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Surma Sarovar


  Surma Sarovar  

✔ The headquarters of Bajhang district is Chainpur Bazaar, which takes around 8 to 9 hours ride from Attaria.

✔ The road to Surma municipal from Chainpur is a bit challenging but accessible by a motorbike with four-wheel drive.

✔ There is Alka village in Surma municipal-4, and Dahataal is beside Alka village. Small walking trail to a sudden steep climb.

✔ Above the Alka village, there is Nani (Smaller) Shikhar there is no house anywhere, the more you ascend, the more risk.

✔ After 2-3 hours of walking from Partasi, we can reach the Jaljala, which falls near the base of Chande Shikhar.

Surma Sarovar

✔ The land is adorned with colorful wildflowers and blue mountains beyond the green ones.

✔ A yearly 4-day Fair (Mela) is held in Thagundada, Surma municipal-4 during Janai Purnima, also called Birijaat Mela.

✔ During that time there was a tradition of barefoot pilgrimage to Surma Sarovar. They complete the trek in a single day and even return home after the puja

✔ For locals this trail is mediocre, but for travelers, it is quite challenging if you think you can take this challenge, you will be rewarded with a heavenly experience, such beauty and such joy.

✔ Near Chande Shikhar the whole region is Yarsha foraging grounds and you can also find wild animals there including musk deer.

Surma Sarovar

✔ There are chains installed in some places for support and climbing, There is a Nachanthali mountain it is believed that the pilgrims or travelers have to dance in the mountains.

✔ Madhukharka is also called MadhuKharak so the pilgrims who travel to Surma Sarovar during the Mela or other religious occasions.

✔ They constructed a miniature cattle shed there with rocks, so the significance of this tradition is related to livestock such as cows, buffalo, or any other farm animals for their longevity and health.

✔ Near Madhukharka there is Buda Binayak Temple, from there we can see a mesmerizing view up ahead and we can also see Jaljala from there.

✔ Meadows strewn with wildflowers and beautiful mountain ranges in the distance like an artificially created landscape, an animated geography.

Nature of Surma Sarovar

✔ The highest trail to Surma Sarobar is Belkhela which is the base of Chande Shikhar, it’s an altitude of about 4,700 Meters to 4,800 Meters.

✔ Downhill after the Belkhela pass, is much easier it’s not exactly effortless.

✔ As we can see the whole region is rocky ahead with the lake in the middle. There is a belief that the water rises if the country is prospering.

✔ Surma Sarobar is based near Chande Shikar, Sunkhani Himal an incredible place with a deep religious significance. The most important religious site in Sudurpaschim.

✔ A range of beautiful mountains including Chande Shikar and Shunkhani Himal, a mix of iconic rocky terrains and grasslands, this enchanting Surma Sarovar.

✔ The second-highest lake in Nepal, Surma Sarovar Lake holds its religious importance, and you can see the temple there constructed with rocks.

Surma Sarovar Trek

✔ Pilgrims take a bath right there in this pristine lake, the water in this lake at an altitude of 4,300 is freezing it’s very clean water.

✔ Surma Sarovar is an important religious site, every year pilgrims from Bajhang and Darchula make this journey on the occasion of Birijaat Mela.

✔ There are separate trails from Bajhang and Darchula, it is believed that the pilgrims from the two districts shouldn’t meet each other there.

✔ Especially the pilgrims from Ghogoda, Bajhang refrain from meeting pilgrims from Darchula. It’s believed that their meeting might cause adversity and affliction.

✔ That’s why pilgrims from Darchula pay their respects first and only then, Bajhang’s pilgrims arrive later.

✔ There is a belief Surma Devi resides there and she holds great divinity, such respect and devotion toward this place.

✔ This place is calm, clean, and pollution-free and far from any human settlements, it’s believed Surma Devi herself chose this place.

✔ It also holds great tourist potential if promoted properly, it could provide a huge boost through national and international tourism.

✔ Constructing roadways and improving walking trails or even just shelters along the way could be of great help.

✔ A special kind of rice grows in this area, which is called Gauri Dhan important thing about Gauri Dhan is the belief that the more Gauri Dhan grows there the more agriculture prospers back in the villages such as the traditional beliefs there.

✔ Surma Sarovar region comprises numerous amazing places like Tapoban, Dhansiri, Parthi, Chupipurna, Bhitrikhola, Naudadey, and Nilkuti many such places are there.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.


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