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Larke Pass

  Larke Pass Manaslu  

✔ Larke Pass is the longest Himalayan Pass in Nepal, with an altitude of 5106  meters (16,752 ft.). This is the most challenging root of the Manaslu circuit trek.

✔ There is a small Samdhu Village located in the final village in the Manaslu circuit trek. beyond this village, there’s a Tibetan border on one side.

✔ A suspension bridge has been constructed on the Budi Gandaki River. The River is just a stream out here and Lakre passes across the bridge, but there is no market currently.

✔ A market was held here when the Tibetan border was opened, so we can see the single house in Larke Bazar.

✔ From the Larke Bazar, we need to go to the Dharmashala, it takes around 4 more hours from here.

✔ If the weather turns at this altitude, it does not actually rain it directly snows. It’s said there’d be a thick blanket of snow during the winter here, it snows all the way to Sama Village during winter.

Manaslu Larke La Pass

✔ The surrounding views are so stunning. A glacial river flows down from the gorges between several mountains.

✔ The contrast of green grassland and white Peaks looks amazing. we can feel a different experience when walking in such places and Yaks are grazing without caring for the world.


  How much time does it take to reach Larke Bazar from Larke Pass Manaslu?  

It takes 5-6 hours to reach Larke Bazar from Larke Pass Manaslu. 


✔ There is a glacial river in the distance which flows down from a ravine between two mountains, there is a tall peak above it.

✔ After arriving in Gueneto we can finally see the place of Dharmashala Littered with houses with red tin roofs but it takes still more than 45 minutes to reach there.

✔ It can be difficult to walk at 4,400 meters altitude, we need to take a break for some minutes after a short walk.

✔ Dharmashala is located at 4,460 meters altitude from sea level. It’s not a village but there are 2 to 3 hotels, The owners come from the lower village to open it for tourists.

✔ Dharmashala is situated right at the confluence of two rivers. there is a glacial river that has accumulated a mound of debris near this hotel.

✔ The view is outstanding from Dharmashala there is an endless range of Himalayas on the distant horizon.

Larke Bazar

✔ Dharmashala is the last place to find hotels in this way, we will only find hotels after reaching Lakre Phedi.

✔ It takes 5-6 hours to reach Lakre Fedi in a remote region, including the 5,100 meters altitude area but there aren’t any human settlements.

✔ This place could be slightly expensive for tourists, Nepali foods (Dal-Bhat) would cost Rs. 800 Nepali rupees and noodles soup is Rs. 600 Nepali rupees but the night stay would only cost Rs. 200 Nepali rupees per person.

✔ The transportation costs to bring in supplies to such a remote location and huge investments in hotel construction are something better prices for here.

✔ It’s difficult to fall asleep above 4,000 meters, although we fall asleep we can’t sleep deeply.

✔ If we climb a little higher from the point where we are staying and we come back down, we can get a good sleep and also our body acclimatizes with the environment.


  What is the altitude of Dharmasala from sea level?  

The altitude of Dharmasala from sea level is 4,460 meters. 


✔ It is ideal to begin early when traveling a difficult section on a trek, if we start late we might run into trouble.

✔ The weather is clear in the morning around Himalayan regions and eventually, the weather worsens.

Maps of Larke pass trek

✔ Mountains illuminated with the emerging sun, in this area there was a pole in the distance that pole directed our trail and we could target this pole.

✔ There is very little snow in this place, and it would be difficult even to walk later in winter but a specialty of Larke Pass is there are not any sheer cliffs or slopes out here.

✔ The trail is not even steep trail gains altitude gradually but we need to walk a lot. that’s why it was called the longest pass.

✔ There is an approached stone shed here for travelers and tourists to get into trouble during storms, rain, or heavy snowfall we can use this shed and we can spend the night here but there is no food.


  What is the altitude of Larke Pass Manaslu?  

The altitude of Larke Pass Manaslu is 5106  meters (16,752 ft.)


✔ We can see the shapes of five small ponds near Larke Pass but the water in those ponds has frozen into the water, When there is no snow or it’s not frozen we can see the beautiful Ponds of blue water.

✔ The place is not free of risk, If we are misguided and leave the trail, the snow is much deeper elsewhere.

✔ The biggest strength is none other than willpower, if we see people’s tracks, we have to follow them and it’s not ideal to go left and right in such places.


✔ Larke Pass is covered in snow almost all year round, we can see ascent or slope ahead, and there shouldn’t be any other climbs beyond this so Larke Pass should be left or right, somewhere around there.

✔ We have almost made it to Larke Pass, new travelers won’t be able to figure out this highest point from afar it only reveals itself upon reaching very near.

✔ We can see their people worship and revere this main spot, the wind is strong out here and it the piercingly cold.

✔ At this altitude of 5,160 meters, it is revered and worshipped as a religious site, colorful Prayer flags have been offered here in the middle a sign board has been placed written by Larka Pass thank you for the Manaslu visit, see you again.

✔ Himalayan Pass means traveling from one point of a mountain to some other point across it’s finding the easiest and lowest point to make it across.


  How much does it cost to eat Nepali food in the hotel area around Larke Pass Manasalu?  

It costs Rs. 800 Nepali Rupees to eat Nepali food in the hotel area around Larke Pass Manaslu.


✔ A pass is called a “La” in Himalayan regions likewise, Larke Pass is also called Larke La, and in the Nepali language some people call it “Bhanjhyang” Actually Bhanjhyang is the meeting point of two mountains.

✔ The same type of area in hilly regions would be called “Deurali”, a place of worshipping gods (Dauta) or deities would have been named Deurali.

✔ The trail after crossing the Larke Pass is downhill, we have to walk on slippery snow on this snowy mountain slope.

✔ It is easier to climb uphill in a snowy area but downhill is something difficult, it will be easier if we wear crampons. If you are headed for a mountain pass, you have to bring crampons

✔ We can see a lake down, there on the left a long lake with green water, it is a long lake stretched at a distance.

So, Larke Pass Manaslu is considered one of the best and most important tourist destinations in Nepal. 


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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