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Shiva Dhara


  Mysterious about Shiva Dhara  

One of the mysterious mountains of Nepal, Shiva Dhara right above Shiva cave, a glorious mountain in Barun Valley.

There are two caves Shiva and Parbati caves which are sacred sites, but there are indeed many unexplored sites in this awesome valley.

Very few people know about Barun Valley it lies within Makalu-Barun National Park and it’s mesmerizing and full of mysteries.

Shiva Dhara

It’s not as easy to climb up to Shiva Dhara, we can see the waterfall as it flows down from Shiva Dhara.

We have to hold onto a chain to climb up, a person with a weak heart might not be able to attempt Shiva Dhara. It surely tests your courage and determination.

We have to climb sideways through the cliff face of a mountain, this Shiva Dhara journey is going to be an epic and unique experience with some unreal views.


  Interesting journey of Shiva Dhara  

An interesting place in Barun Valley called Yangle Kharka which is around 3,600 meters. after heading toward a place called Nia Kharka.

We should make it to Nia Kharka in an hour and the road to Shiva Dhara and Makalu base camp diverges from there.

There is an expansive grassland in Yangle, a valley formed by the Barun River surrounded by rocky mountains.

Shiva Cave

This region is a very important religious site for Buddhists and Hindus you’ll find many monasteries and temples along the way.

Most people get confused and presume Arun and Barun Valley are the same, but Arun Valley is much lower, a much more convenient region, the area around Tumlingtaar. There are some visit-worthy places out there as well.

Rock of various colors is strewn along the riverbank and the trail passes right through these piles of rock, a massive wall stands firmly on the left, probably a single rock formation, and Shivadhara at a distance.

There is a black mountain where can you see a large cave opening on the mountain that is Shiva’s cave and Shivadhara is inside this cave.

It’s fun to look at these mighty rock faces while walking through this lush green forest.

The left path leads to Shivadhara we have to climb around 600 meters on this interesting rock formation.

Shiva Dhara

Shivadhara and Pravatidhara take the form of waterfalls as they flow down, there is a small wooden bridge there.

There is a small temple on the way to Shivadhara, we can pay our respects there and offer flowers and grains.

There’s a myth that says Lord Shiva’s disciples try to scare the travelers, that’s why this ritual is performed to ask for permission.

It’s believed that one shouldn’t climb without performing a Puja at the temple, it’s going to get difficult as we climb higher.

There are two different paths to Shivadhara from Dharmadhoka, the upper path is considered to be made by the god and the other trail was built by the national park.

Shivadhara is visited by both Nepali and foreigners and Nepali visitors generally go there with religious beliefs.

Shiva Dhara

It’s quite enjoyable on the easier sections of the trail but we have to climb with the support of chains further up.

There is a similar section that is particularly tricky almost a 90-degree incline on a rocky wall.

The chains are linked with nails that are lodged into the wall, so it’s easier to maintain our balance with the chains.

This route certainly tests your courage, it’s said that most people return from this section, they don’t take risks at all.

People have been climbing up there for a long time, but there has never been any unfortunate incident up there.

There is a belief that god protects all those who go there however, we need to be careful and cautious out there.

At times it feels like the route abruptly ends and when you tilt your head back to look up, you kind of feel like giving up, we have to stay mentally strong while climbing there.

The path winds left and right as it climbs up toward the top, some sections are even scary to even look at.

If you love adventure we suggest you climb Shivadhara once, but there’s a chance you might give up midway if you are weak at heart.

Shivadhara is considered the Ganga which originates from Lord Shiva’s braided hair, there is a belief that this site holds mysterious spiritual energy.

Spiritual individuals tend to meditate on reaching this site, it’s believed that one’s skills and qualities improve on visiting there.

Visiting there on Monday in the month of Shrawan is considered auspicious, people who don’t have children are believed to be blessed with a child on visiting there.

Many people have claimed it to be the actual Kailash Parbat, some have even collected proof and have done further research on this site.

There are numerous mysterious sites in and around this region, and many of these sites haven’t been visited by people or they don’t even know.

Shivadhara holds great religious importance when Bhagirath brought the Ganga onto Earth, it was lord Shiva who held its force, and when the Ganga flowed in lord Shiva’s locks, four separate streams were created.

These were Shivadhara, Aakash Ganga, Gaumukh Ganga, and Bhagirath Ganga, and in this way, Shivadhara is considered to be located there.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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