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Capital city of Albania: Tirana

  Albania: Tirana  

✔ Albania is a southern European country situated in the western part of the Balkan, It is a very beautiful country with an attractive Ireland, Mountains, parks, and lots of Beaches.

✔ Albania is located between four countries, including Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Greece.

✔ The main city of Albania is Tirana it’s also known as the capital city of Albania located in the center of the country enclosed by the Dajti Mountain, Maja e Tujanit, and Ride Albania Mountain.

✔ Tirana is the most famous and populous city in Albania Approximately 1.3 million Population stay in this area. Several parks, Mountains, Museums, Shops, Hotels, and lounges exist. Tirana is a young city that was founded in the early 17th Century.

✔ Tirana is a famous tourist destination with popular things such as the National Museums History, Et’hem Bey Mosque, and the Bunk’Art Museums.

✔ Tirana is also suitable for exploring The rest of Albania, the Beaches, the Bunk’Art, and the mountains of  Tirana here is some famous place in Tirana.


  National History Museums  

✔ The National History Museum is one of the most important places in history, It is located in Sheshi Skënderbej 7, Tirana 1001, Albania, Open every morning from 9 am to evening 7 pm. National History Museums show all the processing of how humans are developing in different periods.

National History Museum

✔ This building has been inaugurated in 1981. The museum has maps of the centers of southern Illyria, and medieval Arbanon (Arberi), Illyrians are one of the most antique peoples.

✔ On the map are marked the names of the antiquity, such as the most prominent city: Is Dyrrah- Today’s Durres, Skampin- Today’s Elbasan, Apollonia- Today’s Fieri.

✔ There is some old stone age, dating back 250 thousand to 12 thousand years ago, They were work tools, even though they look like ordinary stones.

✔ They are small and some slightly larger stones, that were used for hunting. In the Paleolithic period, one of the most important discoveries was the invention of fire.

✔ National History Museums have exhibited a model of the Tren cave, located in the village of  Tren, near the city of Korca.

✔ This cave shows a settlement of the Illyrians, how they lived, how they fed, and how they were dressed.

✔ They fed on what nature had to offer, meat, hunting, fruits, and vegetables they could find in nature, and clothing was made from animal skins. It tells us clearly, what life was like during the Paleolithic period we are talking about.

Capital city of Albania: Tirana

✔ This museum has beautiful statue statues that have been among the most beautiful objects of Illyria, They are dedicated to Gods or special people.

✔ This museum displayed some sculptures of the heads of Illyrians created for their belief in gods or for exceptional people.

✔ Among the most beautiful and most found objects in Illyria, are the sculptures that Albanian peoples Make dedicated to special people or deities. Through sculptures, the Illyrians gave an image of their faith, of phenomena and natural resources that bought them many goods.


  Grand Park of Tirana  

✔ Grand Park of Tirana is a delightful park in Albania: Tirana, with a large lake and plenty of rambling paths. Scattered around are several points of interest, and some WW2 war graves.

✔ Do visit the park for a relaxed day when you are in Tirana. It’s exactly to Arena, Marriot hotel & MAK Albania hotel. Take a mini train ride along the lake, feed the ducks on the lake, enjoy the gelato & soak into the beautiful park fun, activities & vibes that everyone is enjoying.

Capital city of Albania

✔ This Park is a great place for walking, running, riding a bike, and enjoying a bit of fresh air.

✔ There are many rubbish bins spread out around the place. Local people come here every weekend to relax and spend time with their families.

✔ People come here in the evening when the heat has passed. Lots of good trails for walking, biking, and running. lots of benches too.

✔ It would be nice if the direction could be indicated for Blloku or the center, for example. That would have saved us a big detour.

✔ There are surprises! Cafes and restaurants also have juice bars, ice cream stands, Standard toilet service and so much more. You can spot wild turtles and ducks. Many people recommend visiting the Grand Park of Tirana.


  Parku Rinia- Youth Park- Taiwan Park  

✔ Parku Rinia Park is also known as Youth Park or Taiwan Park, It is located beside the Lana River and Uzana Road in this park Nice green space in the center of downtown.

