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Japanese Street Food

  Japanese Street Food  

Japan is an island country which is located in East Asia. Japan is a beautiful country that is famous for its contribution to the field of modern technology.

A large number of national and international tourist visits Japan. Japan is also renowned for its street foods, natural landscape, etc.

It is the eleventh most populous country in the world. While visiting Japan we must try some mouthwatering traditional foods, a street in Japan.

The most popular Japanese Street Food is Sushi and Street foods are the most famous in Japan.

Some famous street foods to try while visiting Japan are Okonomiyaki, Yaki-Imo, Kakigori, Takoyaki, Dango, Bento, etc.

Japenese Street Food

Tourists claimed that Japan doesn’t have as pronounced a street food culture when compared to other Asian countries.

If you are roaming in Japan you are highly recommended to try some of the street foods.

Japnese Street Food is also called “Yattai” in the Japanese language. Here are some of the Japanese street foods that we should try while visiting Japan:


  1. Takoyaki  

Takoyaki is a delicious ball-shaped Japanese snack that is brushed with takoyaki sauce.

Takoyaki is normally a snack, but in some areas, it is served as a side dish with rice, According to Japanese history.

Takoyaki was first popularized by a street vendor named Tomekichi Endo in 1935.

The name of the food yaki comes from yaku which is the cooking method of Japanese Cuisine which means “to grill”.


Takoyaki is a Japanese snack in a balled shape that is filled with pieces of octopus. In Japan, takoyaki is sometimes known as “Grilled Octopus Balls” or “Octopus Dumplings”.



  Ingredients of Takoyaki  

a. 180ml Dashi
b. 60g Flour
c. 1Tsp Baking Powder
d. 1/4Tsp Salt
e. 1 Egg
f. 1Tsp Soy Sauce
g. 2Tsp Oil

a. 16 pieces of Octopus
b. 1 Spring Onion (Cut into small pieces)
c. 1Tsp Beni Shouga

a. Takoyaki Sauce
b. Mayonaisse

Optional Toppings:
a. Spring Onion
d. Beni Shouga
c. Katsuobushi
d. Aonori



  How to make Takoyaki?  

While preparing Takoyaki first we have to prepare Takoyaki batter. While preparing octopus batter we should poach octopus for about thirteen minutes per pound. After it is cooled remove the skin by using a paper towel.

After that chop the octopus by putting it on a Chopping board. While cutting the octopus we should cut it into small pieces so that we can fix it into Takoyaki.

How to make Takoyaki?

Grind has some Katsuobushi flakes. We can do this using mortar, pestle, and so on. We can also use an electric spice grinder.

And then combine all of the dry ingredients of the recipe which includes 1 cup of flour, 1tsp of kombucha, and 1tsp baking powder. Mix them properly.

Now whisk together 2 eggs and 1 teaspoon of soy sauce. Mix it until it is mixed with dry ingredients. And then add the dashi stock slowly, a little at a time.

Now heat the Takoyaki Pan on medium heat and brush the Takoyaki Pan with oil. We have to wait until we see a rise from the pain. Then fill the holes completely with batter.

Then add some optional toppings to the batter and set a three-minute timer don’t forget to use skewers so that you don’t get burned.

Now, the delicious Takoyaki is ready to serve with sauces. In this way, we can prepare delicious Japanese street food.


  2. Kakigori  

Kakigori is a delicious street food that is shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup.

It is mostly served in Japan during the summer season. Some of the traditional flavors of Kakigori are green tea matcha, strawberry, cherry, and lemon.

According to Japanese history July 25 is considered Kakigori day due to its pronunciation sounding similar to summer ice in Japanese and another reason is on that day in 1933 high temperature was recorded in Japan.


It has been claimed that the first Kakigori shop was opened in 1869 in Yokohama.

It is the best food to try during the summer season.



  Ingredients of Kakigori  

For the Shave Ice:
a. Mineral Water

For the Syrup:
a. 1 Part Granulated Sugar
b. 2 Parts Hot Water
c. Your own flavor to taste

Additional Toppings:
a. 2Tsp of Condensed Milk
b. Yogurt, Ice-cream or other Toppings



  How to make Kakigori?  

While preparing Kakigori, at first we have to fill the ice molds for 12 to 24 hours until they are completely frozen. 

