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Spiti Valley


  Spiti Valley  

✔ In a populated country like India, there are hardly any places where few people live, and Spiti Valley is one of the few remotest places.

✔ A mass of cold Desert Valley has 10 times more area than Delhi, and the population is even less than 0.1% of Delhi’s population.

✔ To reach Spiti catch a bus from Manali to Kaza in the morning, till the evening you can reach Spiti.


  1. Kaza  

✔ Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti and it’s also the biggest town there Bhoti language is spoken in Spiti which is a type of Tibetan language.

Kaza Village

✔ They don’t greet by namaste or hello there, they are greeting to say Julley it’s their language.


  2. Key Monastery  

✔ To learn a little more about Spiti we can reach the largest Monastery which is called “Key Monastery” and is situated at 13,668 ft. (4,166 Meters).

✔ Most of the Monastery is located in remote locations away from crowded areas, away from villages, and cities.

✔ The monks who studied in the monastery and practiced meditation had an idea about which atmosphere would be best for them so according to they chose such remote locations. Which are away from crowded and noisy areas.

Key Monastery

✔ If you practice in a place where noise is free then you can calmly meditate and your meditation will be successful.

✔ It is a town in itself, it has schools, temple halls, prayer halls, hotels, large Kitchens, Restaurants, a playground, and a lot more.

✔ You will get Monks of every age group from children to old in the monastery, the best way to experience the monastery is to join the lunch prayer.

✔ At noon in the day, all monks gather in the prayer hall for lunch, and if you also sit there you too will be served very tasty butter tea.

✔ Before having lunch they pray and chant after lunch all the Monk kids, wash their plates and blow by themselves and some of these kids are only 5 years old.

Key Monastery

✔ Lunch is made in this kitchen in these big pots, where kilos of lentils and rice are cooked for just one meal.

✔ These cookers are so heavy that one man alone cannot lift them 2 people put these cookers on the stove.

✔ The food is served from the kitchen to the prayer hall in these big buckets. “Sattu” is made from barley locally known as “Jau”, after roasting and grinding the barley in the machine, and “Sattu” is a superfood there.

✔ Evening time all the monk kids go play and it can be anything, cricket, football whatever they want.

✔ You just need admission to join the monastery and the rest of the things from food to clothing, and to pocket money, everything is taken care of by the monastery.

Key Monastery

✔ The second boy child from every family goes there to become a monk and on the other side, adult monks practice meditation, that also in the specially designed caves for meditation.

✔ You can see their separate caves if someone wants to do meditation separately he can use them there is a special window except that everything is dark, so you get something to focus on, so you remain well focused on that window because there’s nothing to see.

✔ That light makes you feel fully focused, and you are well-balanced whenever you medicate there, which gives you stability.

✔ In Buddhism, people usually focus on Buddha’s statue focusing on just one thing single-pointed meditation, your focus should remain on one thing.

✔ Living away from home, and also choosing such a simple life, it is very difficult for the monks but they can quit the monastery whenever they want.


  3. Why meditation is important?   

✔ We should take care of our physical wellness We feed our body daily, morning, noon, evening, and sometimes coffee, sometimes dry fruits.

✔ We need to take it into our control, need to control our mind when our mind is in our control of our whole physical body.


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