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Korean Street foods

  Korean Street Foods  

Korean Street foods are a part of traditional culture in Korea. It is considered as the central part of Korean culture. We can find different types of delicious street food.

Korean Street Food is one of the best foods to try while visiting Korea. Some popular places to try street food in Korea are Busan, Myeong-dong, Hongdae, Noryangjin, Jeonju, and so on.

Some of the famous Korean Street Foods to try while visiting Korea are Gunbam, Galbi, Tteokbokki, Hoppang, Eomuk, and so on. Street Food is a kind of food trend in Korea.

The form of street food in Korea is Food Truck, Food Bike, and Pojangmacha. In the Korean language, Pojangmacha means “covered wagon”. Some of the famous street foods of Korea are explained below:


  1. Galbi  

Galbi is a Korean street food that is also known as “kalbi” or “galbi-gui”. Galbi is made with beef short ribs.

Galbi is a “grilled meat” that is a famous street food of Korea. In Korean Galbi means “rib” and this dish is usually made with short beef rib.

Galbi is usually marinated with a sweet and savory sauce which usually contains soy sauce, garlic, and sugar.


Marinated Galbi is known as saeng-galbi whereas non-marinated Galbi is known as dwaeji-saeng-galbi. Galbi is mainly famous in the Jeju Islands.

After preparing it we have it with additional toppings like Ssamjang, Steamed Rice, and so on. It is one of the best street foods to try while visiting Korea.


  Ingredients to prepare Galbi  

a. Pork Meat
b. Beef Meat

a. Soy sauce
b. Brown Sugar
c. Rice Wine
d. Sesame Oil
e. Black Pepper
f. Gochujang
g. Onion
h. Garlic Cloves
i. Ginger
j. Lettuce Leaves

Additional Toppings
a. Steamed Rice
b. Ssamjang


  How to prepare Galbi?  

At first, while preparing we have to boil the beef rib in hot water. Then we have to cool it by putting it in cold water.

After that mix all the ingredients of sauces and put the rib out the cold water. Put the beef rib in the mixture of soy sauce and marinate in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Put it in the refrigerator.

Ingredients to prepare Galbi

Take out the beef rib out of the refrigerator. Now heat the pan for a while by putting the oil in the pan to grill the meat.

Remove the rib from the meat and cook each side for a while. Cook each side for 5 minutes.

After all of this process, galbi is ready to serve with additional toppings as per your wish. In this way, we can prepare galbi in our home too. But some ingredients may be hard to find around our home.


  2. Eomuk  

Eomuk is a Korean street food which is also known as “Fishcake” in Korea. Eomuk consists of filleted fish or seafood which is mixed with a starchy ingredient, and fried until golden. Whereas Asian fishcake consists of fish, salt, water, starch, and egg.


According to the Asian history, Emouk has a history of more than 4,000 years. Eomuk is served as a snack, appetizer, or in soups.

  Ingredients to prepare Eomuk  

a. Squid
b. Fish Fillet
c. Prawn

For Sauces
a. Oil as per your wish
b. Onion Powder
c. Salt
d. Flour
e. Garlic Powder
f. Sugar
g. White Ground Pepper
h. Egg (White Part)
i. Potato/ Cornstarch/ Tapioca


  How to prepare Eomuk?  

At first, while preparing Eomuk we have to wash the meat properly remove all the parts clearly, and again clean it properly.

Shell the prawns properly and cut the fish fillet and squid into small pieces. And again wash it properly.

After that put the prawn, fish fillet, and squid along with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, sugar, ground pepper, oil, flour, starch, and egg white in a processor or grinder.

Ingredients to prepare Eomuk

Then pulse it for a couple of minutes until it gets a homogeneous mixture depending on the speed of the processor or grinder.

Divide the mixture into equal parts and wrap it into the plastic be sure that there is no air trapped and scrape it together to form a rectangular shape.

Put the uncooked fish cakes in the freezer for a while and chill for 20 minutes.

After that put the oil in the frying pan and heat it for a while. After that put the fish cakes in the pan and cook each side for at least 10 to 12 minutes until it is golden brown in color.

In this way, we can prepare Eomuk in our home in an easy method but some ingredients may be hard to find around us sometimes. We can have it with additional toppings as per our wish.


  3. Tteokbokki  

Tteokbokki is a famous Korean street food which falls on the type of Bokkeum. It is a small cylinder-shaped rice cake called Tteokmyeon.

In Korean Tteokbokki is also known as “rice cake noodles” or “Tteokbokki rice cakes”. As it can be purchased in pre-packaged and semi-dehydrated form.


it is also known as a popular home dish. Tteobokki has various alternatives name such as stir-fried rice cakes, derkbokke, tteokbokki, tteok-bokki, topokki, dukbokki, and so on.

