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Hilo: Hawaii

  Hilo: Hawaii  

✔ Hilo is a village in Hawaii, normally called the Big Island compared to other small islands, in Hawaii.

✔ It’s also known for Wailuku River State Park, Rainbow Falls, and featuring Waianuenue, with it is multicolored mist effects.

✔ The bubbling basalt lava stone pools are known as Boiling Pots. To the southeast is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a cottage to rainforests and the vibrant Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes.

✔ It’s situated in the middle of the Ocean, 5,413 km from Mexico and 4,035 km from Tijuana International Airport and It takes 8 hours 35 minutes to land at Hilo International Airport.

✔ The total area of Hilo village is 151 Km2, Here are a lot of Parks, Shops, cafes, and restaurants, But limited Hospitals, High Schools, only one airport, and so on.

✔ Hilo has different small villages like Wainaku, Paukaa, Papaikou, etc. It is located on Hawallan Island here is a server place to visit in Hilo


  Rainbow Falls  

✔ Rainbow Falls is one of the most attractive places to visit in Hilo, a Smoothly accessible attraction.

✔ The falls are stunning and there is a plaque to explain the Hawaiian folklore about the creation of the falls.

Hilo: Hawaii

✔ It’s free entry and parking is right nearby along with a washroom. You can hike up the stairs to see nearby Boiling Pots as nicely.

✔ The roots are turning and germinating everywhere like something it would see in Stranger Things. Rainbow Falls is Absolutely outstanding if you are in Hilo you must see.

✔ The falls cascade down a volcanic rock face, making a fascinating exhibition of rushing water that plunges into a big pool below.

✔ The haze rising from the effect of the water creates a supernatural environment, with rainbows usually gracing the area.


  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park  

✔ The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is located in the middle of the island and is renowned for its volcano.

✔ The visitor center near the crater has informative rangers and restrooms, but it is still understructure.

Hilo: Hawaii

✔ There are very few options for washrooms down the crater drive, but there are some if you make it all the way down to the sea arch.

✔ The tourist center has a bunch of bathrooms, Finding a parking spot can be difficult at times.

✔ It’s hard to imagine that it will be able to look into the mouth of a smoking volcano, Don’t omit that it’s at 4,000 feet peak, so carry a light jacket if you don’t like temps in the 60s.


  Hilo Farmer’s Market  

✔ Hilo farmer market is a good place to buy local produce fruits, vegetables, and crafts in Hilo.

✔ There are many options for different types of fruits and vegetables they are mint and locally produced.

Hilo USA

✔ There are many local restaurants near the Hilo farmer market, The people are very friendly and kindhearted, The market is open twice a week. Free parking on the lane if you can find one.

✔ There are many combinations of island fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to be seen at this market.

✔ The sellers for artistry, woodworkers, and local jewelry, were excellent. The choices of products are abundant and quite impressive.


  Carlsmith Beach Park  

✔ Carlsmith Beach Park is just beside the Ocean,  It is very stony and it’s rough lava stones so bring water shoes. Also, the water is pretty cold because of the natural spring coming from there.

Hilo: USA

✔ This Beach Park is a very acceptable entry into the beach with various areas that have different deeps. Parts of the beach are protected by rock shapes, permitting for calmer waves.

✔ This is an excellent place for small kids to swim in a safe secluded lagoon while also having access to the ocean.

✔ The water is not that deep and clear. But they are able to see some sea turtles.


  East Hawaii Cultural Center  

✔ East Hawaii Cultural Center is beside Kalakaua St. Road and there is a Kalakaua park, They have outstanding youth programs and workshops, and do a great job of highlighting artists in regular exhibits.

Hilo: Hawaii

✔ Great place to see art when you are strolling the streets of old downtown Hilo. Also, visit their website (official website link) as they have one-day workshops.

✔ Across from a small park with a pond and also there is an old big Banyan Tree worth looking at, Please do not climb on it, Some music and theater classes are offered.

Here is some other visiting place in Hilo, Hawaii-USA

Akaka Falls State Park

Liliuokalani Gardens

Imiloa Astronomy Center

Richardson Ocean Park

Lyman Museum

Nani Mau Gardens

Onekahakaha Beach Park

Wailuku River State Park

Peepee Falls

Coconut Island

Kaumana Caves

Mokupāpapa Discovery Center

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