branches of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology whose motive is education, research, and innovation.

✔ Professor Henry Makram is the founder and director of the Blue Brain project. Henry John Makram, South African-born, is an Israeli neuroscientist and professor who runs the Blue Brain Project at the Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, Switzerland is the director and founder of the human brain project after completing his BSC from the University of Cape Town, he completed his PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science and started his career as a neuroscientist. He became popular beyond the Human Brain Project and Blue Brain Projects.


  Let’s move forward and talk about the ultimate goal of the Blue Brain Project.  

✔ In this project, an attempt is being made to create an artificial Brain through which work is being done to develop biological algorithms, Scientific processes, and all necessary software so that the brain can be copied through digital reconstruction. can be developed and this brain will meet all the principles of neuroscience, the brain will be of rodent animals like rats, and squirrels, whose brains are very small.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ In the case of the Blue Brain Project efforts are being made to develop the brain of rats. the process that has been adopted is simulation neuroscience. the advantage of this process is that the capacity of the brain can be assessed partially but not completely. efforts are being made to create a rat brain instead of a human brain because there are many components in the human brain.

✔ The complex contains more than 1 lakh crore molecules, about 1 lakh crore neurons, and more than 1,000 trillion sipes, that is points of contact between neurons through which information passes from one neuron to another. Apart from this, there are more than 800 brain regions.

✔ There are a lot of complex vessels in and between the human brain. On top of that, every human brain is different according to individual genders and ages. the effort is that by 2024, the Blue Brain project will reach the cellular level model of the rat brain in simple words. In other words, there is a digital model with neurons that has 100 million neurons, more than 1,000 types of neurons, and a tree-like structure preparations are underway to make details of the morpho tomorrow also, experiments are going on to develop sipes in this model.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ The Blue Brain Project was started in May 2005, it is human or not, is it possible to rape the small brain of a rat? and the concept of the Blue Brain Project, which is a simulation neuroscience, is there any proof of this? or not.

✔ In the year 2015, the Blue Brain Projects reached an important milestone when the first draft of Digital Reconstruction of Neo Cortical Microsecretion was published. in this study, it was said that after the experiments Parts of neocortical tissues can be digitally reconstructed through this.

✔ It is mentioned in this draft that if brain biology is closely copied then the tissues of the digital brain will behave naturally as the real brain tissues behave. The study can be done in the same way as the actual Brain tissue is studied.

✔ Neuroscientists believe that experimental studies in the laboratory can yield even better results if in-silico experiments are done. In silico experiments involve the use of biological data and mathematical and computer-based representations. It is possible to construct biological models from the combination.

The Blue Brain Project rat neurons

✔ Henry Makram, The founder and director of the Blue Brain Project, believes that the human brain is a supercomputer.


  He had told three important things in his TED talk about starting the Blue Brain Project  

1) He believes that if evolution is required in society, it is essential to re-engineer the human brain.

2) Always doing experiments on animals, we cannot achieve the results that can be used to understand the human brain with whatever information and data is available to us. it should be available as a working model that will act as an archive.

3) Two million people around the world are suffering from mental disorders and most medicines are used for mental disorders. Experimental or Empirical means it is made from the perspective of experience, therefore if the structure and functionality of the brain can be understood in depth, then the right treatment of mental disorders can be introduced.



✔ Henry Makram also believes that the brain may be that of an animal or human it is a kind of final product of the human being given by the universe. It has taken 11 billion years to develop. It is evaluation has been so successful that from rat brain to human brain, it is the development of thousands of folds of neurons which is so complex. the structure has been formed and its evolution is still happening, i.e. the human brain is becoming more complex and capable with each passing time.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ The most effective part of the brain is the Nicotex which is the higher order of brain function. It is still growing at a very fast pace. A big reason for calling it a supercomputer that is being developed is that after looking at the structure of the surface of Neo Kotex, it seems that its modules are similar to today’s generation five computers. These modules keep making duplicate copies of themselves, which is why the human skull. There is not enough space left in the brain so it can expand itself outwards, that is why the human brain is getting folded. More fold means more capacity and a more complex process. Instead of replicating the brain, the rat brain is being developed in the Blue Brain Project.