The main ingredients to prepare Tteokbokki are Tteok, fish cakes, and gochujang. The taste of Tteokbokki has a unique combination of sweetness, spiciness, and chewiness. It is one of the famous foods in Korea.

  Ingredients to prepare Tteokbokki  

a. Korean Rice Cakes
b. Korean Fish Cakes “Eomuk”
c. Soy Sauced.
d. Suagr
e. Gochugaru “Korean Chilli Powder”
f. Gochujang “Korean Chilli Paste”
g. Anchovy Stock or Dashi
h. Clove garlic
i. Green Onion as an optional dish


  How to prepare Tteokbokki?  

At first, while preparing Tteokbokki prepare the sauce by mixing gochujang (Korean red pepper paste), gochujang (Korean red pepper powder), soy sauce, garlic, and sugar in a small bowl and let them combine.

After that add the anchovy packet and water in a deep pan and boil it for a while. After it is boiled remove the anchovy packet and add some red pepper paste. We can also bring water or any other stock if we don’t have anchovy stock.

Ingredients to prepare Tteokbokki

After the sauce is boiled properly you can add rice cakes, fish cakes, and any vegetables as per your wish. Boil it for 5 to 7 minutes until it becomes soft, tender, and chewy.

We can also add some additional toppings like sesame seeds, sesame oil, and so on as per our this. In this way, we can prepare Tteokbokki in our home in an easy way. It takes only 20 to 25 minutes to prepare this dish at our home.


  4. Gyeran-Ppang  

Gyeran-Ppang is a famous Korean street food. It is called egg bread because it is made from yeasted dough that is enriched with eggs.

The texture of egg bread is fine-crumbed and light. Egg bread is normally yellow in color. In Korea egg, bread is also known as Kieran-pang.


The main ingredients to prepare egg bread are Wheat flour, baking powder, milk, egg, butter, sugar, salt, and vanilla extract. Egg Bread is a sweet, steamy, hot, and fluffy little loaf of bread.

  Ingredients to prepare Gyeran-Ppang  

a. Unsalted Butter
b. Sugar
c. Kosher Salt
d. Baking Powder
e. Vanilla Extract
f. Flour
g. Milk
h. Eggs
i. Cooking Oil
j. Mozzarella Cheese (Optional Toppings)


  How to prepare Gyeran-Ppang?  

At first, while preparing Gyeran-PPang we have to combine butter, sugar, kosher salt, baking powder, vanilla extract, 1 egg, flour, and milk and whisk until it is smooth.

Now, heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Brush the bottom of the pan with oil and fill each of them fully with a batter.

How to prepare Gyeran-Ppang

Put 2-3 pieces of cheese on the top leaving some space in the center. Crack an egg in the center of the batter.

Bake it for 15 minutes if you prefer a solid egg or only for 12-13 minutes. Now take it out of the oven and serve it hot. You can also add some additional toppings as per your wish.


  5. Yache Twigim  

Yache Twigim is a famous Korean street food also known as fried vegetables tempura which consists of potatoes, carrots, brown onion, and green onions.

It is one of the most common street foods that you will see in Korea. Yache Twigim is any vegetable or meat that is deep-fried in a light, crispy batter.

Yache Twigim

Yache Twigim is also paired with tteokbokki and served with a dipping sauce. In Korean yache twigim is also sometimes known as mixed vegetable tempura.

The main ingredients to prepare Yache Twigim are potatoes, carrots, brown onion, and green onion.

  Ingredients to prepare Yache Twigim  

a. Oil
b. Korean Frying Mix
c. Cold water with ice cubes
d. Potatoes
e. Carrots
f. Brown Onion
g. Green Onion

For Soy Sauce Onion Dip
a. Soy Sauce
b. Vinegar
c. Brown Onion
d. Green Onion


  How to prepare Yache Twigim?  

At first, while preparing Yache Twigirim we have to prepare the batter first. While preparing the batter we have to mix all the ingredients until you get a texture that is not too thick nor too thin.

Put the batter into the refrigerator and after that chop the potatoes, carrot, brown onion, and green onion. Save some chopped green onion for a dip.

Take out the batter from the refrigerator strain the sliced potatoes out of water and add the vegetables into the batter. Mix it properly until all vegetables are coated in the batter.

After that by adding the pinch of salt fry it now. Now put the batter into the pan and fry each part for 5-6 minutes. Fry each side properly until it gets crispy and golden in color.

In this way, we can prepare the famous Korean street food called Yache Twigi.


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