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Liglig Gorkha

  Liglig Gorkha        

✔ An important site in terms of history and tourism, Ligligkot in Gorkha and Liglig has a history of a unique tradition of choosing a king through a marathon.

✔ You can hear interesting facts about King Dravya Shah and his place in the history of Nepal.

✔ Siran Danda is located right on the top of Gorkha where you can see the exquisite view of the Himalayas.

✔ Ligligkot is the beginning point of Nepal’s history, the Nepalese flag stands proudly atop Liglig Gorkha, it’s one of the biggest flags of Nepal.


✔ A kingdom was won by Dravya Shah by participating and triumphing in the race or the winner was awarded the title of a king.

✔ We can also hear rumors that Dravya Shah won the race without competing, there is a legend that says he attacked other competitors during the race and seized the kingdom himself.

✔ Before Dravya Shah this region was ruled by the Magars, the Magars had a tradition of organizing this race during Bijaya Dashami and whoever won the race became the next king.

Ligligkot Gorkha

✔ They began this race from the bank of a river called the Chepe River so Dravya Shah was actually the son of the king of Lamjung.

✔ Dravya Shah was actually the son of the king of Lamjung, he was the younger son of Lamjung’s king his older brother Narhari Shah became the king.

✔ He had his own ambitions and dreams so he wanted to do something on his own and he thought to himself that he should also become a king because he was the son of a king and he came to this place ruled by himself.

✔ In this way, the kingdom of Gorkha was established there, and as soon as he became the king there, he conquered Barpak around BS 1615, he went on to win other regions such as Bhachek, and Siran Chowk, and he crossed over Daraundi, and went on to win other kingdoms there as well.


✔ On BS 1616, in Gorkha Palace, he attacked the Gorkha Kingdom, and the Gorkha kingdom was ruled by Magar Khadka kings.

✔ They didn’t really care for their people and the people were also quite disappointed so Dravya Shah took this opportunity to form an alliance with the people.

✔ He vanquished these Khadka kings and established the Gorkha Kingdom after his reign as a king his son, Puran Shah became the king, and after Puran Shah, Ram Shah, and then, Chatra Shah, Prithvipati Shah, Narbhupal Shah, and finally Prithvi Narayan Shah was born.

✔ Prithvi Narayan Shah was the one who established the unified Nepal and began the era of the new Nepal.


✔ Bijuli Danda is regarded as the base of Ligligkot we can just a brief walk from this point to reach Ligligkot it holds a great historical significance.

✔ There are two Gadhi (castles) in Ligligkot, Maili Gadhi and Thuli Gadhi. The one with the flag is Maili Gadhi while the Thuli Gadhi is amidst pine trees ahead.

✔ You can see Thuli Gadhi atop a mountain, Thuli Gadhi is the actual castle or site, and right along the path is Bhimsenthan, an important temple during that time many religious sites and statues along the way.

Liglig Gorkha

✔ As soon as you enter the premises, you can see the Liglig Kalika temple and remnants of an old structure as well Liglig Kalika temple, an important religious site and it doesn’t have a roof.

✔ There is a site that serves as a spot where various disputes and issues between the kings are settled. it is also called Kachahari Chowki.

✔ There is a place where the king sat and evaluated the plaintiff and the defendant they discussed how to best serve justice Who was justified? Who was not?

✔ Little above from Chautari Chowk, there is the main castle of Ligligkot, and you can find stones that were cut 500 years ago. A historical site of great significance, which set the foundation of modern Nepal.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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