✔ The question also came to the mind of our research team as to why the rat brain is important to understanding the human brain, so let us know. In Actually Blue Brain, we started with the brains of rodent animals like rats because of the brains of rats. Biological scientists have more data available which makes this process a little easier. Rodent animals, like humans, are mammals, which is why the human brain can be easily copied by overcoming the mammal-specific challenge, only then and other animals was it dedicated to developing the brain of a rat instead of a living being. The team working on this project believes that a major reason for starting with a smaller brain is that large computer systems were needed to imitate the human brain and when this project started in 2005, there were not that many physically capable computer systems.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ There are many physical limitations in developing the performance and memory of supercomputers, which is why such computer technology has not yet been developed that can simulate the human brain. in the years 17 and 18 years since 2005, has this possibility developed that one day humans will be able to copy their brain?

✔ Blue Brain Project has also answered this. The goal of this project is not to solve the human brain. Currently, the funding for this project is being done on the basis that first a mouse brain will be equipped with simulators, and with that, the way for a human brain simulator will open in the coming future. Such projects require massive funding and international collaboration Blue Brain in about 17 years since the beginning of the project, a team of 250 scientists could only reach the first draft of the map of the Human Genome Project, on which 3 billion dollars were spent.

✔ As an example, the large Hydronol produces Gad particles and about 4.75 billion dollars were spent. The cost was in dollars. It took 11 years of effort and the efforts of about 4 lakh people to reach the moon for the first time. in today’s terms, it will cost about 153 billion dollars, in the next 30 years, if man wants to set foot on Mars, then it will cost approximately one trillion dollars or one lakh crore rupees, that is why Blue Brain has often been doubted.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ Since 2013, Blue Brain’s founder and director Professor Henry Makram has had the responsibility of leading the European Human Brain Project (HBP). this advanced simulation is a neuroscience project that focuses on copying the human brain. The Human Brain Project has a team of 100 researchers and is being funded by the European Commission. After spending crores of euros on it since its inception, it was restructured in 2016 and its goals were achieved.

✔ It was put on the infrastructure for Winder Neuroscience research, which is why till now no project of human brain simulation has been started nor is there any planning to start. Now when the matter of the human brain project has come, there is a deep understanding of the Blue Brain Project. so let us discuss this in some detail to understand to human mind. This project, which would run for 10 years, was initially going to cost one billion pounds i.e. about 99 billion rupees.

✔ Scientists from 135 institutes around the world were involved in this project. Most of them were from Europe. they had only one motive to develop such computer technology by which an imitation of the brain can be created, along with this, the team of human brain project also got the responsibility of collecting all the research papers on neuroscience every year.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ It turns out that a database of them will be prepared, The founder and director of Blue Brain at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, had said that the Human Brain Project was an attempt to create a completely new computer science technology. Over the years, efforts have been made to collect all the information available to humans about the brain and create an archive so that it can help in human evolution, but even after tremendous funding from the European Commission, it has not been possible to create a structure of the structure of the human brain because humans current computer technology is not sufficient to create a part as complex as the brain, but there is still hope that in the coming days, supercomputers made by humans will become so capable that one day the structure of the first copy of the human brain will be ready.

✔ A similar project is the Spin Necker project, scientists at Manchester University were engaged in creating a model that mimics brain function. The scientist leading this project, step Faber, had said that even after birth, a child recognizes its mother, but making a computer that can recognize a particular person seems like a possible task but it is also very difficult.

✔ Scientists feel that information technology can provide huge benefits in solving such mysteries. Capacity is now being used as an essential component within the Human Brain Project to create a neuromorphic computing platform.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ On September 24-2019, a grant of 8 million euros was given to the Human Brain project, which will enable spin it be used in making the second-generation machine of Necker, its name is Spin and Cloud, Germany’s TU Dresden University has the responsibility.