✔ There is a fantastic children’s ground with an Amazing pirate ship play structure.

Parku Rinia- Youth Park- Taiwan Park 

✔ The Youth Park, is a single park located in the center of Tirana. It has also a business firm with hotels and restaurants where you can get coffee, tea, or eat something.

✔ It is an amazing place to come with your pet or read a novel or something as well.

✔ This is a Nice place to visit with your children, the public ground and night lighting make this more fabulous for visitors and tourists. Kids can enjoy themselves and parents can have a lovely time at the restaurant.


  Parku i Madh i Paskuqanit  

✔ Parku I Madh I Paskuqanit Park is located in Paskuqan, Albania which is great views of mountains, and surrounding neighborhoods.

✔ Park is the beginning of all that’s planned here, but already many things are done: walking and cycling trails, the nice bridge at one end of the lake, and many new trees are planted. Everything around seemed very clean.

Parku I Madh I Paskuqanit

✔ This Park really can imagine after some years it can be a favorite place for many people, and locals, and can be another international tourism hub to visit and spend their time.

✔ The artificial lake, park, private houses, and mountains made many people associate with some small towns or villages in the mountains like in Switzerland or Austria.


  Latitude Tirana  

✔ Latitude Tirana is located on the western side of Tirana city A nice place to hang out and enjoy an hour of fun with your kids or friends.

✔ There are many fun activities for all ages, accessible without limit within the one hour that your 800 ALL ticket gets you. An additional 100 ALL is needed for the special grippy socks that they have.

Latitude Tirana

✔ If you don’t want to play yourself that’s okay, you can still accompany your child all over the place, or you could grab something at the second-floor bar and check them out from upstairs. The staff is really friendly, Kindhearted and deserves a raise.

✔ The place is divided into 2 main sections; a separate section for children of <5 years old (or up to a height of 110cm) and a section for grown-ups (>5 yo), where even moms and dads can enter and play.

✔ A small restaurant located on the second floor offered some basic dishes and the opportunity to observe one’s child from above. For Muslim men/women, they even offered a place to pray and make ablution.


  Dajti Mountain Hiking  

✔ Dajti Mountain Hiking is a medium hill near Tirana city located at 9W52+JV2, Tirana, Albania, Hiking is famous for its locals and tourists On top we can see the stunning view of Tirana city and the Durres sea view.

Dajti Mountain Hiking

✔ The Dajti mountain place has a wonderful place and a relaxing environment Also there is a cafes and restaurants.

✔ There are different types of hiking trails available We can choose the best hiking trails among the many hiking trails.

✔ One of the most attractive and famous trails leads to the popular hiking trail Dajti Ekspres cable car station, Comparatively this is an easy and suitable track for all-level hikers.

✔ There are a different number of viewpoints among them one of the famous viewpoints is oak and pine trees, we can take a rest for a few minutes and feel the winds of nature and enjoy the view.

Dajti Mountain Hiking

✔ If you look at some adventure tracks for lifetime memory there is another outstanding trail which is the Maja e Tujanit Summit, This trail is very adventurous and challenging but the view from the top is outstanding.

Some important tips for hiking Dajti Mountain:

  • Wear comfortable socks and shoes which can help you to walk.
  • Always bring water and some dry food to eat.
  • Be careful with the climate it’s changing quickly on the mountain.
  • At least one person knows the location of the hiking place.


  Skanderbeg Square  

✔ Skanderbeg Square is located in the middle of Tirana city with a Lovely square with lots of great tourist attractions.

✔ The stones from the square reflect Albania’s geological diversity having been collected from all over the country.

✔ This is the main square in the heart of Tirana, named after Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg. You can see a statue of him on horseback.

✔ It is surrounded by beautiful buildings, including the National Historical Museum and the Opera House.

Capital city of Albania

✔ Skanderbeg Square is a fabulous square that connects the city in the middle. Just near Skanderbeg Square, There is a National Museum and Ethem Bey Mosque you can also visit There.

✔ There are nice and cozy cafés around the square. The sculpture of Skanderbeg is in the middle.

