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Dhaulagiri Base Camp


  Dhaulagiri Base Camp  

✔ Pokhara to Beni, and from Beni to Mudi village via Darbhang and Bagara village passed all locations we can reach in Italy Base Camp.

✔ We can reach the Italy base camp in just 3 hours of walking from Sallaghari, The Italy base camp is the first base camp in the journey to Dhaulagiri Base Camp.

✔ This site is located right at the base of Dhaulagiri and is at an altitude of around 3700-3800 Meters above sea level.

✔ The glacial river flowing from the mountains has deposited a mass of ice there and the Myagdi River flows through a gorge nearby.

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek

✔ The hotels are established in a few sections of flatland, there are spots to set up camps as well.

✔ If you bring an NTC SIM card, you always have a possibility of catching the network at some point in Italy base camp better than other networks.

✔ There is a wooden post or a pole buried somewhere and if you place your cell phone there, you’ll get a single network bar on your phone.

✔ The intensity of light changes and the mountain changes its color, this is one of the unforgettable moments of the Italy base camp.

✔ After the Italy base camp, we needed to walk along the bank of the Myagdi River to reach the Japanese base camp.

Way to Dhaulagiri Base Camp

✔ The Dhaulagiri circuit trail isn’t as famous as other trekking circuits in Nepal. Comparatively, it’s still under the shadow.

✔ It’s an amazing place with a unique natural diversity, there hasn’t been much interest among fellow Nepali travelers.

✔ There are two major problems in Dhaulagiri, the first one being a lack of accommodation, and the second being communication.

✔ There is no network coverage after the village called Bagara, after Dobhan the network is gone.

✔ There is no option other than a satellite phone, however, there’s one spot in Italy base camp where you can get some network coverage and forget about the internet.

✔ The improvement in hotel numbers and a better network would attract more tourists.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.


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