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Kinnaur Valley


  Kinnaur Valley  

✔ There are a lot of beautiful villages in Himachal but still, a lot of people are unaware of this part of Himachal because it is neither near Shimla nor near Manali.

✔ Almost 200 Km away from Shimla, this place is Himachal’s Kinnaur Valley where there are some very beautiful and heavenly villages and the way to heaven will not be easy.

✔ Kinnaur Valley starts from one of the most dangerous roads in the world, the Hindustan-Tibet highway.


✔ Most of the mountains are not made of soil but of huge rocks, so half tunneling was done to make these roads.

✔ When you are on this road, you have this cliff on your head and a thousand feet of valley on the side.

✔ Kinnaur’s apples are world-famous for their taste and quality, every year 15-20 lakh boxes of apples are produced every year in Kinnaur.


  1. Kalpa Village   

✔ After crossing the road, you can reach a village near the high mountains of Kinner Kailash, which is called Kalpa village situated at 9,700 feet (2,956 Meters) from sea level.

✔ This small village in Himachal Province is located in the front of Kailash Range as if this village has been made specially for the view of the peaks.

Kalpa Village

✔ Kalpa is such a place where you don’t need a car or bike to visit but you can roam around every corner of this village by just walking so that you can feel the peace and calmness of this place.

✔ It’s the perfect blend, you don’t feel like you’re in a remote area where you don’t see people and you’re not even that close to where you get to see a lot of tourists, crowds, or whatever.

✔ It’s the perfect balance where you can see the peaceful surroundings, a calm environment, and many beautiful views so that is Kalpa only.

✔ Whether you are walking, sitting, or doing anything as soon as you see their view, you leave everything and start looking only at the peaks.


  2. Kinner Kailash Peak  

✔ All the peaks of this range are more than 19,000 feet (5,791 Meters) in height, each peak has a different significance in the lives of the people there.

Kinner Kailash

✔ The peak due to which this range has got its name is the Kinner Kailash Peak which is 19,800 feet (6,035 meters).

✔ It has 79 feet tall Shiva ling rock, which is a holy rock-like pillar, and despite being at such a height, thousands of people go there every year to worship Shivling.


  3. Nako Village     

✔ This was just one village of Kinnaur, but Kinnaur has another beautiful village which is 100 Km away from Kalpa before the beginning of Spiti Valley, the height village of Kinnaur Nako.

Nako Village

✔ Located at an altitude of 12,014 feet (3,661 Meters), Nako Village is home to only 600 people, and even though Nako is in Kinnaur, everything has changed from Kalpa to there.

✔ The landscape has now been deserted from green, wooden houses have now turned into mud houses.

✔ As soon as you go there, the most unique thing that you see is houses made from mud there

✔ Mud houses are made in such a way in clusters that it looks like old fort because apart from the 4G mobile towers, most of the things there are still centuries old.

Nako Village

✔ It looks like a house on top of another, but when you come inside, you realize that there is a mud hill there are small alleys in it, and houses are built nearby.

✔ The highest peak of Himachal can be seen from Nako, Reo Purgyil it is at 22,362 feet (6,816 Meters) such a height that you can see the late rays of the sunset.

✔ The location of Nako is very close to the Tibet border, Tibet is just 20-25 Km away from Nako, there is nothing behind and nothing ahead, there are very small villages it is very remote.


  4. Nako Lake  

✔ On the side of the village is the most popular spot, Nako Lake in a deserted place, the presence of a lake is very special.

Nako Lake

✔ That’s why for the people there, this is a very sacred and holy lake, Its beauty increases even more at sunset.


  5. Nako Prayer Mani temple   

✔ After a short hike from the lake, we can reach the highest point of the village, where a Buddhist temple is built called Nako Prayer Mani.

Nako Prayer Mani temple

✔ It’s believed that this temple protects the entire village because from there you can see the whole Nako village.


  7. Lesson from Nako Village  

✔ There is a lack of oxygen, population, and facilities at the height, a lot of things get reduced but it increases the spirit of living with each other.

✔ Walking in the alleys of the villages or roaming in the buses, we can feel everyone knows each other maybe when people become less, they realize the importance of people.

✔ When you go there maybe you might get recognized there more than in your city.


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