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  Gulmi: A tourist destination  

✔ Gulmi district is a place with a unique geography and distinctive characteristics. A place that has untapped tourism potential.

✔ An ancient settlement on the bank of the Kali Gandaki River, the mysteries of the Kali Gandaki River, and interesting facts about Shaligram on the bank of Kali Gandaki.

✔ It compels you to appreciate the beauty of this geographic diversity. It’s like a mountainous Plateau.

Gulmi Tamghas

✔ Gulmi is situated near Palpa, Syangja, Arghakhanchi, Pyuthan, and Baglung which is also the border of these districts and its area is 1149 km2.

✔ Gulmi district falls in the Lumbini Zone of province-5, and Let’s explore a paradise we haven’t yet witnessed and a destination not yet explored.


  1. Ridi Bazaar  

✔ After traveling 32 Km from Tansen, we arrived at Ridi Bazar and Gulmi district also begins from there.

✔ Ridi Bazar is situated at the confluence of Kali Gandaki and Ridi River, Ridi river is to the right side and a little bit smaller than Kali Gandaki, it merges with Kali up ahead.

✔ We can see a bridge constructed right at the confluence point of Kali Gandagi and joining three districts Palpa, Gulmi, and Syangja.

Ridi Bazaar

✔ Ridi is also called the Ruru area which is a religious and cultural point, a place situated in the middle of three separate districts.

✔ Rishikesh temple is established there and is one of the four revered Dhaams in Nepal.

✔ The first king of Palpa Mukunda Sen cleansed himself in the Kali River and established the Dhaam.

✔ This ancient event begins on the day of Maghe Sankranti and goes on for three days.

✔ The first day of Mela is called Jethi Sankranti, the Second day is called Maili, and the third day is called Kanchi Sankranti.

Ridi Bridge

✔ Pilgrims cleanse themselves in the Gandaki River, they pay their respects at Rishikesh, Ruru Kanya, and Mrigatungeshwor.

✔ It is mentioned in the Baraha Puran out of 18 Purans, this Place is at least 5,000 years old.

✔ There is a belief that our sins will be washed away if we bathe in the river on this day so Indian pilgrims also come here on these occasions.

✔ The three-sided suspension bridge on the confluence of the Kali and Ridi Rivers has become an attraction for tourists and visitors in this region. Visitors come here just to look at this unique bridge other times as well.

✔ This bridge was constructed with a cost of 9 crores and it took 8 years for its completion. It is considered one of the exemplary bridges in Asia.


  2. Rudrabeni Bazaar    

✔ Two roads diverge from Ridi one of which leads to Tamghas in Gulmi and the other leads to the roads in Kali Gandagi Corridor.

✔ Rudrabeni Bazaar in Gulmi lies within Satyawati municipal ward no-1, which is at a distance of exactly 7 Km from Ridi.


✔ Rudrabeni Bazaar lies in Kali Gandaki Corridor which is an ongoing project and is under construction.

✔ Rudrabeni Bazaar is situated almost at the confluence of the Badigadh and Kali Gandaki Rivers. It is a beautiful place despite its small size.

✔ We can see banana farming flourishing in this region, well-managed irrigation from the Badigadh River plays a vital role in productive farming in this area.


  3. Rudrabeni Dhaams  

✔ In this, Rudrabeni Dhaams has several Mata (Female devotees) reside. The splendor of Rundrabeni Dhaam is quite impressive.

✔ There is a Dharamshala and a Ram Mandir (Temple) such a massive infrastructure was established by the efforts and contributions of many people.

✔ There is a also two-decade years old Shilapatra (engraved stone) and the constructed stairway to the temple back.

Rudrabeni Dhaams

✔ Tarkeshowor Parmananda Ashram and Ram Temple at Rudrabeni in Gulmi, this place hold great religious significance.

✔ Rudrabeni Dhaam rests on the confluence point of Kali Gandaki and Badigadh River.

✔ Kali Gandaki in itself is a very revered river that flows from the Himalayas to the hills and then to the Terai region.

✔ There are several Dhaams on the bank of Kali Gandaki out of which Rudrabeni is a major one and there is a huge collection of Shaligrams in this temple.

Rudrabeni Dhaams

✔ It’s believed that the devotees had been living in Rudrabeni before BS 1983. Tarkeshwor Baba established the Ram Temple in this area.

✔ There were only small structures in this place but we can see that it has transformed a lot over the years.

✔ This Dhaam is blessed by the grace of Narayan Nanda Saraswati. Bathing at the confluence point of two rivers near the Dhaam is considered very favorable.