✔ There were also little street food options and a carousel which was awesome at night,


  Ethem Bey Mosque  

✔ Ethem Bey Mosque is a around 4-500-year-old mosque located in middle of the Tirana city beside Skanderbeg Square,  The mosque is adorned with A portico that has beautiful frescoes both inside and outside, which depicts trees, waterfalls, and bridges. This is an exception since the walls are typically white.

✔ Tourists can go inside but must need to take off their shoes and comply with the dress code. without flash, Pictures are allowed to be taken inside.

Ethem Bey Mosque

✔ The mosque construction started in the late 18th century and finished in the early 19th century. It survived the years of communism and functions as a mosque today.

✔ The mosque consists of a prayer hall, a north-facing portico, and a minaret.

✔ The entrance to the prayer hall is located on the north side. The hall has a square plan and is built in a distinctive volume.

✔ Ethem Bey Mosque is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history and architecture.

✔ The structure is enclosed by a dome that is semi-spherical and does not have any windows.

✔ It takes 10-15 minutes to complete the tour, i.e., go inside and listen to the history and beauty of the building.

✔ The entry fee is free. Friendly staff inside could provide additional direction and assets.


  National Sport Park  

✔ National Sport Park is a main sporting hub in Tirana located in Rruga Siri Kodra, Tirana 1000, Albania with different services and excellent clean and very turquoise swimming pools, a very comfy, giant park, a super tasty restaurant, and the best tennis coach.

Capital city of Albania: Tirana

✔ Best place in Tirana Albania. You can play sports like tennis, beach volleyball, football, etc. You can also rest in the venue’s huge park and drink or eat a portion of great food from the restaurant.

✔ It’s the main and the best tennis club in Albania with the best coach Mr. Albi Sulo according to many tourists and visitors, Mr. Albi Sulo is the Best coach ever in Tirana.

✔ It is a multi-functional sports place that includes basketball pitches, mini football, tennis courts, a pool, and lots of facilities and there is also free WiFi available service.


  Bunk’art 2  

✔ Bunk’ Art 2 is an Interesting and cool museum located 500 meters Southeast of the Skanderbeg Square There are 2 Bunk’Art museums, this is in the center, and the smaller one, that it still takes 2 hours to go around the Bunker and explore the rooms.

Bunk' Art 2

✔ The Bunk’ Art 2 we can easily reach by bus. They are not to take any cards they only accept cash, Try to set a fixed time when many people come and it can be crowded and might cause anxiety as the corridors and rooms are small and it is darker inside.

✔ Bunk’ Art 2 is a Very interesting history of the Albanian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Some information, descriptions, and objects explained the topic.

✔ In this museum has around 28 rooms approximately and each room has different contents and items, the tunnels are the real ones that were prepared for the wars and later used when needed, the secrets there are huge, and would many visitors recommend visiting this place, the ticket is 1000 euro per person.


  Dajti Ekspres  

✔ Dajti Ekspres was blown away by the quality of the cable car. The ride up to the top of Dajti Mountain was a little lengthy, but the destination was well worth it. The location itself is breathtaking, with a ton of activities to enjoy. and amenities available like a kid’s area, shooting, horses, restaurants, and neat and clean toilets.

Dajti Ekspres

✔ The cable car offers a breathtaking view of the city. The cable car ride is approximately a 17-minute trip on both tracks. the great viewpoint of all Tirana, the weather up is cold and nice and make sure to bring jackets.

✔ An absolute must-be visit for anyone in Tirana, once up the cable car there are go-karts, mini golf, pony rides, pellet guns, and more. A great tourist destination for families as well.

✔ Start from the station going up to the mountain top where you can stay to enjoy the view of Tirana city and feel the fresh air.

✔ There is a park, hotel, restaurants, and several kid’s areas. Bring some food and water as there are few facilities on top of the mountain.

Dajti Ekspres

✔ For rate is only $5 US, it’s something that should be on your list of things to do in Tirana.

✔ The blue bus will receive you right at the entry of the Dajti Express or take a small vehicle for around 600 – 700 lek.



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