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  Triveni Patan: Badimalika  

✔ The more we examine Nepal, the more diversity we will discover. The Patan (Grassland) is situated at 4,000 meters it is called Triveni Patan.

✔ It is an unseen Diamond of the far West, it is equally concealed as it is spectacular so we are exploring Badimalika, Triveni Patan with the natural garden of wildflowers.

✔ There is an incredible view surrounding from all directions. Beautiful by wildflowers strewn all over the pasture.

✔ We can begin our journey for Budimalika from Martadi, Bajura. we can also see the mesmerizing view on the way.

✔ Badimalika is a collection of numerous pastures or meadows where one could get lost if anyone goes astray there are multiple paths to go.

✔ There are expansive spread out across massive areas, almost intimidating


✔ Whenever new travelers or tourists first time traveling to Badimalika they should run in the meadows.

✔ They have to make a run or sprint at this place called ‘Naulakhrya Daudane’ this is a tradition of the sort.

✔ It is believed that we should run to the top, it fills your heart with joy.


  What is Badimalika Famous For?  

  • Badimalika is a collection of numerous pastures or meadows.


✔ On the way, there is a place called Sota Patan where we can see some sheds or huts out there, it is also incredibly beautiful with a sprawling pasture and rolling hills and a combination of some rocky terrain in some places.

✔ Badimalika is a massive area covering numerous such pastures. There are wildflowers strewn across the ground, It’s truly a captivating place.

✔ There are a total of 22 such Patans in Badimalika. Patan means plain grassland or meadows without trees.

✔ It’s just covered with grass and wildflowers these places are excellent grazing for animals we can find sheep, goats, and buffaloes in this grassland.


✔ We can see there are several hunts called Sota Patan, and Ghoda Patan lies in little above from there.

✔ A motorable road seems to have reached this place but vehicles don’t come here during monsoon.

✔ They have been working on the improvement of this road, If vehicles can make it we can easily reach Triveni Patan in a day’s walk.


  In which district does Badimalika located?  

  • It is situated in the Bajura, district.


✔ There is a Pristine water flow in this small river in Sota Patan, maybe it was called Sota Patan because of its positioning at a slope.

✔ Locals stay in Sota Pata from April to August for about 5 months, otherwise, it’s a very cold area here.

✔ It is quite challenging for locals they can’t sell milk or Ghee due to a lack of transportation or market, and they don’t even have enough clothes to wear in winter.

Patan Area

✔ The stretch from Sota Patan to Ghoda Patan seems to be a steep ascent. We should walk through a forest for an hour.

✔ Varieties of colorful flowers are blooming along the trail. In Ghoda Patan, we can see several sheds out here, it took around an hour from Sota Patan.

✔ We can see several cattle pens spread out across the area and there are also two small stone temples to descend to Badimalika.


  Which Season is best for Badimalika?  

  • The ideal time to visit Badimalika should be from April to August but the best time is around June.


✔ Colorful flowers bloom all over the slopes, full of vibrant colors and designs. we have arrived at a captivating place since we crossed Ghode Patan.

✔ There are many such incidents of people going astray Because of the geographical similarities of these meadows.

✔ A confluence of three separate rivers can be seen, we can witness this abundance of colors around June and July. Greenery is abundant in this region around this time.

Dorden River

✔ The water is refreshingly cold and very tasty in mountain rivers, it’s said that there are at least 135 species of such wildflowers out here.

✔ A huge Jatra (festival) is held in Badimalika during Janai Purnima and a large number of visitors gather here during that time. Numerous Pilgrims visit the temple to pay their respects.

✔ We can see sheds up there at the place called Bhittichinna, there is a small board written BhittiChinna and we can also see the majestic range of mountains looking back from here.


  How to reach Badimalika Temple?  

  • We can get a night bus from Kailali, Attariya to Martadi, Bajura.
  • From Martadi, we can reach Ladhe by walking and stay there.
  • Till next evening, we can make it all the way to Triveni Patan.
  • We can visit Triveni and Khetibeti Patan on the same day.
  • last day we can head toward Badimalika Temple.


