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Dark Tourism Destinations

  About: Dark Tourism Destinations  

✔ Dark tourism which is also known as Thana tourism (Personification of death according to the Greek Etymology) black tourism, morbid tourism, or grief tourism is a kind of tourism that involves visiting places associated with death, suffering, grief, or disaster.

✔ Dark Tourism consists of visiting places where some of the darkest events of human history have unfolded which also include genocide, assassination, incarceration, ethnic cleansing, war, or disaster — either natural or accidental.

✔ There are altogether 6 types of Dark Tourism and they are:  War/Battlefield Tourism, Disaster Tourism, Prison Tourism, Cemetery Tourism, Ghost Tourism, and Holocaust Tourism.

Dark Tourism Destinations

✔ According to the historical study and research of Dark Tourism Lennon and Foley have been known as a benchmark of dark tourism.

✔ Pompei Ancient City, Italy is one of the most famous Dark Tourist Destinations in the world which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD.

✔ Thousands of people visit the ancient city to see the ruins of Pompeii every year. As people are motivated by a desire for real or symbolic encounters with death they choose Dark Tourism.

✔ Some people choose dark tourism for an educational experience, desire to learn and understand past events, historical interest, and so on.

✔ Today we are going to learn about some of the most famous Dark Tourism Destinations in the world:

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  1. Chernobyl, Ukraine  

✔ Chernobyl, Ukraine is famous in the world as one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world. Chornobyl, Ukraine is a radio-activated area that is located in Ukraine.

✔ It is mainly famous for the nuclear disaster incident that happened on April 25 and 26, 1986.

✔ In the history of nuclear power generation, it is considered one of the most dangerous and worst disasters in history.

✔ The main reason for this nuclear disaster is human error. According to the estimation,

Dark Tourism Destinations

✔ It was figured that altogether more than 50 people died during this nuclear disaster.

✔ Altogether 15 children died due to thyroid cancer during the nuclear disaster. After this nuclear disaster large number of radioactive elements were emitted into the environment.

✔ During the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, the areas around Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine were mostly affected.

✔ Scandinavian countries and some other countries were also affected by the radioactive gas of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster.

✔ After this incident, all plants and animals around this area died and still, we can see very few number plants and animals around this area.

✔ This area is still radio activated altogether 187 small communities live around this place by following some precautions.

✔ Although some young people live in the exclusive zone small children are not allowed to live in this area due to the high risk of thyroid cancer.

✔ Some people who are interested in dark tourism visit this place which is considered an exclusive zone by the government as this place is still radio-activated and highly risky.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

✔ People visit this place to learn about the history of Chornobyl, the reason for the nuclear disaster, the causes of the disaster, the effect of the disaster, and so on.

✔ As Chernobyl is considered a place of massive catastrophe, which lead to deaths and terror it is known as a dark tourism destination.


  2. Island of Dead Dolls  

✔ Island of Dead Dolls is also one of the most visited dark tourism destinations in the world, located in the center of Mexico City, Mexico.

✔ It has been claimed that this place was not known as the Island of Dead Dolls before Don Julian moved there in the 1950s.

No humans live in this place All we can see dolls are hanging from ceilings, trees, and boats moored on the shore.

Dark Tourism Destinations

✔ There are no services electricity or running water around this place. Concrete construction is also forbidden around this area except for the shops that are made of wood.

✔ It has been claimed that one girl died by drowning inside this forest and the soul of that girl still roams here and there inside this forest, hanging a doll in her hand and a person named Don Julian moved into a jungle and noticed that girl with a doll after this incident he started hanging up a large number of dolls inside the jungle to avoid the spirit of small girls and still that small girl is seen inside this place roaming in the middle of a night with a hanging doll in her hand.

✔ Some people also say that there is a black spirit inside this island which makes people frightened but no one knows the real story behind this Island.  After the death of Julian, it has become one of the most famous dark tourist destinations. Each tourist must bring a doll and hang it up inside the forest.

Island of Dead Dolls

✔ Most people visit this place to know about the story of the girl who died drowning in the pond, to know about the black spirit that roams inside the Island during the nighttime, and so on. So, the Island of Dead Dolls is considered one of the most horrifying dark tourism destinations in the world.


  3. Murambi Genocide Memorial, Rwanda  

✔ Murambi Genocide Memorial, Rwanda is one of the most visited dark tourism destinations in the world after Chornobyl, Ukraine, and the Island of Dead Dolls.

✔ Murambi Technical School which is today known as Murambi Genocide Memorial, Rwanda is a dark tourism destination that is located near the town of Murambi in southern Rwanda.

Dark Tourism Destinations

✔ Today Murambi Genocide Memorial is known as one of the darkest and most horrifying destinations but before it was a technical institution where more than 50,000 people died within the time of 100 days between April and June 1994.

✔Murambi Genocide Memorial, Rwanda was founded on 21 April 1995. This site contains 50,000 graves.

✔ Murambi Genocide Memorial, Rwanda is also considered one of the grimmest sites in the history of dark tourism.

✔ This museum is different from other genocide sites.  It has been claimed that human bodies are preserved in lime and are on display.

✔ All we can see inside this museum are human skeletons. Murambi was the site of a massacre during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. During that time many people tried to hide at a local church but the bishop lured them into a trap and sent them to the technical school telling them that the French troop would protect them.

✔ There are altogether more than 250 genocide memorial sites in Rwanda but Murambi Genocide Memorial is one of the most visited Memorial Sites among them.

Murambi Genocide Memorial

✔All the skeletons, and so on that we can see inside the Murambi Genocide Memorial were killed by Hutu Militias( Hutu are a social group that is native to the African Great Lakes region and they mainly live in Rwanda, Burundi, and the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo) in the 20th century.

