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Tilicho Lake

  Tilicho Lake  

✔ The Tilicho Lake in Manang is one of the lakes at the highest altitude in the world. Tilicho is not just a record breaker, but a lovely lake as well.

✔ Tilicho Lake which falls within the Manang distinct and Annapurna conservation area, is situated at an altitude of 4,919 Meters above sea level.

✔ It’s spread over an area of 4.8 sq Km, and it’s surrounded by Tilicho Himal, the Annapurna range, and Nilgiri Himal.

✔ Tilicho is considered the lake at the height altitude in the world there are several lakes higher than Tilicho Lake, but most of those lakes are either temporary or seasonal lakes.

✔ A lake called Orbako in Tibet is considerably larger and higher than Tilicho, but there are 4 islands within this lake and the total area includes the island as well.

Tilicho Lake

✔ In this way, the highest and the largest freshwater lake and the lake that doesn’t freeze even at this altitude is none other than Tilicho.

✔ There is also discovered another lake called Kajinsara in Manang and it’s claimed to be at an altitude of 5200 Meters, But it’s not yet to be proved.

✔ The best time to visit Tilicho Lake is from Kartik to Mangshir and the other window could be Chaitra to Jestha.

✔ It’s extremely cold due to the height and proximity to mountains, so we always have to be careful of altitude sickness.

✔ The important thing is you shouldn’t litter in such places we have to make sure to dispose of the waste materials in a proper place.

✔ We can enjoy the beauty of Tilicho from a distance, let’s not go into the water and pollute the Lake and not take the risk as well since it’s believed Tilicho is deep right from the bank.


  Trail of Tilicho Lake  

✔ The Tilicho trail is the ultimate test of your willpower and patience, traveling through terrifying landslides and slippery snow.

✔ The trail goes through very difficult terrain, they have installed safety railings along this risky section.

Tilicho Lake Trail

✔ A path passing through a crumbling steep slope, the eroding sand and gravel, and loosely hanging rocks. It feels as if the rocks might fall at any moment.

✔ The upper regions are landslide-prone, obviously, but the lower sections are also quite risky.

✔ The failing rocks and landscape are sporadic, not all the time, we need to be careful during the daytime when the wind picks up speed.

✔ It takes about an hour to get across this landslide-prone area, they also have a horse ride in this region in case you’re not able to walk, the horse ride is a lifeline.

✔ Many people tend to walk up to the base camp and return on horseback, the trail is easier after the landslide area.

✔ Walked 4-5 hours from Khangsaar and We can reach the base camp, there are 5-7 hotels in the base camp.

Tilicho Lake Trek

✔ They have well-facilitated hotels in the base camp all the supplies have to be carried out there, so we can find the food slightly expensive.

✔ After walking around for 2 hours we can arrive at a place called 22 Turnings (22 Ghumti), we have to make 22 different turns while climbing one mountain.

✔ You should wear warm clothes and cover your whole body while traveling in such cold places.

✔ The snow reflects the light so sunglasses are mandatory otherwise your eyes are affected by the light.

✔ We should try to keep our body temperatures constant and sweating is not good because it reduces your body heat, walking slowly is the best there.

✔ You shouldn’t forget thermos for hot water, drinking cold water at this place might get you in trouble. If possible wear a crampon or quality trekking boots.

✔ Surrounded by mountains almost like a valley. Tilicho is situated at such a place and The water is so cold there that you can’t even touch it.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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