✔ It will take months to explore all the meadows in this region. The main Patans in terms of beauty and accessibility are Triveni and Khetibeni.

✔ Around an altitude of 3,500 meters, we won’t be seeing any trees or plants beyond this point.

✔ The beauty of Badimalika is none other than the vast meadows. These pastures are called Patan in this region and it called Nagi in the East.

Wildflower of Budimalika

✔ Tourists coming here generally come to this region to camp but you can spend the night at these sheds scattered in the region, we have to pay a certain amount for lodging and food.

✔ It is not considered safe for a solo traveler we could be misled and get lost, we can contact a guide in Martadi to visit this region.

✔ This region is not even included in the national conversation area you won’t experience the same tea-house trekking as in other regions.


  What is the height of Badimalika temple?  

  • situated at 4,200 meters altitude from sea level.


✔ This region is very different than other parts of Nepal. The landscape is unique but lacks facilities but it is not exactly impossible to come here.

✔ There isn’t any risk or challenge along the way. The only issues could be finding shelter or proper meals.

✔ We can see a range of similar mountains, these hills are covered in snow during the winter, and it’s extremely cold out here.



✔ The ideal time to visit Badimalika should be from April to August but the best time is around June, these pastures are lush green during this month.

✔ The actual view of Badimalika can be seen when it’s not foggy. But usually, meadows are clear during the morning and evening.

✔ There should be hotel facilities in such an amazing location we can operate hotels in simple sheds and huts instead of constructing modern buildings.

✔ If there were hotels in the lower Dharmashala area from Martadi and other places like Sota Patan, Bhittichinna, and Triveni, How convenient it would have been for the tourists?

✔ There is a place called Budi Maikathan which is also the beginning of Triveni Patan.

✔ We can see a confluence of two rivers which is the main area of Triveni, it’s believed that the third river stays invisible.

Triveni River

✔ Badimalika is a collection of numerous grasslands, A pure and unique location with some unusual geography along the way.

✔ The lower section of Triveni Patan is also equally enjoyable and beautiful, surrounded by a sea of green and we can see the little streams in the middle.


  1. Rocky Terrain  

✔ There is a large open plain between two mountains after some time there is a rocky terrain all of a sudden and a large collection of rocks.

✔ It was quite interesting to see a small area full of rocks amidst green pastures spread out in all directions.

✔ During ancient times (sati Yug) a battle occurred between the goddess Badimalika and demons, Goddess Badimalika won the battle against the demons and slayed them.

✔ It’s believed that these are the bones or remains of those demons, Besides these rocks also resemble bones with black holes and freckles.

rocky terrain

✔ It’s believed that it’s ideal to take a bath in the Triveni River before visiting Badimalika usually pilgrims take a bath in the Triveni River.

✔ The height of 3,860 meters in Triveni, Kalikot. Construction work is being done there in Triveni and some infrastructures are being made there.

✔ If there is a thing but no one knows about it, it’s as good as non-existent, jewelry is worn for display if it is hidden there is no value.


  2. Khetibeti  

✔ There are small puddles of water scattered all over the terrain. This swamp covers a huge area.

✔ It is believed that during the battle between Bhagwati and the demons, who were farming this land, during that time demons ran away and the area stayed in the same state as it was left.

✔ khetibeti Patan with the most incredible view which means it is an area with numerous small patches or ridges of paddy.


✔ We can see a plant of rice at an altitude of 4,000 meters where rice plantation is impossible but we can find this entire area full of rice paddies in Khetibeti Patan.

✔ It is also believed that the glory of the goddess shaped this place, but the feeling of walking on rice fields back in Terai.

✔ There is a saying that planted crows become oxen and a Saitalna (bird name) becomes the farmer with the blessing of the goddess.

✔ It looks like a rice field at first glance almost like it’s being prepared for a rice plantation and in some places, like bundles of rice saplings thrown away.

✔ It’s believed whoever finds a ripe rice stalk at this place that person is very lucky and this place is also called Dhaan Jiula, or Bhaate Jiula.

✔ Everywhere look at the same green pastures and identical mountains in all directions some high and some low very confusing landscape out here.

✔ From the upper area of Khetibeti Patan, we can see the Karnali River and various other villages of Kalikot.


