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Chaudandi Gadhi


  Chaudandi Gadhi  

✔ Before Nepal’s unification, there were three major sen kingdoms in the east, Makwanpur, Chaudandi, and Bijaypur.

✔ The History of Chaudandigadhi is interesting, many facts about the Chaudandi Durbar construction have remained a mystery even today.

✔ The Palace which was constructed with eight sharp edges expresses ancestors’ engineering skills from the past. Palaces were constructed very strong and sturdy even back then.

✔ From Sombare bazaar within Madan Bhandari highway after ascending 10 minutes, we can reach Boptang Dada.

Chaudandi gadhi

✔ Boptang Dada is a natural viewpoint we can see some amazing views of the Koshi River from there. Koshi Bridge and Chatara Bazaar are similarly various islands located within Koshi which is also called Koshi Tappu.

✔ There is an alternative route to Chaudandigadhi from Beltaar but we can see idyllic villages along the way on this route.

✔ To reach the Chaudhangi Durbar area from the Supare area, it took around 1.5 hours in total the road wasn’t that difficult.

✔ On the top, there is a place called the Chaudangi Gadhi Durbar area before the unification of Nepal.

✔ There were three major Sen Kingdoms, and this Chaudangi Gadhi Durbar was located in the mid-east, it ruled over this Chure region.

Chaudandi gadhi

✔ A Durbar area constructed at a mountaintop whose remains we can still see today, the way it is located is such that we can see all the surrounding views from up there so we can consider it a very secure fort in that sense.

✔ When Prithvi Narayan Shah was in the process of unification, he easily took Chaudandi Gadhi under his command.

✔ A very important location in terms of historic significance it has been preserved quite well at this location, out of such historical locations in Nepal.

✔ The one that’s the least promoted is Rarely ventured by tourists Chaudandi Gadhi should be one such site but if we look at its history, it is indeed a very important site.

✔ During Nepal’s unification, the Sen dynasty ruled this kingdom, and the Chaudandi kingdom was established there as the Gorkha kingdom was expanding east, Karna Sen was the ruling king this is believed to be Karna Sen’s Durbar.

Chaudandi gadhi

✔ In this Chaudandi Gadhi in BS 1830 Shrawan 4th, they succeeded in winning Prithvi Narayan Shah unified this kingdom within large Nepal.

✔ We can find this in history that the kingdom was ruled by the Sen dynasty, Karna Sen is mentioned as the last king of this kingdom in history.

✔ The Sen dynasty is mostly from the Magar community in today’s world, there are facts that they ruled this kingdom also, in a way some have claimed that this could be a Kirat dynasty but it’s not mentioned in the history.

✔ One of its borders is located in Dhanusa around the Kamala River and it’s believed that the kingdom was ruled from this Durbar itself.

✔ More authentic architectural remains than other similar sites, we can see eight edges at the base of this Durbar so how would the Palace look with a geometric base of eight distinct edges?

Chaudandi kingdom

✔ Massive boulders used to construct the Palace are not from this area, it is said that the boulders were brought in from Koshi Bank and the Terai regions.

✔ These massive boulders would be extremely challenging for people to carry.

✔ As told by the elders of this region, there is a place called Dhunge Danda and the other one would be in the lower regions around the Terai belt. It is also believed that they were transported from there.

✔ These rocks also don’t look like they could be carried by men, it’s said that these were transported with the help of elephants, and the carvings and artistry are said to have been done by the people.

✔ There is a rock that is worshipped as a goddess (Dhoke Devi) and the king is back from the section left, kings used to enter the Palace and they paid their respects to the goddess before entering the Palace.

Chaudandi Gadhi

✔ Chaudandi Durbar is situated right at the top of a Paani Dhalau meaning at the top of the mountain, we can get a 360-degree view from up there.

✔ It’s said that these kinds of locations were ideal for surveillance and combat, Chaudandi Gadhi is situated from the sea level around an altitude of 1,030 meters.

✔ When fighting with enemies at a high altitude with the principle that they would be at an advantage during attacks.

✔ There’s a village called Char Ghare below the Chaudandi Gadhi and if we climb a little further from there a place called Phurke Gadhi along with this site Purke Gadhi is also connected with the region’s history.

✔ It is believed that the king’s soldiers used to live at Purke Gadhi another belief related to the queens during their menstruation period that place was used to safely keep them.

✔ We can see a temple near the Chaudandi Durbar, after climbing a slight mound from the Durbar area, we can easily reach the temple.

✔ Bishashai Kalika temple which is considered the most important religious site in the Udaipur district. it’s connected with Chaudandi Durbar both physically and historically.

✔ Chaudandi Durbar is certainly a major heritage related to the unification of Nepal, the efforts they’ve made to preserve the Durbar are laudable but compared to other equally important sites, we don’t see many tourists there.

✔ If promoted properly this site can certainly attract a lot of tourists and visitors but there is a need for hotels and lodges near the Durbar area.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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