How to make Kakigori?

Now we have to prepare the syrup. To prepare syrup first we have to combine 1 part granulated sugar with 3 parts hot water until the mixture is completely dissolved. We can add the additional flavor as per our wish.

After preparing the syrup we have to take out the frozen ice and shave the ice by turning the mixer to a high speed and catch the fluffy, finely-shaved ice. 

After shaving the ice properly we can put it in the bowl and decorate it as per our wish.

We can add some of your favorite toppings to make it delicious and attractive.

Now you have delicious Kakigori prepared and you can serve it as you wish. In this way, we can prepare delicious Japanese Street Food.


  3. Tako Tamago  

Tako Tamago is a delicious street food in Japan in which a baby octopus is stuck in a stick.

It is primarily a candied skewer baby octopus with a quail egg inside.

In the Japanese language, Tako means “Octopus” and Tamago means “Egg”.

Tako Tamago

The octopus egg is chewy, sticky, sweet but delicious. It has been claimed that Tako Tamago was the first time made restaurant named Ganso Takoyaki.



  Ingredients of Tako Tamago  

a. Quail eggs as per requirement
b. Baby octopus as per requirement

  For Sauce  
a. Salt and Vinegar
b. Sugar
c. Red chilli paste
d. Soy sauce



  How to make Tako Tamago?  

At first, while preparing Tako Tamago we have to boil water by putting salt and vinegar so that it will be easy to peel the egg shells.

After cooking the egg you have to put the boiled eggs in cold water but we cannot put the ice in water.

After cleaning the baby octopus properly in the water along with salt and vinegar, wash it properly with fresh water. 

How to make Tako Tamago?

Now put the quail eggs inside the head of the baby octopus. We have to clean and remove the organs of the octopus properly before placing the quail eggs. We have to close the hole with a small stick.

Now we have to prepare Marinade sauce which includes sugar, red chili paste, and 1tsp of vinegar to make a little sour, dark soy sauce, and mix it properly. Now deep the octopus properly and marinate it for 6 hours. 

After that take it out from the sauce and put some food color to make it red. Marinate it for 1 hour. And keep the remaining sauce to use later. Mix it properly to make the red color.

Now pour the octopus in the boiled water to make the leg curve. While doing this we have to maintain the height of the water level. 

Now pour the remaining marinade sauce into the pan and add some sesame oil when it is heated. Now you can put the octopus into the sauce and cook it.

Now the delicious Tako Tamago is ready and you can have it with additional toppings as you wish. In this way, we can prepare delicious Tako Tamago.


  4. Okonomiyaki  

Okonomiyaki is a delicious Japanese street food. In Japanese Okonomiyaki is known as “Monjayaki”.

Okonomiyaki is a popular pan-fried dish that consists of batter and cabbage. According to the Japanese meaning Okonomi means “to one’s liking”.


Okonomiyaki is a delicious food that is made with flour, eggs, tempura scraps (tenkasu), cabbage, pork belly slices, and additional toppings. 

Okonomiyaki tastes sweet, spicy (from pickled ginger), savory, and smoky.



  Ingredients of OKonomiyaki  

a. Flour
b. Eggs and stock flavored water
c. Cabbage
d. Additional ingredients like pork, shrimp, corn, and so on.
e. Sauce



  How to make Okonomiyaki?  

At first, while preparing at first we have to ensure that the cabbage is softened since fresh cabbage contains a lot of water.

How to make Okonomiyaki?

To avoid the water we have to salt the cabbage rinse the salt from the cabbage and dry it by using paper towels. 

After that chop the cabbage into small pieces. If you chop the cabbage in larger then it will take a long time to cook less the surface area area for the pancake to brown on the grill.

After that prepare the batter and mix up the batter, cabbage, and other ingredients. Pour the batter into a hot griddle and leave it.

Then spread out the batter in a round shape in pan-cake. You can also flatter the cabbage and batter so it can form a flat cake. 

Then leave it for 5 minutes without touching it. When it is golden brown, flip it over and cook for 5 minutes on the other side. 

When it is completely cooked remove it from the pan and cover it with your favorite additional toppings and sauce. In this way, delicious street food Okonomiyaki is prepared easily. 


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