✔ There is a large cliff at the East edge of Patan, we can see the Karnali Sane Rajkot and the Kamal Bazar which lies in Achham.

✔ Api and Saipal are the main mountains of the West, we can see a magnificent Himalayan range.

✔ There are plans to organize Kharka stays and other amenities, from the Amar Khadka mayor of Badimalika.

✔ Hope they provide these facilities soon enough in this place, it holds a huge tourist potential.

✔ Badimalika is very Important religiously and also in terms of tourism but the place which is visited by the least number of tourists.

✔ Witness these massive grasslands and breathtaking natural gardens not just internal visitors, but foreign tourists tend to love it, so we can’t compare it to any other places out there.

Badimalika mountains

✔ The way is very interesting and upon down when walking along the ridges of the mountains.

✔ Such an incredible place in terms of natural beauty. A festival is held every year during the Janai Purnima lot of pilgrims come here during this occasion.

✔ They are not just from the far West region, Indian tourists also visit the Badimalika during the festival.

✔ There are many huge mountains we have to climb lots of similar mountains.


  What is the  Capital city of Bajura district?  

  • Martadi is the Capital city of Bajura district.


✔ It’s suitable to get a guide from Martadi while coming to Badimalika if you decide to visit this region, we have left the number of the guide Tula Baduwal (9865845457) you could contact him directly.

✔ There is a beautiful place called ‘Bar Magney Thau’ or a site to ask for a blessing, we can make it to this site in two hours from Triveni.

✔ The significance of this site there is landslide-prone and they build small house-like structures and offer incense sticks here.

View of Badimalika

✔ It’s believed that Visitors offer prayer flags and whatever offers they have brought, you can pray for any blessings, and fulfillment of wishes at this site will be bestowed upon you when you reach Badimalika.

✔ There is a small Lauri Binayak Temple at an altitude of 4,219 meters. This is the mid-point from Triveni to Badimalika temple. a little far from ‘Bar Magney Thau’.

✔ According to the locals of this region, it was called Lauribinayak, since the trail gets a bit challenging after this point, we have to use a cane as a support so it could be called ‘Lauribinayak’ for this reason.

✔ The trail is getting a bit trickier near ‘Budimalika’, it was much easier walking through the grassland.

✔ It has amazing geography with grasslands on one side and a sheer cliff on the other, it looks exactly like the view seen from the plane.

View of Badimalika

✔ The trail keeps ascending as it winds left and right, we can see the rock at the top of the mountain. The Badimalika temple is situated there.

✔ We can also see a rock resembling a dog head up there, a short distance from the temple around 15 minutes ahead, we have to pass the section of a terrifying cliff dropping down.

✔ There is a stream at the wall of this cliff, this stream is called ‘Basu Dhara’ Before approaching the temple, the pilgrims bathe and cleanse themselves, there is a deep belief in doing so before approaching the temple.

✔ Water seeping from the mountain, that water is collected there and used as a source of water.


  3. Badimalika Temple  

✔ The Badimalika temple is right above this water source. The water seeps directly from the temple and forms ‘Basu Dhara’ so we can assume that this water is considered pure.

✔ A sheer cliff drops down from Basu Dhara, it’s terrifying to even look down cause it’s very deep.

Badimalika Temple

✔ We can push on the last ascent toward Badimalika temple from Basu Dhara, it took a bit more than 4 hours from Triveni to reach Badimalika temple.

✔ We can see two temples there on the Badimalika premises. the front temple is the Malika Devi temple and Kalika Bhagwati or Kalika Devi temple is right behind it.

✔ There is a large trident (Trishul) in golden color. near Badimalika temple there is also a temple called Dhalpura. This entire temple area is at the top of the mountain situated at 4,200 meters altitude from sea level.

✔ Badimalika is the center of deep religious faith, most pilgrims come from all the districts of the fast west region.

✔ It’s said that the Badimalika goddess doesn’t accept sacrifices, however, the Nateshwori goddess is offered sacrifices.

✔ Someone stole the ancient statue. but it’s believed that the person who stole the statue would have negative results, someday the person would bring the statue back.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.

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