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  Parbat District  

✔ The birthplace of Goddess Parvati, Parbat district despite covering a small area in Nepal’s map.

✔ Parbat district is one of the smallest districts in Nepal, it’s spread out over an area of 494 sq Km, Parbat also has a high rate of literacy. Based on the statistics of BS 2068 and beyond we can find a more than 90% literacy rate in Parbat.

Bunge Jump Kushma

✔ The headquarters of Parbat district Kushma Bazaar is the business hub of the district, a modern city, we still find few traditional houses within the city.

✔ Parbat district holds abundant diversity within itself, the headquarters of Prabat district Kushma is situated at the confluence of Kali River and Modi River.


  1. Kushma Bazaar  

✔ Kushma Bazaar seems to be providing all and every service and comfort from local products to branded foreign products there’s a diversity in Kushma Bazaar as well.

✔ Around 5km from Kushma, there is a cave where it’s believed Goddess Parbati was born, there is a myth that states the district was named Parbat the site.

✔ theory about the naming of Parbat is that Kushma was previously a plain open field. Since there was a garden of Kush at this place, it used to be called Kushumpur it’s believed it was later renamed as Kushma Bazaar eventually.

Kushma Bazaar

✔ Kali Gandaki and Modi River merge near Kushma Bazaar, the tip of the Kushma region is located between the two rovers a deep gorge on both sides.

✔ Suspension bridges are used a lot in both Baglung and Parbat districts, Kushma Bazaar has already transformed into a thriving city from its former self.

✔ It was also a major trade center for Baglung, Beni, and Mustang. From Pokhara via Syanjha passing Putali Bazaar and Kyargineta, we could get to Kushma, around 15-20 years ago, after the national highway touched there it was a turning point towards its development.


  2. Gupteshwor Cave  

✔ Gupteshwor Cave is a very important tourist destination within the Dhaulagiri region and a sacred site in terms of religious belief as well.

gupteshwor cave kushma

✔ We can descend a flight of stairs there’s a large building and a temple there, a flight of stairs also leads to the top from there, and the entrance to the cave is right in the building.

✔ It’s believed that the goddess Parvati used to meditate inside Gupteshwor cave in Kushma, a place she used to hide, hence named Gupteshwor cave.


  3. Durlung Village  

✔ After driving uphill for around 15 minutes from Kushma we can reach the beautiful village called Durlung.

✔ Durlung Was previously a VDC, very captivating, nestled within green patches of farmlands and traditional old houses scattered in the village. It is simply enjoyable to just look at it.

Durlung Village

✔ There is a Salyan village in Durlung on the way as we can see, a village settled atop a plateau on a mountain, with densely populated houses along the main highway, terraced farming, and corn seem to thrive in the region.

✔ We could see the entire view of Kushma Bazaar from up there, it has become a beautiful village in terms of tourism we can find Durlung to be a naturally gifted, pure, and enjoyable place.


  4. Bajhung Village  

✔ Bajhung is a also captivating village within Modi Municipal-5, an idyllic village with traditional houses, which are typically colored white and red roofing done with rocks and tin.

✔ To experience a true rural lifestyle, greenery, and natural environment it’s ideal to explore this region of Parbat.

Bajhung Village

✔ Mountainous villages in the Gandaki region are very beautiful and captivating, such villages could play a vital role in rural tourism.

✔ In the coming days, instead of tourists focusing on city tourism, it will surely incline toward rural tourism, at present when authentic villages are decreasing from the world.

✔ There is no argument such places attract both national and international tourists and on the other hand, each unique village in Nepal holds its own identity, traditions, and culture.


  5. Lespar Village  

✔ Lespar Village which is situated at around 2,100- 2,200 meters from the sea level, we can see that it’s a large settlement out there.

✔ There is snowfall there during the winter we can see that the village has settled on a sunny slope in a mountainous area, the name “Lespar” was the combination of the words “Lek” and “Parilo”.

✔ Lespar is a Magar village, previously each household had a member of their family in the army and this is also a village of British, Singapore, and Indian Army.

Lespar Village

✔ Lespar seems to be divided into two sections, upper and lower houses are densely packed in the village, and the stone pathways reach every house in the village.

✔ The village is very peaceful, with no noise pollution, agriculture is also one of the attractions of Lespar Village, they produce quality potatoes there in the village, and they also grow perilla (silam), millet, and buckwheat.

✔ The cluster of houses is the lower section of the village, there are a total of 66 households there.

✔ The upper village, however, is a bit spread out and sparsely populated the entire village consists of around 150 houses.

✔ The main issue, however, in such a heavenly village is a proper roadway when transportation was difficult back in the day some of the residents even relocated to the cities.

Lespar Village

✔ We can reach Kushma from Pokhara in just 1.5 hours and it takes around 3 hours from Kushma to Lespar.

✔ Lespar offers all and every facility for tourists now, we can find the villagers very friendly and welcoming as well, you can enjoy Lespar village without a worry in the world. One shouldn’t miss visiting Shahasra Dhara nearby upon coming there.

✔ They have excellent lodging and fooding services in the village you’ll have many options for homestays and hotels, and you also get to taste the local organic produce there.

✔ Tourists can stay in local homes and immerse themselves in a rural lifestyle or those looking for well-facilitated hotels, there are proper hotels as well.


Visit: Syala, Samagaun and Samdo


The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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