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  Tansen: Palpa  

✔ Tansen is an ancient city and headquarters of Palpa, Nepal—the kingdom of Tamra Sen, who only ruled in the city areas.

✔ It’s at a distance of around 35-40 Km from Butwal via Siddhartha Highway and you can also come from Pokhara via Syangja.

✔ The overall population of Palpa district is 31,095 according to the population estimation of 2011, also there is a 100-year-old library established during the Rana regime.

✔ Tansen is also home to the United Mission Hospital which was established in partnership between the people of Nepal and a coalition of  20 Christian organizations on four continents.

✔ A synonym of Palpa is the Dhaka fabric the pride of Nepal, before it was only used to make cholo and Shawls but now they produced and sell Dhaka bags, slippers, and ties as well.


✔ We can still find a number of traditional houses which were constructed hundreds of years ago. It has been claimed that Palpa used to be a Magar kingdom and Tansen was its capital.

✔ Palpa is also famous for its locally handcrafted Dhaka textile which is also known as “Daka Topi” in the Nepali language.

✔ The last king of Palpa was Prithivipal Sen who was trapped and beheaded in Kathmandu. It is one of the most famous and most visited places in Nepal.


  Makhan Tole Galli  

✔ Makhan Tole Galli which is extremely busy. We can find various Dhaka fabrics here it is one of the busiest areas of the city.

✔ There are also Historical and ancient sites like Sital Pati and Bhagwati Temple around this area.

✔ The Makhan Tole of Tansen is famous for Dhaka you can find numerous Dhaka shops in this area.

Makhan Tole Galli

✔ There is a factory that produces Dhaka, it is one of the oldest Dhaka factories in Nepal.

✔ This factory was established back in 2015 but to this day, they produce a good amount of Dhaka cloth here, and they still use traditional tools here.

✔ It focuses on employing women who have a challenging financial situation. The salary is paid in a piece rate system.


  Palpa Durbar  

✔ Palpa Durbad gate is situated right at the center of the city and it was constructed by Badri Narsingh.

✔ Bhagwati Temple and Palpa Durbar Square is the prime area of Tansen and it is historical sites of Nepal, located inside the area.

✔ It is the main attraction of Tansen, we can find many historical sites around the city.

✔ The main entrance (gate) is also known as the highest entrance in Nepal because it is seen as a similar gate in Tudhikhel in Kathmandu but this one has a door that we can close.

Palpa Durbar 

✔ Sital Pati is sort of a resting place and it was also constructed by Badri Narsingh.

✔ Beside the Sital Pati, there is a large Durbar entrance gate with a large wooden door, Palpa Durbar begins from this door.

✔ There is a beautiful garden spread out over the Durbar premises and it is called Gorakh Batika.

✔ In the Middle of the garden, there is a large statue of Karuwa and a temple.

✔ Palpa Durbar is currently converted as a museum, it looks quite grand and beautiful as well.

✔ Actually, Palpa Durbar was constructed a long time ago, and destroyed during the civil war in the country, and later it was also reconstructed.

Sital Pati

✔ It was constructed by Pratap Shumsher Rana in BS 1983 based on British architecture, later it was completely destroyed during the Maoist insurgency.

✔ In the middle of the courtyard, there is a statue of General Pratap Shumsher (Ja.Ba.Ra) who constructed this Place.

✔ During the Rana regime, there were soldiers in this place and officers used to stay at this place.

✔ The historical site of the Palpa Durbar area. There is a collection of old arms and weapons in the Durbar.

✔ We can also see the entire collection of uniforms worm during the region of Prithvi Narayan Shah.

✔ There is a vast array of ancient valuable items in the Museums and lots of items worth giving some time to with 58 Rooms and 2 Burjas.

Palpa Durbar 

✔ There is a scene of a Nepali marriage that has been recreated here, it looks so real that even whoever is confused for a moment.

✔ There is an old cannon, firearms, and other weapons, the actual weapons used in the Nepal-British war, and other similar samples are collected in this room of the museums.

✔ We can see that the weapons used during the unification of Western Nepal, are real artifacts and it says these are 178 years old here.

✔ There are numerous things that can be studied and examined we can also get an incredible view of Tansen from the Durbar museums.


  Ason Tole, Tansen  

✔ This area consists of a lot of old traditional houses and lots of narrow alleyways and uphill streets.