  Why was the Blue Brain Project named Blue?   

✔ From the Brain project, it is clear that the human brain is being simulated. Actually, in 2005, EPFL and IBM International Business Machines collaborated on this project. The supercomputer being used to achieve the project’s goal is IBM’s Blue Gen L supercomputer.

✔ The first machine that had the computing power needed for this project was the Neo Cortical Column, a neural microcircuitry similar to a rat’s brain. I supercomputers were upgraded and Blue Gen Q, i.e. Blue Bun 4 was also made, that is why this project got the name Blue Brain Project.

✔ Currently, in this project, the next-generation supercomputer of the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise app is being used for supercomputing activities, which is in the Swiss National Supercomputing Center in Liano, Switzerland.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ The name of the new supercomputer is Blue Brain 5, it has been customized in such a way that it can analyze the build simulator tissue and make digital copies of it according to the project.

✔ Blue Brain 5 supercomputer has an app SGI 8,600 cluster system with 327 notes, 0.8 petaflops 64 TeraBytes Aggregated Bandwidth 100 GB PS EDR Infini Band interconnect, 2.3 TB High-speed D Ram, 96 TB DDR 4D, RAM 160 TB SSD is installed. Recently it has been upgraded to fast and its capacity has been increased to 880 nodes. It means coming together with one or more CPUs which also have their memory.

✔ One CPU has one node i.e. 880 nodes means 880 CPUs working together, this is also called parallel computing. The calculation capacity of this computer is a supercomputer with 0.8 petaflops and one petaflop capacity supercomputer can calculate quadrillion f, floating point operations in one second. if we humans do the same performance on one calculation per second, then it will take us just to complete the 1 petaflop performance 3 crores 16 lakh 88 thousand 765 years to match the performance of one petaflop.


  Let’s understand closely what benefits this project is getting from the Blue Brain supercomputer  

✔ In the Blue Brain Project, about 20,000 ordinary differential equations have to be solved in the modeling of an individual neuron, and when the various regions you have to model the brain, you will have to solve 100 billion equations every time.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ Simulation is not the only supercomputing task. Apart from this, building a brain digitally is also a major challenge for supercomputers. let us understand from an example that the brain. A part of the brain is the size of a pin head and has billions of points where neurons are interconnected.

✔ Scientists want to reach that touch point and apply biological rules to see how the neurons’ synapses are working together. Whether or not it took two weeks in 2005 to do such calculations with billions of touchpoints, today the latest supercomputers are capable of doing calculations with trillions of touchpoints.

✔ There are also separate facilities for visualizations and analysis in such projects. A variety of supercomputing architectures are required and with Blue Brain 5, AP has delivered a heterogeneous computer architecture that can perform across different workloads.


  The Blue Brain Project and the Human Brain projects are both very similar to each other. if there is a similarity, then what is the difference between these two? let us understand it.  

1) The Blue Brain Project was started as a Swiss-founded large-scale science initiative whereas the Human Brain Project is a group of collaboration between more than 100 universities, including EDFL.

The Blue Brain Project

2) Historical Professor Henry Markram and the Swiss Blue Brain team together with other European groups proposed a European community project that was started in the year 2010 and named the Human Brain Project proposal of HBP project it was said that it would be dedicated to the reconstruction and simulation of the human brain so that new age computing technologies can build computational capabilities equal to the human brain.

✔ With funding from the European Commission, the first flagship project of HBP started in January 2013 and became operational in October 2013. BBP also led the HBP project for the first 2 years. Then in 2016, HBP was restructured, and brain simulation was transformed into neuroscience research. since then, scientists and engineers of the Blue Brain team have made a lot of contributions to the Human Brain Project. Given specifically for HBP’s Neuroinformatics E-Brains, Neuro-Robotic Platforms, and high-performance Computing Platforms, you must have heard about deep learning and machine learning in information technology and computing systems.

