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Ranimahal: Ranighaat

  Rani Mahal: Palpa  

✔ Ranimahal in Palpa is a symbol of love. The Taj Mahal of Nepal, Khadka Shumsher constructed this palace in memory of his wife in BS 1950.

✔ It is an enduring monument of love, the history of Ranimahal is quite interesting it has its own unique beauty, historical importance, and background.

✔ There are several other prime locations to explore in Palpa. The road to Ranimahal is quite convenient and black-topped.

✔ We can easily drive in a small vehicle, a little villages and settlements along the main long.


✔ Ranimahal is Around 13 Km from Tansen of Palpa district and Khadka Shumsher actually constructed Ranimahal after Queen Tej Kumari passed away.

✔ Queen Tej Kumari expressed her wish and requested for a palace just like the Taj Mahal, India to be established in her name.

✔ The Palace should have a similar garden and the architect should be similar, after her death Khadka Shumsher Built this palace in her memory.

✔ It looks exquisite and the architect is also quite unique. after climbing three flights of stairs from the ground level we can arrive at the main building of the Palace.

✔ After climbing the last flight of stairs to the palace there is a splendid view of the Rani Mahal.

✔ The Palace is situated on the bank of Kali Gandaki atop a large rock formation. a beautiful garden enhances the beauty of this exquisite Palace.

Ranimahal Palpa

✔ Rani Mahal has been gathering a lot of interest in these past few years. there has been an increase in visitors after the construction of a proper road.

✔ We can see two full floors and an additional floor on the top. there is a museum on the upper floor. a collection especially tools and utensils of metal.

✔ You can look over beautiful Kali Gandaki and the surrounding view from the balcony.

✔ In the exterior area of the Palace on the upper level, you can descend down to the lower floor or head straight outside from there.

✔ An example of excellent engineering done centuries ago. The Portrait of Khadka Shumsher and Tej Kumari.

✔ In BS 1950, the representative of Palpa and Western general, Khadka Shumsher, created this palace on his wife’s wishes, an exquisite Rani Mahal.

✔ It’s said that Khadka Shumsher and his queen Tej Kumari went out on the same horse to stroll and this was their special place, Rani Ghaat.

Palpa Ranimahal

✔ They would spend their day here and return back to Tansen only in the evening.

✔ The Queen was a nature lover and religious person she used to worship nature suddenly, and the health condition of her queen deteriorated but she never mentioned this to Khadka Shumsher.

✔ The queen felt like she would not live for a long time and one day, they were just sitting here.

✔ The queen said to him if I pass away, please construct a palace and a pilgrimage at this place in my name.

✔ Khadka Shumsher tried to distract her from the subject by talking about other things he couldn’t even imagine his queen leaving him unfortunately, the queen passed away after some time.

✔ The king becomes mentally unstable and can’t even sleep. The queen’s final wishes kept reverberating in his head.

✔ He was worried that he might not be able to fulfill his queen’s dying wish, so he promptly brought British engineers from India and conducted a survey of the palace.

✔ Within a year of the queen’s wishes, Rani Mahal was inaugurated in BS 1950. The palace which was constructed in Greek Gothic architecture, was completed in BS 1954.


✔ The structure was constructed atop a rocky hill. it was made sure that the seasonal floods wouldn’t make an impact on it.

✔ The main building was on two floors and 25 rooms were constructed. the side of the Kali Gandaki was a lookout area.

✔ It’s said he specifically ordered this Burja to be constructed there. It’s said he used to converse with the late queen here.

✔ He listened to the voice of his beloved queen in the splashes of Kali Gandaki river.

✔ Rani Mahal is really a memorial of true and undying love. it can be a symbol of love not just for Nepal but for the whole world.

✔ This is the same Rani Mahal, the same building, and the same architecture minor renovations have been made but the authenticity remains intact.

✔ The story of their love adds more radiance to the beauty this place holds.

✔ It is still believed that a couple who visits the place will succeed in love.


✔ Besides the Rani Mahal, you can indulge yourself in various adventure sports. one of which is rafting.

✔ All these sports are organized by Tej Kumari Adventure Beach Resort. they provide services like rafting, camping, etc.

✔ Around this area, you can get a basic idea of general rafting. but they do provide a longer. the rafting experience there.

✔ You can raft from Ridi to Ranimahal, Likewise, in Badigadh river. you can indulge yourself with rapid rafting as well.

✔ It’s just an awesome experience floating in the water looking at the view of Rani Mahal.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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