Ason Tole, Tansen

✔ It looks like it’d be a bit difficult to ride here given the narrow and steep street we can also see several four-wheelers driving around in this street.

✔ There are a lot of alleyways out here, the streets are narrow and quite steep in places, and the houses are built quite close to each other.


  Taksar Tole  

✔ There are many old houses in this Taksar area. The houses are packed quite tightly and right in the middle of this steep road.

✔ We can find a workshop where Karuwa is made. it’s written Palpali Karuwa Udhyog.

Taksar Tole

✔ When entering the Karuwa workshop, we can see an array of dishes, utensils, and decorative pieces made of bell metal.

✔ There were 2-3 houses left at the end, and now even the two houses stopped Making Karuwa so the history of Palpali Karuwa won’t be long.



✔ A large field in an empty space, it is primarily used for sports and various events.

✔ This space can be used for various events and programs and this big field is also used for various sports.

✔ There is an army barrack right across it, we can see the building of Tansen municipality behind Tundikhel.


✔ Tansen Bazaar spreads out over a large area and the uppermost section those juniper trees.

Tansen Bazaar begins from that slop down into the city and Tundikhel right below it. The view out here is also quite incredible.


  Ranaujeshwori Bhagwati temple  

✔ It is situated beside the Palpa Durbar. The temple is very beautiful and artistic with equally historically important.

✔ Bhagwati temple which is also called Ranaujeshwori Bhagwati temple. The history of this temple is connected to the Anglo-Nepal War.

✔ During the Anglo-Nepal War, probably 200 years ago from now the commander of this place was 19-year-old Ujir Singh Thapa.

Ranaujeshwori Bhagwati temple

✔ There was a small Bhagwati temple and Ujir Singh Thapa came to the temple and asked for a blessing.

✔ Ujir Singh Thapa made a prayer saying that we are going into a War. He asked the Bhagwati goddess for the blessing to win this War.

✔ After winning the War I would hold a Sindure jatra in Ranaujeshwori Bhagwati’s name and I would construct a temple in your name.

✔ They went to the war in Jitgadi, Butwal during the Anglo-Nepal War. The Gorkhali forces took control over the English forces.

✔ It’s said that they pushed the English forces all the way to the Gorakhpur border.


  Amar Narayan Temple Area  

✔ Another popular site in Tansen is the Amar Narayan temple area. There is a Sanskrit school, Ponds, and various other shrines and temples.

✔ The temple was constructed by Amar Singh Thapa based on a Pagoda architecture.

✔ There is only one reason behind the construction of this temple by Amar Singh Thapa, during the unification of Nepal.

Amar Narayan Temple Area

✔ Palpa was the last Sen kingdom and the king of that time Prithipal Sen and his wife were invited to Kathmandu by Rana Bahadur Shah and they were put on house arrest in Kathmandu.

✔ The leadership of Amar Shing Thapa, the Gorkhali troops Tansen, and other Sen kingdoms were taken over by him.

✔ Amar Shing Thapa brought in artisans from Patan in Kathmandu. He constructed 3 storeyed artistic temples and after Kathmandu in western Nepal, this is the most beautiful, artistic, and important temple.

✔ The wall is made of Terracotta. The art and illustrations that are on the wall, erotica art all around it, and big flat rocks are used there. The local people of Tansen also call it the Great Wall of Palpa.

✔ The temples have brought in a lot of tourists due to their historical significance some years ago two of the roofs of the temples fell off.

Two roofs on the top of both of them are removed and a brass roof has been placed in there.

✔ There were just bricks laid out in the courtyard of the temples before it used to be slippery, they have placed stones instead it looks better now.

According to the locals, a long time ago, a buffalo fell into the pond and drowned.


  About Tansen  

To take the buffalo out of the pond, they were told to pull the animal by the horns so Pull “Tan” the horn “Sing”, eventually the place became to be known as Tansen.

✔ Another meaning of Tansen is Tamra sen, or in the local dialect it also means the Northern settlement.

✔ Tansen Municipality is an old municipality with an old Durbar, Museums, Rani Mahal and important sites like Rishikesh temple lie in Tansen municipality.

✔ The municipality building in Tansen also looks quite impressive and artistic.

The municipality has been making a lot of efforts toward improving tourism in the city.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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