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Sangla, Chitkul and Rakcham village


  Sangla, Chitkul and Rakcham village  

✔ This valley in Himachal Kinnaur is so far and remote that you come to the end of India while coming through the mountains.

✔ 250 Km away from Shimla and one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal, is Sangla Valley, and in this valley, on the Hindustan-Tibet road, before the beginning of Tibet, is India’s last village, Chitkul.

✔ At an altitude of 11,000 feet, you are not only in the last village but also in the cleanest air of India.

Sangla, Chitkul and Rakcham village

✔ In IIT Delhi’s research, it was found that India’s best air quality is in Chitkul, which is 30 times better than Delhi’s air quality and the reason for the clean air is not just the remoteness of this place, but this valley’s beauty and air are enhanced by there beautiful village.

The forest of Pine and Deodar puts a whole new life in this place, and not only that, these trees also play a big role in the settlement of this village.

✔ In this village with a population of 800 people, you will find most of the houses made of trees.

✔ The wooden walls and a slate roof, every house in this village is built similarly from which you will find a very unique and old-looking hunting every house.

Sangla, Chitkul village

✔ The old wooden buildings, the most beautiful thing is Chitkul Fort, which is standing tall in the middle of the village.

✔ Another thing that is an important part of this village despite being old, is Gharat, from the outside, this ordinary-looking hut is very innovative from the outside.

✔ There is the old style of grinding flour, there is a natural mill and no one is grinding the flour there. It is running on its own through the flow of water.

✔ This method of grinding flour is called a water mill, they divert the water from the mountains to this turbine.

Sangla, Chitkul valley

✔ The gushing water pushes the turbine and it starts rotating attached to the turbine is a stone that rotates with the turbine and this container shaped like a cone is filled with wheat because of its shape, it slowly falls into the middle of the stone-like sand falls in an hourglass.

✔ This mill keeps on running and the flour keeps on grinding and this whole structure was made from wood and stones.

✔ Greenery and a life-filled village completely change in winter because the only road to come is blocked by many feet of heavy snow and this village gets disconnected from the world for a few months.

✔ This is why most of the villagers shift from their homes to the villages below.



✔ One of the villages is just 10 Km away from Chitkul, This beautiful village in Sangla Valley is Called Rakcham.

✔ Rakcham village is also famous by the name of Baspa Valley, which is located next to the Baspa River.

✔ On one side of the river is the Rakcham village and on the other is the beautiful field that spread far and wide.

Rakcham village

✔ The Rakcham Bridge connects both sides of the valley, the iron bridge was built a few years ago because the old cables and swings on the side of the bridge were the only way to cross the river before the bridge was built.

✔ Most of the time of the year, this river is calm and crystal clear. But right now, in the first week of monsoon, it is in full power.

✔ You can see the river flowing in the middle, there are Devdar trees on the side, and farmland. It’s just like you can imagine a beautiful place.

Baspa River.

✔ There are not a lot of people there, just a couple of small shops. It’s a small village, there are only a few houses and homes in between, it’s a bit isolated.

✔ Whatever nature has given to this place, these people have made something out of it. whether it is building a house from a tree.

✔ In such remoteness and fewer facilities, the villages have found a way to live together with nature, maybe it is because they are attached to nature that their difficult life seems easy.


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