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Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand


  Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand  

✔ People wear luxury and expensive sunglasses to protect of eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep their eyes safe. Most people wear sunglasses to make their looks very stylish and see better in bright light. Today we are going to talk about the Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand.

✔ The history of sunglasses comes from Rome and China. Most luxury sunglasses are very expensive because the sunglasses are made from very expensive materials and glasses. Some luxury sunglasses are also made from diamonds because diamonds are also very expensive materials in the world. Some of the sunglasses are made from a mixture of Gold. Sunglasses have many benefits. So, people like to wear sunglasses for their eye protection and their style.


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  1. Ray-Ban  

✔ Ray-Ban is a popular American and Italian brand of luxury sunglasses. It was established in 1937 in America. But today Ray-Band is not only producing in the USA.

Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand

✔ Ray-Ban’s sunglasses are very expensive because they are made with high-quality materials and Craftsmanship. The Ray–Ban glasses were made by Bausch and Lomb in 1937. The first sunglasses of Ray-Ban were made for the U.S. Army Air Corp.

✔ It protects the eye from harmful UV rays of the sun. Ray-Ban’s sunglasses are not only for protection from harmful rays it is also used for looking stylish. These sunglasses are more comfortable than other cheaper sunglasses.

✔ The most expensive sunglasses of Ray-Ban 18k Gold Aviator are $3800.


  2. Oakley  

✔ Oakley was established in 1975. Oakley is one the leading sports eyewear brands in the world.

✔ This Brand is a very famous luxury brand. This brand was created by Jim Jannard in 1975. He invested a total of $300 to establish this brand.

Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand

✔ All Oakley eyewear is designed and engineered in California. Oakley creates various motocross products, Oakley expanded into manufacturing BMX, motorcycle, and Sky goggles.

✔ The most expensive price of Oakley sunglasses is $4,000. Oakley’s sunglasses are famous for protecting the eyes from direct sun rays. The logo of Oakley is ”O”.


  3. Persol  

✔ Persol is an Italian Sunglasses label. Persol is the most aged company in the world and the owner of this company is Luxottica Group. Guiseppe Ratti was the founder of this company in 1917.

Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand

✔ This company name emanates from the Italian per il sole, which means ”for the sun”. Many people like this brand because this is the oldest company in the world. Peresol has experience of many years so they make sunglasses perfectly.

✔ Persol’s sunglasses are perfect for both men and women. Persol’s sunglasses are the most expensive because it is made by hand with the highest quality materials.


  4. Maui Jim  

✔ Maui Jim is an American sunglasses brand. Maui Jim was started in 1987 as a small company selling sunglasses on Kaanapali Beach. Jim Richard is the founder of this brand. Maui Jim sunglasses are better than other cheaper sunglasses.

Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand

✔ Maui Jim sunglasses are traded in more than 100 countries. Its incredible buyer service and polarized plus 2 lens modern technology have made it a high-end brand.

✔ It is better than other brands because it uses polarize plus 2 lens technology to reduce 99.9% of glare. These lenses are made from scratch-resistant and durable materials.


  5. Tom Ford  

✔ The Tom Ford brand was established in 2005 by Tom Ford. This brand is one of the luxury American fashion brands, and also it is a fashion designer. He designed sunglasses both for men and women In November 2022.

Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand

✔ Tom Ford sell his brand to Estee Lauder for $2.8. Estee Lauder made his company very famous in a short period. $2,950 is the highest price of Tom Ford sunglasses. 


  6. Fendi  

✔ Fendi is an Italian luxurious glasses brand. This brand was founded by Adele Casagrande and Edoardo Fendi in 1925.

✔ This luxury brand was founded in a small town whose name is del Plebiscitom in Italy by a newly married couple.

Top 10 Luxury Sunglasses brand

✔ This brand makes beautiful and stylish sunglasses. This brand produces leather goods also.

✔ This brand always makes sunglasses for the protection of our from the harmful rays that come from the sun. Fendi brand is known for its fur, fur accessories, and leather goods.


  7. Carrera  

✔ Carrera was founded in Austria in 1956 by Whilelm Anger. The owner of this company is Safilo Group S.P.A. Carrera sunglasses are made in three separate countries such as Italy, Slovenia, and China.


✔ This brand also makes designer sunglasses People mostly like this brand. This brand is famous all over the world.

✔ Carrera makes different types of sunglasses like Carrera Unisex Brown Aviator sunglasses, Carrera Unisex oval sunglasses, Carrera Unisex Mirrored Rectangle sunglasses, etc. Different types of sunglasses have different prices. This brand gives more discounts than other brands.


  8. Chanel  

✔ Chanel is a French Luxury fashion house. This brand was founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel in Paris.

✔ This brand of sunglasses Has perfect shapes and colors that make sunglasses Perfect.


✔ All of Chanel’s sunglasses protect our eyes from Harmful sun rays. Chanel is the third luxury brand Online. This brand of sunglasses is very expensive because they make perfect and stylish sunglasses.

✔ Chanel produces women’s goods more than men like makeup things and ladies’ dresses etc.


  9. Prada  

✔ Prada is an Italian icon who is known for its luxurious and elaborate design contributions to the fashion sector. This brand also makes luxury sunglasses that protect us from harmful sun rays.


✔This brand is founded in 1913 in Milan and is made by Mario Prada. At first, this company started selling leather bags and accessories.

✔ This brand produces thousands of sunglasses every day. Many people like Prada’s sunglasses because they create sunglasses from a mixture of different expensive materials.


  10. Gucci  

✔ Gucci is an Italian fashion brand. This brand is also one of the world’s most luxurious sunglasses brands. This brand was founded by GucciovGucci in 1921.


✔ Guccio Gucci was a fashion designer and Italian-British businessman. This brand started with a small collection of sunglasses but today this brand is famous all over the world.

✔ This brand also produces clothes, shoes, and accessories. All Gucci eyewear is made in Italy or Japan. Gucci’s lenses are treated with UV-absorbing chemicals that block damaging UV and clear lenses.


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