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  1. Ghandruk Tour  

The destination of the trip is the alluring and well-known village of Ghandruk in the Kaski district.

The majestic mountain ranges are seen from the village. Ghandruk is full of activity because of its proximity to the Annapurna circuit which was formerly a typical village, urbanization is now slowly catching up.


Modern concrete homes are now outnumbering traditional homes. Although Ghandruk is slowly moving towards urbanization, we still find many traditional houses in the area.

The main appeal to tourists is these traditional homes and the Gurung heritage. similarly, hotel businesses flourished with the arrival of tourists.


  2. Ghandruk village  

Ghandruk is quite an interesting village we can see large concrete buildings, they have even established a modern cafe with all the facilities.

This place is situated at an altitude of around 1900 Meters, and it’s a bit cold out there, far from the chaos and pollution of cities.

There are well-organized hotels in the village. The mesmerizing view of the Himalayas to the North.


It has developed to the point where we can now call it a city rather than a village. The village appears to be filled with large, modern buildings.

The village lies in the Annapurna trek, so there’s a huge flow of tourists there.

Ghandruk has been popular among the tourists for quite some time now. Tourism was commercialized before BS 2020 in this village eventually tourism flourished in the region.

There are still traditional houses in the village but rather a mixture of both.

The view is truly exceptional we can clearly see the tail of the Machhapuchre mountain from Ghandruk.


The Annapurna mountain range looks very close and it is the specialty of Ghandruk.

You can still find old traditional houses and homestays in Dadha Gaun, a cluster of traditional houses of Dadha Gaun. This is the must-see location in Ghandruk until we get there.

Dadha Gaun in Ghandruk has Magnificent Himalayas overhead, with a charming town tucked away at its base with such a captivating view.

There are seven villages in Ghandruk that are located close to each other name of these villages in Gurung language (local language) is Ghyago, Arbai, Ghlai, Toro, and a little further Gairi Ghaun, and Dadha Gaun.

There were seven chiefs (Mukhiya) for seven villages. The Mukhiya were dismissed during the BS 2034 mapping.


It was a destination of choice for travelers from Europe even fifty years ago. Besides, it lies right in the Annapurna circuit trail.

It became known as a must-visit location for experiencing a natural way of life. Around 1960/61 A.D., Ghandruk first became known to Europeans.

It’s a community of Gurungs and is also a village of the Army (Laure). Each house had a member in the back of the day.

Many educational institutes bring their students there for educational tours.

A village should be kept as a village in fact, there are some residents, who are making efforts to preserve the originality of the village.

They have begun teaching the Gurung language in the schools to preserve the language.


  3. Ghandruk Trekking  

Pokhara 0 Km and sped along the Baglung highway you could also reach Beni from Pokhara and enter Mustang.

The condition of the highway road is excellent straight one-way, and the quality is also impressive.

Ghandruk trek

The road narrowed once we crossed Phedi, the road winds up the steep mountainside but the road is considerably well maintained.

The 10 Km stretch of black-topped road is easy to travel in Siwai and the final 8 Km will be a classic bumpy offroad journey. The road is quite narrow as well.


  4. Lumle  

Lumle can be quite cold during the colder months and this region has the most rainfall in Nepal.

Lumle is an ideal place for agriculture, vegetables thrive in this region, and it also has a regional agriculture research center.


The place has an abundance of terraced farmlands and the road winds down a section of the mountain slope, surrounded by majestic mountains. it’s quite awesome out here in Lumle.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.


Sudeep Thapa
Sudeep Thapa
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