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Huayhuash Trek: Peru

  Cordillera Huayhuash Trek: Peru  

✔ The Cordillera Huayhuash trek although only well-known to Avid hikers.

✔ The Huayhuash track is one of the most stunning treks I have ever been on With its turquoise Lakes (Langunas de Llanganuco) snow-capped mountains and Rich local culture.

✔ It is a Hidden Gem that should be on the top of any hiker’s bucket list my journey began in Lima where it looked like an 8-hour overnight bus ride unit I reached the city of Huaraz.

✔ Huaraz is known as the hiking capital of Peru, its strategic location is next to the Carhuacocha and Cordillera Huayhuash Trek Mountain ranges.

Huayhuash Trek

✔ The tour I booked picked me up from Huaraz around midnight and it took six hours to reach the town of Queropalca the starting point of the track.


  1. Queropalca to Lake Carhuacoacha  

✔ Our plan for the day was to hike from Queropalca to Lake Carhuacoacha where we will set up camp for the night I opted for a group tour but you can also do this trek on your own.

✔ We were accompanied by Carlos R. Cook and Crespo Art donkey driver along with a team of hard-working donkeys.

✔ They went ahead of us to the campsite and set up everything for the night.


✔ The start of the track was easy as we walked through a lush valley with a captivating view of the Huayhuash mountain range our home for the next four days.

✔ I was the lowest one in my group I often had a mountain all to myself accompanied by the farm animals from the nearby village.

✔ After four hours of hiking, I finally caught sight of a few 10 set up at our campsite just beyond the head of the Stream.


  2. Siula Pass and to the Huayhuash camp  

✔ When I got out of my tent I saw the most beautiful view. Today we plan to hike over the famous Siula Pass and then to the Huayhuash camp.

✔ On the trail, you will often see mountain dogs and some of them will tag along with you for the hike.


✔ As we ascended the trail let us pass enchanting Alpine lakes with magnificent mountain ranges forming a stunning backdrop at every turn.

✔ After a few hours, we reached the first two lakes the colors of the lake look so surreal even up close.

✔ If you sat quietly you could hear the distant Rumble of avalanches echoing through the air.

✔ Then we continued the uphill climb I couldn’t help but turn around every few minutes as the view got better every time.

✔ Finally, we arrived at the famous three lakes’ lookout point, and the beauty of the scene took my breath away, I knew this place was beautiful but I could not have imagined this.

Siula Pass

✔ It couldn’t possibly get better we reached the summit of Siula Pass where I was rewarded with a panoramic view of the snow-covered Peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash.

✔ It’s an easy walk down Abrod Valley until we reach our camp, Cordillera Huayhuash means weasels, and the mountain range is named after these small animals that are satisfying in this area.

✔ I knew I was close to the campsite when I saw our donkey grazing and relaxing from a day of hard work.


  3. Trapecio Pass and night at Elefante Camp  

✔ Today we plan to hike over the Trapecio Pass and then spend the night at Elefante Camp.

✔ The weather started misty and foggy as we began our hike but the mountain reminded beautiful nonetheless.

Trapecio Pass

✔ This is probably the most challenging day on the trail as we climb up to 5000 Meters Unfortunately I was going too slowly so Ricardo let me ride Crespo’s horse part of the way.

✔ It’s a little embarrassing but I was secretly happy for the momentary break.

✔ I caught up with a group We started the final Ascend to Trapezo Pass The hiking break gave me a burst of energy and it wasn’t long before I reached the pass.

✔ The view was beautiful as we were surrounded by glaciers on one side and the beautiful valley below on the other.

✔ It was quite cold and windy so we didn’t stay for too long before heading down.

✔ The lakes grew bigger as we got closer displaying the most beautiful shades of blue.

Huayhuash Trek

✔ We made our way down the rough and Rocky terrain transformed into gentle Grassy Meadows.

✔ There is an Alpine Cactus scattered through the fields adding a touch of unique beauty to the landscape.

✔ We settled down in our camp we were gifted with the most magnificent sunset of our final night of the trek.


  4. Huayllapa village  

✔ Today is my last day on the Huayhuash track today we plan to hike to the Huayllapa village before catching a bus back to Lima.

✔ The hike from here is gentle Along the way we were greeted by winding streams cascading waterfalls and a colorful array of wild flowers.

Huayllapa village

✔ We soon arrived in Huayllapa village a small but vibrant town rooming with colors.

✔ The Huayhuash track has been a journey of Challenges and rewards the joy of this amazing trek is not just getting to the end but all the wonderful days before.

✔ Every day was a new adventure that brought me closer to the beauty and wonder of the Huayhuash Mountains.

✔ The stunning landscape the challenging terrain and the local culture all came together to make this an unforgettable hike.


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