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Chulachuli ilam


  Chulachuli ilam  

✔ There is diversity within Chulachuli ilam, it touches the Chure range as well as the flatlands of Terai, and the journey to the headquarters of the Ilam district is very long.

✔ In order to go from one area of the municipality to the other ward we have to pass through the Jhapa and Morang two distinct districts.

✔ There aren’t any mountains there, it is not lesser than any Terai region Chure mountains are located nearby, which are also called Chulachuli. This is also Chulachuli municipality.

✔ Chulachuli is the municipality of Ilam, is a plain area, with Terai geography, and extreme heat but a place within Ilam.

✔ The location is full of greenery small but beautiful little house tucked among patches of paddy fields.


  1. Tinkune Pokhari  

✔ Tinkune Pokhari of a place called Tinkune in Chulachuli both the location and the pond are called Tinkune, we can also see there edges of the pond.

Tinkune Pokhari

✔ We can see a house built in a tree or a tree house, we can also indulge in boating or similar activities right at the edge of a jungle and within this Chulachuli region.

✔ Despite being considered within Ilam, Chulachuli is equally connected to Jhapa, there is a large market area Damak nearby. This place is very beautiful and enjoyable.

✔ There is not a significant number of tourists but Chulachuli residents put in tireless efforts towards tourism.


  2. Manghim  

✔ Manghim or a religious site in the Limbu dialect, ‘Mang’ means deity, and ‘Him’ means a home which is a deity’s house.


✔ At the front of the historical Manghim, we can see various statues, quite an ancient Manghim, a center of religious faith.

✔ Right at the front of the Manghim, is a statue of Falgunanda, a nationally treasured scholar and teacher.

✔ An area covered in vegetation and trees, it’s very peaceful out there, and various statues at the front of the Manghim, sculpted by a single person.


  3. Pokhari Tole   

✔ There’s a beautiful pond near this place so-called Pokhari Tole, the pond is located slightly inside the main road accessible by motorbike.

Pokhari Tole

✔ A level above the earlier pond, it’s shaped in a circle surrounded by circular rice fields.

✔ This is a natural pond some reconstruction has been done to a previously deteriorating pond.

✔ The village itself was known as Pokhari Danda after the pond and was known as Pokhari Tole.


  4. Shikhar Kateri Village  

✔ Shikhar Kateri is an old village exactly North of the Beldangi refugee camp. A green village right at the base camp of the Chure range.

✔ This is an equally pristine village out there a local school nearby is mostly populated by wooden houses with tin roofs.

Shikhar Kateri

✔ In a green and clean region, there are no mosquitoes since people came there to avoid the malaria epidemic.

✔ A mythical theory would be the hunters in this area after their hunting expeditions in the Chure region it’s said that they slaughtered their kill and hung it so, it was named Shikhar Kateri.

✔ Numerous Bhutanese of Nepali origin who took refuge there lived at the refugee camp nearby in Beldangi before they went abroad back then, tens and thousands of refugee camp residents and this village mutually lived as neighbors.


  5. Blind King (Andha Raja)  

✔ Andha Raja is located near Damak City, and it can be a  proper tourist destination and an easy hike that can be accessed in 1-2 hours.

✔ It could be one of the major attractions within Ilam, its future is bright for this area if promoted properly.

✔ It’s said that there is a cave in that eroded section, it’s believed that the blind king’s palace is inside there.

Andha Raja

✔ It kind of looks like a small cave-looking from there but its history is connected to the period of Mahabharat.

✔ When the war of Mahabharat ended Dhritarashtra was looked after by the Pandav and when he was staying with the Pandav, Dhritarashtra had a certain ritual they followed.

✔ They wouldn’t eat before they donated some coins, following this daily routine Bhim began to grow impatient and Bhim said we have to look after this blind couple and they even gave away our property.

✔ Gandhari heard the comment made, after she heard this, she was hurt, and all the figures near them discussed with these people and she escaped with Dhritarashtra during the night.

Blind King

✔ Their footsteps were found until the river that flows from the east to the west from the place they left and it is unknown where the steps went after crossing the river.

✔ We can find a mention of this in Mahabharat and various historical accounts, this river is located in the Makwanpur district, Rapti River from Hetauda flows from the east to the west.

✔ In regards to the Palace of the Blind King, the Blind King was none other than Dhritarashtra and it believed he was the one who came and lived there.

✔ The cave could have been much more accessible to humans but right now, it is inaccessible.

✔ There is a tradition of worshipping the goddess visitors from the Kirat tribe come there from Damak and they come around Baishak Purne and worship at this site.

✔ The Terai region can be witnessed there in all of its glory from there we can also see many villages in the mountains out in the Morang and Jhapa area some sections of Sunsari can also be seen from there.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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