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Syala, Samagaun and Samdo


  Syala, Samagaun and Samdo  

✔ Open blue skies, magnificent snowy peaks to be surrounded by snow mountains on all sides, and the Himalayan view exactly clear, some wisps of clouds would be nice, below that lushly vegetated mountain along the range, the plateaus could be golden. Similarly, a Himalayan village at a distance is Syala, Samagaun, and Samdo villages in Nubri Valley.

✔ The journey begins from Lho village of Kutang Bhot of Nubrikhampa region within the Manaslu circuit trek.

 Syala, Samagaun and Samdo

✔ It’s a historical as well as naturally gifted place, we can begin the phase of our journey to the beautiful Himalayan Villages.

✔ Green place, overlooked by the mighty Himalayas, has a monastery up ahead situated on a hill. Away from the chaos of cities and pollution-free.

✔ Walking is easy and the trail is also relatively convenient. There are no steep ascents since we’re above 3,000 meters, it’s a bit cold out there, but it’s delightful to walk in such a natural environment. We can see a pristine stream flowing in the middle of the forest.


  Syala Village   

✔ A large settlement with numerous hotels, the best place to view Manaslu in all its glory. The main attraction is none other than the Himalayan view.

✔ When we look from Sayala there is a fantastic view of Manaslu, the Himalayas are illuminated by the sunlight.

✔ If you don’t want to miss the actual view of Manaslu, you can stay at least a night at Syala Village.

Syala Village

✔ The mornings are usually clear, with a monastery at the crown of the village and a school right below it, and the village spreads beyond that.

✔ The village has formed uniformly on this plateau and other remaining space is used for farming.

✔ A plateau slightly elevated from the river bank and Syala village settled on this open plateau, it’s just fun to walk about the village.


  Sama Village  

✔ With the contrast of white Himalayas and green plateaus yaks grazing in the pasture, the land doesn’t seem to be cultivated out there.

✔ There is a Maney and the village begins from there and spreads out across quite an area.

✔ Maney at the entry point of the Sama village an entrance gate in itself, and there’s a cemented path up to the village from there. a beautiful village settled at the base of the Himalayas.

Sama Village

✔ Situated at the bank of Budi Gandaki and spread out across quite a large area, right at the base of Manaslu’s beautiful village.

✔ The name Sama sounds nice itself, this is also the largest village in this region, Budi Gandaki which flows nearby, has transformed into a small stream and the captivating village of Sama.

✔ The ancient village of Sama Village seems to have been settled there centuries ago, we can still see ancient monasteries and Maney out there.

✔ The trail to Manaslu base camp and the peak itself passes from there, ample hotels in the village, Sama village can be considered a village of Manaslu climbers. A land of mountaineers such as Mingma Lama.

Syala Village

✔ The village consists of more than 200 households, it’s the base village of Manaslu standing at 8,164 meters.

✔ Manaslu is considered one of the most dangerous peaks in the world, with only a limited number of people able to summit it, it’s also known as the killer mountain. Many people have lost their lives while climbing Manaslu.


  Birendra Lake  

✔ Birendra Lake is situated at 3650 meters from the sea level, its location is spectacular, surrounded by mountains from all sides.

Birendra Lake

✔ The actual trail passes through the Gumba to Birendra Lake, the monastery area slightly elevated from the village.

✔ We can see the accumulation of a dried glacier, the Birendra lake is just beyond that wall or ridge, surrounded by mountains from all sides.

✔ A lake formed at the depth of the mountain ranges, and a glacial river flowing from Manaslu forms this lake.


✔ We can get a sense that it eventually merges with Budi Gandaki, a beautiful lake with turquoise water and with captivating lake.

✔ The lake burst 7-8 years ago, and there was a panic in Sama and neighboring villages back then, Birendra Lake is a nice place to visit and you could enjoy the grand view of Manaslu from there.


  Samdo village  

✔ In the last village of Samdo, there aren’t any villages in Nepal beyond this, the only villages we’d see are in Manang after going around the pass.

✔ It’s at an altitude of 3,880 meters, this is the last village in the Gorkha district, Manaslu is a famous place in terms of tourism.

✔ you can visit the Tibetan border from there, and you could climb the Samdo peak nearby you will have to spend some time there.

Samdo village

✔ If you spend a day in Samdo village you can visit all three Tibetan borders, and you can climb up to 5,000 meters points.

✔ There are ample hotels and lodges in Samdo, and most hotels provide proper facilities, although there aren’t any villages beyond this point, there’s a hotel at a place called Dharmashala.

✔ The region is interesting and the journey of the Manaslu region will be one of a kind, these are gems of the region.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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