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Makeup tools box

  Makeup tools box  

✔ Makeup is not the mask that covers our dark circles, pimples, and our ugly face, it is just a small weapon that helps us to be more self-assured about our representation.

✔ Many people use makeup daily and some use it on special occasions. Nowadays, makeup is used by many people.

✔ It is very famous among girls especially. There are diverse types of tools that are used for makeup.

✔ Some tools which are very important to start makeup are; brush workers, Spoolie, powder puffs, makeup sponges, eyelash combs, eyelash curlers, the tweezer, makeup mirror, highlighters, blush, lip products, makeup removers, etc.



  1. Bronzer Brush  

✔ The essential eye brushes that all makeup professionals use are; eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner brushes, eyebrow brushes, and a blending brush.

✔ Brushes are used to make our concealer look better.

Makeup tools box

✔ Brushes make us look more beautiful and make us feel more confident about our looks. First,

✔ We need to study how to use these all brushes because there are diverse types of brushes that we have to use while doing makeup.


  2. Spooiles  

✔ Makeup spoolers are small brushes that are used to make our eyebrows look good in shape.

✔ Spoolies make our eyebrows look better by giving them a perfect brushed look.

✔ It makes our eyebrows look more natural and more beautiful.

Makeup tools box


  3. Powder Puff  

✔ Powder puffs are soft cotton-made pads that are used to apply powder and many other products on our faces.

✔ It cannot be used for the long term and it needs to be replaced frequently for better results.

✔ It is low in cost so, everyone could buy this product without any problems. Powder puffs are used for diverse purposes like; applying foundation cream, BB cream, face cream, etc.

✔ It is suitable for all skin types and it doesn’t have any side effects on the skin.

Makeup tools box


  4. Makeup Sponges  

✔ Makeup sponges which are also called Beauty Blender are used to apply liquid cream on our face.

✔ Makeup sponges make it easier to apply the cream on our faces.

✔ The result after using a makeup sponge is way better than using our fingers to apply a cream on our face.

✔ The sponge gives us a more natural and beautiful finish than brushes. It is very easy to use and low in cost.

Makeup tools box


  5. Eyelash Comb  

✔ An eyelash comb which is also known as an eyelash brush or an eyelash wand is used to comb or separate our eyelashes.

✔ It gives natural-looking lashes. It is also very easy to use and it gives us very satisfying results.

✔ It can be used before applying mascara and after applying mascara.

✔ We can also use an eyelash comb daily in the morning to put our lashes in their place.

makeup tools box


  6. Eyelash Curler  

✔ An eyelash curler also known as an eyelash perm is used to curl our lashes. It gives our lashes a very refreshing and more beautiful look.

✔ It helps our eyes to look bigger than usual. Depending on our eyelashes, it lasts 2 to 3 months. It doesn’t cost high.

✔ It should be used very carefully because it may lead to an accident if the user applies more pressure on the lashes. It may also cause serious injury to the user’s eyes.

Makeup tools box


  7. tweezer  

✔ A tweezer is just a small tool that is used for pulling out small hairs of our skin and picking up small objects that our hands couldn’t pick It shouldn’t be used wherever we want because it has certain areas where it can be used.

✔ Mainly, tweezers are used to pull out small unwanted hairs from our eyebrows.

✔ It helps us to make our eyebrows look more managed and beautiful.

Makeup tools box


  8. Makeup Mirror  

✔ As we all know, the mirror is the most important tool to start makeup. Without a mirror, we cannot even start makeup.

✔ For flawless makeup, a concave mirror is best because it allows us to zoom on our face and we can do more detailed makeup.

A lighted mirror is better than a normal mirror. In a lighted mirror, we can do makeup easily without giving stress on our vision.

Makeup mirror


  9. Highlighter  

✔ Highlighter is a makeup tool that is used after foundation and blush are applied. It is used on the face with the help of brushes. It is shiny in color and gives us a shiny look.

✔ It is mainly used to show better dimensions of our cheekbones, chin forehead, and cupid’s bow.

Highlighter shades should be picked up, two shades lighter than our skin tone. It is easy to use a highlighter and doesn’t cost high. It can be available in many makeup stores.

Makeup tools box


  10. Blush  

✔ Blush is the makeup tool that is used to color our chicks with different colors. It gives our chicks a glow and makes them more beautiful.

✔ It can be used as powder, liquid, or cream. Blush is applied with the help of brushes.

✔ It helps to make blush look more natural than using fingers. Blushes help us to look younger. It doesn’t cost high and can be easily available in near stores.

Makeup tools box


  11. lip Product  

✔ Lip products are very important in makeup. It helps to keep our lips hydrated and beautiful.

✔ Our makeup looks incomplete without lip products because it gives our lips a beautiful look and helps us look gorgeous.

✔ Lip products are not used just to look beautiful, it is also used to keep our lips healthy.

✔ Nowadays people carry their lipstick with them while travelling and put it on frequently to keep their lips hydrated. Also, lip products are easily available in makeup stores.

Makeup tools box


  12. Makeup Remover  

✔ Makeup remover is a tool that is used to remove makeup easily without any obstacles.

✔ It is very helpful for our skin also. We can also use this remover daily before sleeping because it helps to remove unwanted things from our faces.

Makeup tools box

✔ If we use plain water to remove our makeup, it can take more time than using makeup remover to remove makeup. Especially, this product should be used by people with dry and sensitive skin.

✔ This product doesn’t have any side effects on our skin also. So, we can use this product without any hesitation.


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