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  Visiting Place in Rukum  

✔ Rukum is a famous place with its old stories, songs, and literature it’s also the headquarters of East Rukum.

✔ Rukum is divided into 2 districts now one is East Rukum and another one is West Rukum.

✔ Traveling through Rapti Highway from Lamahi to Dang Valley and Dang to Salyan we can see lots of beautiful views.

✔ There are many bike riders in Nepal and other countries too, so this may be a golden destination for riders even on a family trip.

✔ Tourists usually visit famous places because of publicized a lot, but hidden places are more beautiful in Nepal.

✔ Tharmare Bazaar is filled with cemented buildings and the availability of consumer goods in the market Bazaar has hotels, lodges, and restaurants in Bhagchaur Municipality.

✔ There is also a famous city Bhagchaur Bazaar naturally rich and beautiful place and Bhagchaur is a municipality. Rapti River originates here and this is also a source of Sarada River.

✔ The road is convenient usually a black-topped pit hole somewhere curved on small hills it’s enjoyable to travel.

West Rukum


✔ Bangelakuri is too cold being at the height, its high altitude market of Salyan and temporary huts to operate shops and old houses can be seen.

✔ Rapti highway covers Salyan a lot. Rapti Highway passes through Dang and covers Salyan hugely and a few regions of west Rukum.

Jhulneta is the first market of West Rukum, new buildings are being constructed with hotels, restaurants, and bank facilities there. Jhulneta lies in Triveni Rural municipality.

✔ There is a place called Bairagithati that lies in Musikot Municipality, the new bridge is under construction and should pass the old iron bridge.


  1. Musikot Khalanga  

✔ Musikot is the headquarters of West Rukum which is also called Khalanga. There are many Khalanga in the west.

✔ The meaning of Khalanga is different in the East, it means Market it also means Army Barrack.

✔ Musikot Khalanga seems big city with huge corporate buildings, and financial institutions having many facilities.

Musitkot Khalanga Bazar

✔ There is a Chipridaha in Rukumkot a newly developed Market, Chipridaha is a prime market area in Rukumkot.

✔ Rukumkot has 52 lakes and 53 hills. Rolpa and Rukumkot were in the center and affected a lot by the Maoist insurgency.

✔ There is a historical Luspa Spout that has water for 12 months existing centuries before can’t say how old is but it existed before in 1966 BS.


  2. Kamaldaha  

✔ According to locals, Kamaldaha is a source of this water so it never dries, there is a different section for gender previously there was a cast base top.

✔ The water is pure and tasty. Locals used to drink water from there, it is mostly used for bathing and washing.

✔ The view near Luspa Tap, sani Bheri River flows downwards. This is a tributary of the Karnali River.

✔ Kamaldaha (Kamal Lake) is filled with lotus, it takes an hour to walk around and it has an old history.


✔ There used to be a village earlier but later there is filled with water so locals migrated elsewhere after that this place became a lake.

✔ Kamaldaha is fenced a trail is made for hiking lotus (Kamal) can be seen inside the pond.

✔ The lake has the shape of Nepal’s Map circling 2 Km no existence of fish but we can find snakes.

✔ The root and fruits of Lotus are taken as medicine by their locals, it can cure jaundice, and pickle is made from root.

It is believed that bathing in this lake can heal diseases, the lake has religious significance.

✔ This is the birthplace of Rukmini so it is also called Rukmani Lake from this Rukmini Lake Rukum’s name is derived.

✔ This Lake is believed to be the source of Luspa Tap but no flow of water can be seen.

✔ After a 10-minute drive from Rukumkot, we can reach at entrance of Deurali cave, there is a  beautiful village that lies near the cave.

✔ After descending, we can reach Ruwabang village, which is also called Rumalbala village, there is only 10 to 15 typical house in this village.

✔ We can see the small entry point, there are lots of unique shapes that seem interesting and distinct.

There is a vast hall inside the cave, it looks like a huge Palace and has amazing structures it beautiful.

✔ After an hour’s drive from Rukumkot we can reach Kakri there is a tea shop on the side of the road.

✔ Road separates here for Taksera and Maikot, a village that can be seen on the hill.

✔ East Rukum is a newly created District and hence not promoted despite its beauty having a lot of potential.


  3. Lukum Village  

✔ Lukum lies 5km on an easy road from Kakri, a board seen there written Lukum but can’t see the village from the road.

✔ Lukum village has its own traditional culture and style. Lukum is situated just above from road with Dense old houses.

✔ Lukum village of East Rukum has 400 houses together with magar culture.

✔ This is the village of the diviner (Jhankri), the most populated Jhankri village, the Jhankri dance, and Bal Puja are performed here.

✔ Lukum village lies in Bhume Rural Municipality it’s 2100 Meters high from sea level. It is the Prime Magar village of Rukum.

✔ Located at the mid-hill highway, Village attracts travelers, and French anthropologists ani de researched there for a long time on magar tradition and culture.

In July (Shrawan) a Jhankri fair is held, and many Jhankris dance here, Bhume puja is performed in June (Ashad).

Bhume is the main festival there, Lukum lies 26km east of Rukumkot and 62 Km west of Baglung and Burtibang.

Lukum Village

Pokhara is a tourist destination for many tourists, visit Mustang from Pokhara and they go nearby Baglung and Mygadi but they don’t know this place.

✔ This is the west of Baglung and Mygadi, the highway from Baglung connects this not so far from there.

✔ Rukum has great potential this Lukum Village, Taksera, Rukumkot, and many other places of East Rukum.

✔ It took one hour to reach Dhuri (Rika) from Kakri, down for Rika there is also Kiubang village.

✔ Found an apple farm near Kiubang, there are peaches, apples, and potatoes on one farm.

✔ It is not suitable for a small car but a vehicle having good ground clearance 4WD and a motorcycle can easily move.

✔ Goats are grazing, a river downwards Uttarganga River can’t be seen from here local called it sani veri.

✔ Tak village is on the other side and there are two Sera villages, Lower Sera and Upper Sera.

✔ Four villages are nearby in this area, the topmost is Bachhi village after that is Tak, and there are Lower and Upper Sera.

✔ There is a suspension bridge in Uttarganga Bridge only to cross on foot, but no motorable bridge there so vehicles go through the river.


  4. Taka Village  

✔ The oldest village in Nepal is Taka which existed 1,000 years ago sera and Taka village is near the Uttarganga River.

✔ We can see Tak and Bachhi villages far away from Lower Sera, Bachhi village, Tak, and 2 Seras 4 villages combined are called Taksera.

✔ Tak and Sera lie on the North and South on both sides of Uttarganga but both villages are only physically separated they are the same in sentiments.

Locals compare Tak and Sera to 2 eyes of a person with a nose between the eyes a hill divides villages.

Taka Village

✔ Locals proud of their culture, Uttarganga flows between hills and Sera on the bank of a river. It’s one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal.

On the bottom of Tak village “Pahuna Ghar” homestay opened recently this is a typical style homestay.

✔ Tak is a historical village the real name of this village is “Chelbang” Chel means to swim and Bang is Ground.

✔ This is an ancient village having existed for 1000 years ago. Gharti started living there first they came here to hunt and see this place.

✔ The oldest house lies on the top of the village and organic agriculture is performed there.

✔ This village saw different stages of history, save its existence through various pandemics, smallpox and leprosy hits this village.

✔ Arable lands near the village but paddy is not grown there, some cereals and potatoes are grown.

✔ The previous generations who didn’t get rice to eat now everything is available due to transportation.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.

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