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Balen Shah: (Balendra Shah)


  Balen Shah: King of Politics  

✔ Balen Shah is a unique leader of politics, Nepalese rapper, musician (Rapper), structural engineer, and politician who was born as a son of Ram Narayan Shah (Father) and DhruvDevi Shah (Mother) on 27 April 1990(Age 34) Naradevi-18, Kathmandu, Nepal.

✔ Balen Shah is presently active as the 15th mayor of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Balen announced his candidacy on 2021 Dec 17 from his Facebook page as an independent.


  Who is the father of Balen Shah?  

Ram Narayan Shah is the Father of Balen Shah.


✔ It has been assumed that he was elected at the 2022 local election, defeating candidate Sirjana Singh wife of Prakash Man Singh from Nepali Congress, and candidate Keshav Sthapit from CPN(UML).

Balendra Shah

✔ Balendra Shah is the first independent candidate to be elected as the mayor of Kathmandu municipality.

✔ He has also become a hot political debate point as he is also working in Music Industries (Rap and poetry), Engineering, and so on.


  Who is the mother of Balen Shah?  

Dhruv Devi Shah is the mother of Balen Shah.


✔ It has been assumed that independent candidates rarely win significant elections in Nepal, but Balen has changed history with his power.

✔ He has emerged as a symbol of hope for change, an icon for those deeply dissatisfied with established political parties and their unserviceable & useless speech.

✔ Balen, a 33-year-old structural engineer who came to fame as a rapper, is now the mayor of Kathmandu, and citizens of Kathmandu have complete faith & certainty in him that he will make Kathmandu another & different city in Nepal.

✔ We are very assured that as a well-educated engineer & political leader, he will change the face of Kathmandu and win the hearts of citizens by keeping his promise.

Balendra shah political leader

✔ He has discovered so many hidden facts & mystery of Kathmandu, which was still unexplored.

✔ Balen has fabricated a particular campaign in Kathmandu that mainly focuses on waste management, road traffic control, public service delivery, anti-corruption, and preservation of the city’s cultural heritage.

✔ Balen Shah also can be considered the “King of Politics.” He is the best specimen & example of the real king after King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah.


  1. Personal Life  

✔ Balen is the youngest son of Ram Narayan Shah and Dhruv Devi Shah on 27 April 1990(Age 33) in Naradevi-18, Kathmandu, Nepal.

✔ His father was an Ayurvedic Practitioner: Shah’s family relocated to Kathmandu from Mahottari after his father was transferred to Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital.

Balen Shah

✔ The ancestral home of Balen is in Mahottari’s Ekdara Rural Municipality; at the same time, his mother’s family lives in Dhanusha.


  Does Balen Shah have children?  

Yes, Balen Shah has one daughter.


✔ Shah completed his school life education in 2013 from Alliance Academy located in Bhupi Serchan Marga, Kathmandu, and completed his +2 studies in 2015 at V.S. Niketan Higher Secondary School in Minbhawan, Kathmandu.

✔ After completing +2, he consummated a bachelor’s degree (B.E.) in civil engineering at Himalayan Whitehouse International College. Also, he received a master’s degree (M-Tech) in structural engineering from Technological University (VTU) in Karnataka India.


  What is the name of Balen Shah’s wife?  

Sabina Kafle is a wife of Balen Shah.


✔ After that, he married Sabina Kafle (Deep Lataa) in a 3-year relationship Sabina Kafle is a public health professional in Kathmandu and also wrote to a noble whose name is Deep Lataa.

Balen Shan and his wife Sabina Kafle recently gave birth to a baby girl and Now Balen lives with his family in Gairigaun, Tinkune.


  2. Musical Career  

✔ Along with being a good political leader, he is also ruling in the field of music industries as an isolated & unique singer.

✔ He was interested in music and poetry from an early age.

Balen Shah music concert

✔ He wrote his first song in grade nine for the first time in 2012 called “Sadak Balak.”. He has been active in the field of music since 2012 till now.

✔ It was assumed that Laxmi Prasad Devkota inspired Balen (Balendra Shah), and he was interested in poetry, but he thought that his voice wasn’t soft,t so he chose to rap. But after some time, he was mixing and rhyming poetry through rap.

✔ As Balen was a good friend of Yama Buddha, he helped Balen Shah to enter the hip-hop genre.


