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Thanapati: Ramechhap

  Thanapati: Ramechhap  

Thanapati temple was originally known as Sthanapati meaning the “Pati” as in owner and “Than” or “Sthan” means a certain place, it’s situated at an altitude of around 1,800 meters (5,905 ft.).

Thanapati is an important religious and tourist site in the Manthali municipal of Ramechhap district.

The temple is situated right at the top of this mountain, it is also called Latteshwori Mahadev or Baira Mahadev, and the specialty of this place is the custom of yelling while asking for blessing to god.

It’s believed that wishes will only come true if you shout out your prayers and should only ask for a single wish at this temple.

you can easily come here on a motorbike, the road is indeed a bit dusty but other than that it’s quite convenient, at the starting point we won’t be able to take any of our vehicles, we have to walk a little.

Thanapati, Ramechhap

It should take around half an hour to get there and we can learn about the religious and historical importance of Thanapati Mahadev.

We can see mighty cliffs around the area but without any vegetation. The stairway is easy to the top and the railings provide extra safety for visitors.

If we look down we can see places like Purano Gaun, Bange Salla, etc. On the way to Thanapati Mahadev temple, we can find Pani Phoke plants in the region.

People have been using this in the mountains region from ancient times, this was used to paint the windows and doors of homes.

The leaves and flowers of this plant are boiled in water and after boiling for hours, we’ll get a black tar-like substance, almost like engine oil and it was painted on the house, especially on the window and doors.

After applying this substance, it’s guaranteed that the timber could survive for hundreds of years, and it’ll not be affected by insects or pests.


There are a few shelters along the way and also water taps but no water in them. The cliffs are quite dangerous, but the railings have indeed provided much safety.

The uphill climb to Thanapati is quite taxing, we can imagine how difficult it would have been without these railings.

There’s a road right up to the temple from the other side of the mountain, but this path and this cliff are not connected to the road.

They made an effort to construct a road but they couldn’t connect the road. They faced many obstacles in this process including the damage of tools and pieces of equipment.

There is a belief, that some kind of spiritual energy caused these obstacles. but it seems like it’s not that easy to construct a road on this cliff.

Thanapati Rammechap

The surrounding is unique with dry and yellowish mountains, and cliffs on either side. This temple is situated right between massive mountains, at the top of the peak.

The place has great potential for tourism as much of its religious importance and its unique geography and cool weather.

people come here to ask for the blessing of a child or the health of their livestock, a herding rope is offered here, and they tie a rock with that same rope and take it back home, it’s believed doing that prospers the livestock, and animals.

This is an important Hindu spiritual site and a worshipping site of Shiva, every year, not just from the Ramechhap district people from Okhaldhunga, Sindhuli, and Dolakha districts also come there to earn much spiritual wealth at this site.

Thanapati Manthali

They have constructed many infrastructures at this site with the view of its religious and touristic significance, especially, during Teej and Mahashivaratri a huge Mela is organized.

It’s believed deities in Nepal are mostly located at the peaks of mountains so the reality from a spiritual perspective is that we have cosmic energy in our universe, and since the earth also has a life of its own earth absorbs the cosmic energy of the universe, and these peaks of these mountains also act as a receptor of our senses especially people with spiritual personalities and enlightened souls when saints and yogis arrive at places like this they feel that kind of energy at this site.

Thanapati Mahadev, which holds a history of more than 300 years, is considered just like Kathmadhu’s Pashupatinath and Haleshi in Eastern Nepal.

If you are visiting the Ramechhap district, which is a short distance from Manthali, it is just 15 km from district headquarters on a bike or vehicle along with acquiring spiritual gain and enjoying the incredible natural beauty of the region from this site.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.

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