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Makalu Barun Valley


  Makalu Barun Valley  

✔ The geographical diversity of Makalu Barun Valley is awestruck, this trek can be surprising after crossing a mountain pass and arriving there.

✔ Along the bank of the Barun River, there is some unique geography. it’s like a gorge formed by the flow of the river, you’ll find several hotels along the way.

✔ Barun River flows ceaselessly and consistently, cascading down massive rock formations, it looks as if the water is dancing in joy. You can immerse yourself in nature out there.

✔ Makalu Barun Valley absolutely beautiful place it almost feels like we’re walking through a park or a garden, the hidden beauty of Nepal.

✔ There is a small wooden bridge to cross the river near Phema Thang, the trail passes through similar grassland after crossing the Barun River.


  Treking of Makalu Barun Valley  

✔ The trail heads downhill from Dobatey, we need to descend to Barun River and you have to walk along the bank of Barun River from there.

✔ Up to 4,200 Meters and descending back down to Barun River, which should be around 3,000 meters.

Makalu Barun Valley

✔ When there weren’t any hotels on this trail back then, travelers could spend the night in such natural caves but there are many hotels in recent there, so we don’t have to do that.

✔ Rocks that fell can be seen strewn on the trail, we also can see that they’ve made an effort to maintain the safety of the trail.

✔ Finding the geographical locations of various Himalayas of Nepal, and the history of summiting the peaks is very interesting.

✔ The British team had been planning to conquer Everest for a long time in 1935 AD. The Mount Everest committee decided to summit Everest anyhow under the leadership of Eric Septon and in this team, Nepalese Tenzing Norgay Sherpa was also included as a helper but the team couldn’t find success in 1935 AD.

✔ Etic Septon put in the effort tirelessly, he traveled most of the Himalayan region of Nepal. Around 1951 AD, he also captured photographs of Yeti footprints but the first summit of Mount Everest was none other than Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary.

Makalu Barun Treking

✔ The Makalu region was also explored by Eric Septon, the pass that Siptong La passed, was named after him, Eric Septon.

✔ He had already found two trails to enter Makalu Valley back then one being the trail along the Barun River Bank which is fairly easier the other one is through Siptong Pass.

✔ Siptong Pass was considered more important in terms of tourism, the trail also became more adventurous that’s why people generally don’t take the river route.

✔ In 1995 AD Lionel Terry of the French expedition team and Jin Koji summited Makalu for the first time Eric Septon didn’t get the opportunity this time as well.

✔ The hotel is located in a flat area near the Barun River. The Makalu trek is currently much easier, there are hotels at various stops along the trail.

✔ We could walk all day, grab some lunch at a place, and stay at some other hotel further away and all of these hotels provide lodging for the night.

Barun Valley

✔ You can walk at your own pace and stay wherever you like, just 2 years ago only foreign tourists visited this region but there has been an increase in Nepali tourists presently.

✔ Most hotels are targeted toward catering to foreign tourists and we also get to enjoy the facilities in this way.

✔ It’s quite impressive to provide these facilities in such a remote area and talk about the expenses including lodging and food it would cost around Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 1,200 Nepalese rupees for a person.

✔ The trail passes through similar grassland after crossing the Barun River, we can find the view quite captivating, with small juniper trees strewn across the grassland. Almost feels like a manmade park or a garden.

✔ A valley at around 3,600 meters from sea level, Shiva Dhara is in that direction Barun Valley is a massive mountain captivating place.


  Barun River  

✔ Barun River is a religious place for Hindu and Buddhist followers, it is considered one of the four rivers protected by Lord Indra.

✔ Barun Astra was also used as a weapon in wars among gods, the river collects the water from several religious places such as Dudh Pokhari, Shiva Dhara, and Barun Pokhari.

Barun River

✔ Barun River eventually flows down and merges with Arun River, the natural caves provided shelter for travelers in the past.

✔ The Barun River originates at Makalu base camp, it originates in Seto Pokhari or Dudh Pokhari. Barun River is considered the head of the revered Gaumukh Ganga.

✔ There’s a tradition of bating Makar on the day of Maghe Sankranti. Even the color of the water is quite different, the water is milky and blueish.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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