  Balen Shah is a rapper?  

Yes, he is a Nepali rapper.


✔ During that time Yama Buddha was hosting the popular Rap Battle Show Raw Barz. As Balen was interested in a rap battle.

✔ He was apprised to allow him to participate. Yama Buddha conceded his true talent and permitted him to participate and start the rap journey.

✔ He became famous in the hip-hop industry in his first and last battle in Raw Barz” with, at that time, renowned rapper Litl Grizl.

Balen Shah Music carrer

✔ Some of the songs of Balen are Marpha Ko Madira, Balidan, Local Thito, Man Yo Udayo, Hande Hande, Oa Budo, and so on. Chameli(Gaita Badhyo) is one of his most famous songs.

✔ His most popular rap video is “Balidan” which expresses his frustration with the geopolitical affairs of Nepal. This is how his journey started in the field of the music industry.


  3. Engineering Career  

✔ Balen is a well-educated engineer and a good singer who has become a hot political debate point.

✔ He has also joined the KU (Kathmandu University) for his Ph.D. in Conservation of Newa Heritage Structure to promote Tourism and the Economy through scholarship. 

✔ He consummated a bachelor’s degree (B.E.) in civil engineering at Himalayan Whitehouse International College. Also, he received a master’s degree (M-Tech) in structural engineering from Technological University (VTU) in Karnataka, India.

Balen Shah engineer

✔ He was established as a responsible engineer during the earthquake in 207. He built and renovated many houses at that time.

✔ During the earthquake,e He rebuilt more than 2,500 houses in the Association of Architecture Sans Frontières(ASF) Nepal in different places of Nepal. He helped to rebuild more than 175 houses in Nagarjuna Municipality damaged by the earthquake.

✔ In 2072 B.S., He volunteered in many places during the earthquake. He is the best example of a true patriot of the country.


  4. Political Career  

✔ Why did Balen choose politics although he was an ell-educated engineer and singer?

✔ Yes, he chose politics because, as a well-educated engineer, he was aware of the political condition of the country and highly dissatisfied with the old political parties, they were frauds, corrupted, uneducated, unqualified, and so on.


  Balen Shah is a political person?  

Yes, he is a Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolis.


✔ Balen is a unique political leader, a good singer, and an engineer. He has become the hot debating point in the field of politics.

Balen Shah political photo

✔ It has been claimed that he was involved in the “We for Constitution movement” before the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepali in 2015.

✔ He also expressed interest in putting candidacy for Kathmandu mayorship in 2017, but he backed down because of some problems later; finally, after five years, in 2022, he announced his candidacy for the post of Mayor in Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

✔ He was elected as Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan with 38.6%(61,767) of the votes cast on 26 May 2022, defeating candidate Sirjana Singh from Nepali Congress and candidate Keshav Sthapit from CPN(UML). 


  Works done by Balen in Kathmandu Metropolis in One Year.  

Proper waste management inside Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

✔  Management of Pavement all over the city.

✔  Proper management of underground parking and organized parking.

To remove the slums occupying land on the banks of the river in the name of Sukum residents.

Searching the Tukucha River and demolishing the structures built on the river decades ago.

Service of free ambulance throughout Kathmandu City.

Removal of unorganized wires and huge hoarding boards scattered here and there all over the Kathmandu metropolis.

Total sealing of petrol pumps operating against rules and regulations.

Penance for littering in public places within Kathmandu Metropolis.

Construction of parks and mandatory contracts within one Year.

Proper Grievance Management and Inquiry Center.

Transformation of Local Government to Digital Government.

Providing more than 30 recommendations, online revenue, digital citizen charter, public complaints, competent tax, and other services through KMC apps.

6 crore rupees have been given to Nepal Police for a CC TV connection for the city’s security, crime control, accidents, etc.

Service of free treatment for poor and targeted groups within Kathmandu Metropolis.

Balen Shah gathered the previously unpaid taxes to the government within 24 hours.

Balen separated a 1 Crore budget for developing and promoting E-sport gaming.

He plans to establish a Yama Buddha park in honor of the late Yama Buddha, utilizing his salary for its creation.

A city beautification project is being implemented to enhance the cleanliness and aesthetics of the city under the leadership of Balen Shah.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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