  4. Khaireni Bazaar  

✔ Khaireni Bazaar is spread out in quite a huge area which lies within Satyawati municipal-6 gulmi.

✔ We can see a large number of shops selling commodities and clothes among others.

Khaireni Bazaar

✔ Satyawati municipal is an interesting and beautiful area, there are many visiting sites.

✔ Khaireni Bazaar settled at the banks of the Badigadh River is the center of Satyawati municipal. This is a major market area in this region of Gulmi district.

✔ A place called Bharse in this region has great tourism potential, there are many places like the Arkul Durbar, Cave, and temples that have been constructed personally.


  5. Resunga  

✔ Ruru-Resunga Tourism Sector is one of the famous tourism zones among 18 tourism zones of Nepal consisting of 3 districts namely, Gulmi, Palpa, and Arghakhanchi Districts.


✔ This tourism sector is rich in its natural beauty and religious sites with cultural importance. Resunga Hill is elevated at an altitude of 2,347 meters above sea level.


  6. Bichitra Cave  

✔ Bichitra Gupha (Cave) lies in the Gulmi District which has an elevation of 1,177 meters.

✔ It is about 150 meters long and has a mysterious. It is about 21 km from Tamghas.

Bichitra Cave

✔ It is divided into 11 segments. You can see the images of different Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

✔ The main shrine of Lord Shiva is worshipped at the core of the Cave. It can sustain more than 500 visitors in this cave. It takes about 40 minutes to visit inside the cave.


  7. Dhurkot Kot  

✔ Dhurkot Kot is one of the famous places in Dhurkot Rajasthal. It is located on top of the Dhura.

✔ On the occasion of Vijaya Dashami people used to go there and worship god. In Navami, there used to be a big puja.

Dhurkot kot

✔ On the day of Purnima, people come there to play saraya. It is one of the famous places to play saraya.

✔ Many people come from different places to see There is a huge crowd of people. On that occasion, people used to eat Jeri.


  8. Kanke Deurali  

✔ Kanke Deurali is one of the famous places in Purkot. It is located at the top of the Purkot.
This place is famous for its greenery.

✔ People went there to see the view. People want there to enjoy themselves with family. There is one temple where people go to worship god.

Kanke Deurali

✔ In the winter season, people go there to see snowfall. At that time that place was full of snow. That place looks beautiful in greenery as well as in snowfall.


  9. Tara Khasyo (Star falls)  

✔ Mesmerizing view out there with green mountains in the distance, the Himalayas are smiling beyond the clouds to the North.

✔ The walking trail winds through the forest passing several structures hiking in this way is quite fun.

✔ The forest is quite dense you will find a narrow walking trail through this forest, and small rudimentary structures are constructed along the trail for rest.

Tara Khasyo (Star falls)

✔ The only concern in this region is wild animals like tigers and bears, surrounded by dense forest, and Guru’s hut is tucked inside the woods. there is Shalime Daha and Tara Khasyo nearby.

✔ There is a traditional Guru’s hut Brahmacharya Bhaskarananda Saraswati resides in this hut with an elderly man.

✔ Guru’s hut is located at an amazing location, tucked inside a dense forest, surrounded by majestic Himalayas in the distance.

✔ A natural environment and a unique experience indeed, the Tara Khase (Star Falls) pit is somewhere in the jungle.

✔ There is a space near Guru’s residence, it’s called Shalime Daha although there’s no water.

Tara Khase (star Falls)

✔ There is a small board in the jungle, which directs towards the Tara Khasyo (Star Falls) site.

✔ Around 10 minutes from Guru Ashram (residence), it’s a slight uphill climb, but it’s not that difficult. you can easily make it there.

✔ This Tara Khasyo (Star Falls) site is right on the path you can see the pit there but you’ll have to be a little careful because you might not see it in the path or if it’s dark, we might have an illusion and could fall into the pit, it looks very deep from there.

✔ As the old people say there was a lake and a lady named Tara used to live there when travelers began having malicious intent toward her, she descended into the pit along with the water.

Tara Khase (star Falls)

✔ It’s believed that this water emerges at a nearby temple called Malika Mandir (Temple) such is the myth.

✔ Such a massive pit can’t be a man-made formation, it’s gone down straight at 90-degree.

✔ This should be caused by a meteor and in some ways, it resonates with the myths and legends about the place so please come and let’s investigate this, let’s introduce this place to the world.

✔ Hope the related authorities will conduct research and investigation of such a big mystery, this could be a great discovery in terms of the whole world.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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