✔ Although Rwanda is considered the safest tourist destination there is still a high chance of conflict between Hutus and Tutsis(Hutus and Tutsis are two rival groups in Rwanda). So, Murambi Genocide Memorial, Rwanda is considered one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world.


  4. The Poison Garden, England  

✔ The poison garden which is also known as the “Deadliest Garden in the World” is located in Alnwick, England.

✔ The Poison Garden of England was created by the Duchess and it has been claimed that he was inspired on a visit to an apothecary garden in Italy.

✔ According to the estimation in the garden no one has died inside the village till now but many people have fainted because of not following the rules & regulations, precautions, and so on. Tourists are not allowed to enter the garden without guided personnel.

Dark Tourism Destinations

✔ Poison Garden of England is filled with 100 toxic, intoxicating, and narcotic plants that can take the lives of human beings.

✔ This garden is also used as a place to learn about drug education for students.

✔ The garden was renovated by Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland in 1997. As this garden can spread negative impacts on human health we should follow the proper precautions before entering this Garden.

✔ Most people visit this garden to learn about drug education, different species of toxic & poisonous plants, and their origination.

✔ The Poison Garden of England is considered one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world.


  5. Village of Nagoro, Japan  

✔ Village of Nagoro is one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world which is also known as “Nagoru”.

✔ The village of Nagaro is one of the scariest places in Japan that is filled with large numbers of dolls rather than humans.

✔ It has been claimed that Tsukimi Ayano was the creator of this scariest doll village that is located in Japan.

✔ It has been claimed that the family of Tsukimi Ayano left this village when she was a small child after some years she came back to find her father and created a doll in his likeness and kept it in the village.

Village of Nagoro, Japan

✔ After that she created more than 400 dolls in the village in the name of the village residents.

✔ There is one school in Nagoro village that was closed in 2012 due to some reason and it includes a large number of dolls.

✔ It has been claimed that two students of that class made their portraits and kept them in the classroom. This place is also famous as the “Nagoro Doll Village”.

✔ According to the estimation of  National Geographic the village contains altogether 400 dolls and 37 human beings living there.

✔ The dolls of Nagoro are also known as scarecrows or Kakashi in Japanese.

✔ Inside this village we can see the dolls which are made in the name of dead people and residents of the village who used to live in the village before.

Village of Nagoro, Japan

✔ It has been claimed that as all people were migrating for a better life, job opportunities, and so on Tsukimi Ayano decided to make dolls and portraits in their memory. When we enter the school of Nagoro we can see the doll students listening to their doll teacher inside the classroom.

✔ This interesting and mysterious story has made this village one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. So, Nagoro is considered one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world and is located in Japan.


  6. Alcatraz Prison, USA  

✔ Alcatraz Prison which is also known as Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is a famous prison that is located in the United States, Alcatraz Island. It is exactly located in San Fransisco Bay, California.

✔ Alcatraz Prison is also considered one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world. Alcatraz Prison was first opened on August 11, 1934; 88 years ago, and closed on March 21, 1963; 60 years ago.

Alcatraz Prison, USA

✔ This place is now being used as a museum. This place is now being protected by the National Park Service.

✔ The first prisoner who was first time kept in this prison was Frank Lucas Bolt who was documented about Alcatraz’s LGBTQ+ prisoners.

✔ Altogether 20 prisoners died inside this prison among them 5 committed suicide whereas 15 people died because of natural illness.

✔ One of the most famous killers of the Alcatraz Prison was Robert Franklin Stroud who was also known as the “Birdman of Alcatraz”

✔ People can go inside the prison on a guided tour. Alcatraz Prison was destroyed or damaged by a fire many years ago.

✔ It has been claimed that one of the scariest punishments inside the prison was chained up standing in total darkness, often with no food and regular beatings. Nobody has escaped officially from this prison till now.

Alcatraz Prison, USA

✔ Altogether 36 people tried to escape from this prison till now but among them, 23 were caught, six were shot and killed, and the others drowned. The maximum capacity of this prison is 312.

✔ Alcatraz Prison is also known as the “World’s Most Notorious Prison”. As it is located in the middle of the island it was very hard for prisoners to escape. 

✔ So, Alcatraz Prison, USA is considered one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world that is located in the USA.


  7. Sedlec Ossuary  

Sedlec Ossuary which is also known as “Sedletz-Beinhaus” is a Roman Catholic chapel that is located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints( It is part of the former Sedlec Abbey in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic.).

It is also one of the most famous and most visited dark tourism destinations in the world that is located in the Czech Republic.

✔ It has been claimed that this Ossuray was built in ago 13th century.

Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec Ossuray consists of a total of 40,000 to 70,000 human skeletons which have been artistically arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel.

✔ It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, attracting 200,000 national and international tourists each year.

While visiting this place we can watch the unique view of a massive chandelier, a cross, a chalice, a monstrance, and so on.

✔ It has been claimed that 300 years ago this Ossuray was given to a half-blind monk who arranged the bones but later they were arranged artistically as they are today.

Sedlec Ossuary is also known as “Bone Church” sometimes. Photography is prohibited inside this Ossuray.

It contains the bones and skeletons of people who were killed because of the plague in 1318 and during the wars of the Hussite in the 15th century.

Sedlec Ossuary

It has been claimed that the bones of this Ossuray were buried at the church cemetery but when it was closed in the 5th century, the bones and skeleton were transferred to the chapel. Due to this story behind the Ossuray, many people visit this place every year.

Every year a large number of tourists visit this place to learn about the history of the Ossuray, to know about the darkest story behind the skeletons and bones that are kept inside the Ossuray.

So, Sedlec Ossuary is considered one of the most famous dark tourism destinations in the world that are located in the Czech Republic.


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