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Suicide Point Palpa


  Suicide Point Palpa  

✔ There is one such Suicide Point Palpa which is also called Kuire Bhir, it should take around half an hour to get there.

✔ We can exit the main Gulmi road and take a branch road from Batase Dadha.

✔ It looks like they are preparing the road for blacktopping here, after traveling for some minutes there is a forest area without any human habitation.

✔ A natural environment can always help change a person’s mentality. So, Nature and humans have a deep connection.

✔ It is quite exciting to arrive at such a lovely place. Vehicles can easily traverse this road, an abundance of juniper trees in this area.

✔ After driving around 30 minutes from Tansen, we arrived at a place called Kuire Bhir.

Suicide Point

There is a flight of stairs leading up. This Place also lies within Tansen municipality ward no-12.

✔ There is an unusual cliff up there and it is also called suicide point but its actual name is Kuire Bhir.

✔ There a stairs that have been constructed for going to and fro. A hill amidst a forest of juniper trees.

✔ A pleasurable place without any human habitation nearby. It is indeed an enjoyable place.

✔ You can see Ridi Bazar and the bridge right in the middle from there. The Nepali national flag proudly flutters at the top of the mountains.

✔ The railing has been properly set up for proper safety measures. Beyond the railing, the cliff drops down abruptly, like it was cut off suddenly.

✔ Kali Gandaki winds down the terrain, and you can enjoy the entire view of the surrounding mountains and flatlands from there.

✔ The entire hill is covered with a forest of juniper trees. You wouldn’t hear any artificial sounds except the swaying of these juniper trees, The wind is very strong there.

Suicide Point

✔ The environment of this Place is wonderful. The rising mound at the top of the hill is abruptly cut off.

✔ We can assume that it would have been quite risky without these safety railings, however, the safety measures here are quite exemplary.

✔ Its actual name is Kui Bhir so it means a species of bird named ‘Kui’ is found in this area.

✔ That species of ‘kui’ bird is found in the periphery of this cliff so this place was named kui Bhir but the species of this bird is already extinct.

✔ Due to semantic changes in the word Kui Bhir, the name evolved into ‘Kuire Bhir’, and in recent years, the name further changed into a suicide point.

✔ People in these rural areas are more into farming and related occupations, and those who don’t own land for farming, tend to collect their fodder and firewood around this cliff.

✔ There is a tradition of making it to this shrine and there is a particular spot in which Siddha water springs source and the source of this water.

✔ Khuire Bhir is a visit-worthy place if you are visiting Palpa, we suggest you visit this place at least once.

✔ This is an ideal location to explore with your friends or your family. It could also be an ideal location for picnics and other similar activities.

  Bhairavnath Temple  

✔ Batase Danda is a windy mountain top, where you can view the picturesque Himalayan range.

✔ Around 9km from Tansen, you can reach this place called Bhairavsthan. The main Bhairavnath temple is up there.

✔ It is an ancient temple with great religious and historical importance after climbing stairs for some time beside the main road we can reach the main area of the temple.

✔ Bhairavnath temple is around 500 years old. a historic site that was constructed by Mani Mukunda Sen which took around 30 years, from BS 1580 to BS 1610.

Bhairavnath Temple

✔ The rituals and Puja are performed 365 days a year. in this temple rituals and puja are performed especially by priests of the Naath community.

✔ The priests who have split their ear lobes of the yogi community, Puja that is performed here are evening rituals (Sandhya Kalin) and night rituals (Ratri Kalin Shringar Puja).

✔ In this temple, Rot is offered which is made up of rice flour, sugar, coconut, almonds, and cashews.

✔ When certain devotee’s prayers are fulfilled, they come and offer these Rot in the temple.

Bhairavnath Temple

✔ If a prayer is made with a pure heart to Bhairav BaBa, it is believed that the prayer will be answered. Bhairavnaath temple plays a vital role in religious tourism in Palpa.

✔ There is an adventure sports station right beside the temple which offers various adventure sports.

✔ They have a Zipline and this 360-cycling. we can take the Zipline all the way down to the base, we can be able to see the landing spot from there.

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