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✔ The mountainous region of Sudurpaschim in Nepal has enchanting meadows 4,000 Meters above sea level.

✔ There aren’t any human settlements there, only a few temporary camps and shepherd sheds.

✔ An absolute feast for the eyes, with abundant greenery, and a small settlement tucked in the mountains, you just can’t get enough of this unparalleled beauty in this place.

✔ A place of great religious significance and there is a hot spring where we can bathe.

✔ Unbelievable, unimaginable place it falls in Surma municipal of Bajhang district of Sudurpaschim region also known as Parthi.

Way to Tapoban

✔ People from Bajhang and Darchula come there for herb foraging but the majority are shepherd camps of Darchula residents.

✔ The nearest village from there, Darchula and Bajhang is a two-day walk, and to the north is China.

✔ Although the roadway hasn’t reached there, this landscape is so beautiful that the images speak for themselves.

✔ There is a place called Parthi that resembles a valley in many ways, it is almost 2 hours away from Surma Sarovar.

✔ The trail toward Tapoban amazing place with majestic mountains everywhere. Bunches of mountainous plants, an abundance of greenery.

Surma Sarovar

✔ The wildflowers there, native flowers of the Himalayas just fill your heart with joy, you might ask yourself, where am I? This place will compel you to ask yourself if this place is real or imaginary.

✔ Surrounding areas of this Surma Municipal hold a deep religious significance since Surma Sarovar and Tapoban are there this is an important pilgrimage for Bajhang and Darchula.

✔ Every year several pilgrims come there during Janai Purnima. Barefoot on this challenging road.

✔ There are some challenges to accommodation and food, you’ll have to bring your food, and you’ll find local shelters for your stay.

✔ It’s recommended you get help from Surma municipal locals, only because of locals assistance could we make it.

Chande shikar

✔ There are no trees there due to its geography but wide open meadows and wildflowers and tall grasses which are called Ghoor.

✔ Almost like a valley but with a smaller version being 4000 meters above sea level, snow covers these meadows 10 months a year so the shepherds move down to lower altitudes.

✔ They stay only for 2 to 3 months, Dhansiri Himal is near the meadows, and Mansarovar and Kailash Mountain are also not that far from there, a couple of day’s walk but usually people don’t walk up there.

✔ This vegetation soaks you with moisture when walking completely drenched but there are not any leeches at this altitude.

✔ There is a risk of getting lost in the meadows and grasslands, everything looks the same, but there’s always a risk of losing your way, hills can be used as landmarks to guide you, and running water also can be used as a reference.

Sunkhani Himal

✔ If there is a lodging arrangement there it might be much more explored, the more you forge ahead, the more this magical landscape reveals itself to us.

✔ You just let go of all your troubles there, mesmerized by this magical natural beauty, absolutely overjoyed.

✔ The lake is somewhere around there but not visible at a distance, on the left of this rivulet, rests Tatopani.

✔ 4,000 Meters above sea level is placed in Tapoban with access to warm water all year round, flowing from that spring up there, you could take a dip there as well.

✔ Regardless of this cold temperature, you’ll always find the source of warm spring water, there is a belief that if we bathe in this place, it has healing properties, and can heal various skin ailments.

✔ There is a belief that paying your respects in the temple fulfills one’s wishes and desires.

✔ Scalding hot water patiently flows down, it gradually cools down up to this point, perfect for bathing, there is a tradition of paying respects after the bath.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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