✔ It is also being used in Blue Brain. Machine learning and deep learning are a type of approach that is applied to accelerate the workflow in science and engineering. Blue Brain Project also used machine learning in many of its activities, such as text and data mining and classification of neurons, although in the Blue Brain Project, the biophysical models of brain tissue being used do not work as well as the deep networks of machine learning, they are very structured and biologically accurate. so far, whatever research work has been done in this project and whatever developments have been made, if you are wondering what the next step is, then let us tell you that there are going to be three next steps in this project.

3) From the scientific point of view, the target has been set to develop as many multiple regions of the rat brain as possible, and by 2024, the goal of making a complete mouse Brain.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ Accelerated translational research such as future needs and provided collaborative solutions through tools and research in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic and provided the scientific community with the collected, developed models and open access to the scientific community through the Blue Brain portal.

✔ Provide source software and online tools so that this technology can be expanded. Blue Brain is also motivating joint efforts in brain reconstruction and simulation through the logical structure of the brain, let us look at some of the highlights of the Blue Brain Project which have been done in the last few years, major achievements over the years have been that in 2017, a team of scientists, using the Blue Brain Project, developed a sophisticated type of mathematics that had never before been implemented in the field of neuroscience.

✔ The team said that the brain is a multi-dimensional geometrical structure and spaces that work together like a network. Google 3 model which provides such information to neuroscientists that was not available earlier, the 3D model allows visualization of 737 brain regions of the mouse brain, which is a tremendous success in the progress of brain science.

✔ It is believed that in the year 2019, the researchers of the project combined two profile large-scale data sets and came up with something completely new which was the first draft model of the neuron-to-neuron connectivity rules of the Yo cortex of the mouse brain, based on these rules. By doing this, the scientists were able to generate statistics on how 10 million neurons and 88 billion synaptic connections stay connected and form neural circuits.


  In the year 2019 itself, the team of researchers also discovered that due to tremendous noise and chaos how do neurons in the brain communicate with others?    

✔ This was an age-old question whose answer was found in the project, for which advanced simulation techniques were used and it was investigated how neurons talk with each other. Research paper published in Nature Communications. It was published in which it was published that cortical neurons, working as a team, can respond even to very weak inputs amidst noise and noise, due to which it easier for the brain to flow order.

✔ In the year 2020, when COVID-19 was at its peak and many of its waves were coming, whatever available computing resources the Blue Brain Project of EPFL had, were used to create a new type of diagnostic technology under the supervision of experts from the foundation for innovation new diagnostic i.e. FIND, new diagnostic software has been developed in a collaboration with, FIND a global non-profit organization works in the field of diagnostics. according to the World Health Organization diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is the only method that can detect SARS C2.

The Blue Brain Project

✔ Blue Brain Project information about whatever progress has been made, tools, research papers, software, almost everything has been kept as an open source. project director Henry Makram says that any scientist mathematician can contribute to the project if he wants to create a brain structure. If someone has a better solution, then he can join the project and implement his ideas and can also do experiments.

✔ This is a kind of international collaboration in which thousands of scientists can join and work together to achieve the goal of this project, this is so difficult to do because there are trillions of neurons in the brain which are different in every human and being and mammals their number can be less or more, its structure is different, the position of the synapsis of the brain is different, that is why the project both money and time are being spent a lot in research, still it is difficult for the team of scientists to say that the project will copy the brain and give a final project whose functioning will be like the actual brain, but before reaching any conclusion.

✔ We should remember that every output and result is the outcome of a thought. It was once impossible for us to reach the moon and today we have reached Mars. Today, with the James Webb Telescope, we can see billions of light-years away from human civilization. All achievements are the result of years of hard work, some started and others contributed to make everything better. Today your brain is so complex because it has taken millions of years to evolve and modern science to understand the brain.

✔ The effort started in the 20th century, so it will take time to replicate the evolution of millions of people, we hope the one documentary about the Blue Brain Project is a valuable source of information for you to understand this concept in easy language.


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