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North East India Nagaland


  North East India Nagaland  

✔ One of the most beautiful places in India is a place where clouds not only move in the sky but also on the ground.

✔ A place where nature and humans live together. A place that has a beautiful waterfall in every corner of North East India Nagaland.

North East India Nagaland

✔ There is one such place in these beautiful Khasi hills of Meghalaya, which is Cherrapunji.

✔ This village often surrounded by clouds is one of the most rainy places in the world.

✔ Cherrapuji is located on a plateau of Khasi hills and because of this, it looks like a plain area but even after looking like this, it is at a height of 4,600 feet.


  1. Nohkalikai Falls  

✔ There are so many waterfalls in Cherrapunji, that even if you go there for many days, you will not be able to see all the waterfalls.

✔ You will have to go through the clouds to reach one of these waterfalls because this is India’s third-highest waterfall, which is called Nohkalikai Falls.

Nohkalikai Falls

✔ The moment you see its view, you get lost in a different world, this waterfall is so high that it often stays in the clouds.

✔ The water of this waterfall falls straight from a height of more than 1,100 feet. and because of this, it is India’s tallest plunge waterfall.


  2. Several waterfalls  

Lyngksiar Falls

✔ Little far from Nohkalikai waterfalls is Lyngksiar Falls, which is a very beautiful step waterfall.

✔ Apart from all these waterfalls the most famous waterfall of Cherrapunji is 7 sisters waterfalls, where you can see 7 waterfalls together.

7 sisters waterfalls

  3. Capital city  

✔ Meghalaya has a city that is so beautiful that is called Scotland of the East, there is a beautiful Meghalaya capital city Shillong.

✔ Shillong is Meghalaya’s largest city, which has some parts at 5,000 feet and some at 6,500 feet, it has beautiful architecture and beautiful views.

Capital city Shillong

✔ You can get every day a beautiful sunset every there in Shillong.


  4. Laitlum Canyon  

✔ Just a few kilometers away from Shillong, you are in a completely different world away from the hustle-bustle.

✔ This beautiful place is Laitlum Canyon, you may not have seen this much greenery elsewhere.

✔ This place is famous for its sharp-edged canyon and standing on the edge of the mountain is an adventure in itself.

Laitlum Canyon

✔ While walking a little away from Laitlum Canyon the view across the river was outstanding.

✔ It beautiful transition of this river into a waterfall is one of those amazing views which can’t be put into words.

✔ After staying there for a while we can feel that these views have faded the difference between reality and the dream.


  5. Umiam Lake  

✔ Apart from these beautiful places, Shillong also has a very beautiful Lake Umiam Lake.

✔ This lake which is spread over an area of 225 square Kilometers, is the largest in Meghalaya, and that is why it is also locally known as ” Bara Pani”.

✔ This lake is a reservoir lake, which is formed due to the construction of a dam on the Umiam River.

Umiam Lake

✔ While sitting on the edge of this lake and looking at these beautiful islands and forests, you won’t even know where time has passed.

✔ After coming to Meghalaya, you will feel so close to nature whether it is the air, the waterfall the trees, etc.

✔ There you will get everything that will deepen your relationship with nature, we know that we have a deficiency of a vitamin or deficiency of water but when you come to such places away from your concrete city world, you will realize how nature-deficient we are.

✔ We call nature “Mother Nature”, but forget that we are a part of it, so how can we stay away from it?


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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