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Surrey hills

  Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  

✔ Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty is amazing and it is a national park which is located in England.

✔ Surrey Hills is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, landscapes, and so on. The overall Surrey Hills area is 422km and was designated in 1958.

✔ after walking through Dorking you will make your way to a path in the Surrey Hills this area is known for its chalk soil which attracts butterflies and has beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

✔ After walking through the woodland area you will come to an old carriage road that was built in the 19th century by a local estate owner.

✔ There are sweeping views across the English countryside there

✔ There are unique points of interest along the walk and also local flora and fauna there are even cute belted galloway cows

✔ North Downs is a ridge of chalk hills in southeast England that runs from Surrey to the white cliffs of Dover.

✔ you’ll walk up a hill there to get to god’s seat the view across the countryside is breathtaking, and you’ll also start to see pill boxes that formed strategic defense lines during World War ll.

✔ Next, the walk continues along the north down the way a long-distance walking path that covers over 150 miles, you’ll see more pillboxes as you follow the route along the ridgeline.

✔ This area is surrounded by An Area of Landscape Value. Inside Surrey Hills, we can see many historical palaces, castles, natural scenarios, landscapes, ponds, waterfalls, and so on.

✔ Surry Hills is named after Surrey County, England, by an estate agent and councilor, J.H Knipe(1828-95).

surrey hills area of outstanding natural beauty

✔ There are altogether 279  named mountains in Surrey. Among them, the highest mountain is Leith Hill. 

✔ Surrey Hill was officially opened on 6 October 1833. Vibrant Guildford is the largest town in the Surrey Hills. Surrey Hills was founded by Englishman HJ Brewer.

✔ The most interesting fact is Surrey is covered with 22.4% of woodland. According to the estimation of 2021, the main religion of people living in Surrey Hills is Christianity. There are altogether 3.2% of the Muslim population living in the Surrey Hills area.

✔ We can find a comfortable adventure in Surrey Hills. With many types of restaurants, cafes, and bars in the crown street and the narrow backstreet


  Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty (England)  

✔ Surrey Hills is such a wonderful place, Completely stunning, Not far from London.


Geographical FeatureDescription
Leith HillHighest summit (294 meters/965 feet) in Surrey Hills AONB. Part of Greensand Ridge, the second-highest point in southeast England.
Box HillProminent hill with scenic views, managed by the National Trust.
Hog’s BackRidge with chalk formation.
Gibbet HillNotable peak in the Surrey Hills.
Holmbury HillHill contributes to the diverse topography of the AONB.
Colley HillFeature in the northern chalk ridge.
Newlands CornerThe area is managed by the National Trust, offering panoramic views.
Blackheath CommonPart of the Surrey Hills AONB, enhancing natural beauty.


✔ It is Great for hiking, a getaway to recharge, and disconnected from all busy life, Today we are going to learn about the most famous tourist destination in Surrey Hills:


  1. Frensham Great Pond  

✔ Freshman Great Pond is an artificial pond which is located inside the Surrey Hills near Hindhead and Farnham.

✔ The area of Frensham Great Pond is 1,000 acres  (400 hectares) and it is 5 feet deep. 

✔ Frensham Great Pond was created by William de Raleigh, the Bishop of Winchester when he wanted a fish supply for his visits to Farnham Castle.

Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty

✔ Swimming is not allowed in Frensham Great Pond in some marked areas. This pond was created in the 13th century to supply the fish in Carnham Castle. Now this place is the site of early industrial action.

✔ Some different species of Fish that we can find in Fresham Great Pond are Common Crabs, Chubs, Tenchs, trout, Pike, Perch, Brem, catfish, and so on.

✔ The area around the Fresham Great Pond was used as a military training area during the time of the Second World War.

✔ This pond is a Man-made beach with soft sand and calm water, perfect for swimming. This pond is also known as the Site of Special Scientific Interest.

As this place was used as a military training center, it was destroyed during the time of the Second World War but this place was later managed by the government and now it is considered as one of the most famous and important tourist attractions in the Surrey Hills.


  2. Leith Hill  

✔ Leith Hill which is located in Southern England is the highest summit of Greensand Ridge whose total area is 6.7km.

✔ It is the second-highest point in Southeast England after Wallburry Hill. The tower that is located in Leith Hill was built by Richard Hull in 1765 as a “place for people to enjoy the glory of the English Countryside”.

Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty

✔ On the summit of Leith Hill there is a Gothic Tower that was constructed in the 18th century. The height of Leith Hill is 19.5m (64ft).

✔ It was constructed in the Palladian Style by Richard Hull. Leith Hill is arguably tougher to climb than Box Hill.

✔ Leith Hill Place was the childhood home of composer Ralph Vaughan William and later he gave the house to the National Trust in 1994. 

✔ It has been claimed that Leith Hill Tower was sealed up until 1800 and a stairwell was added to provide access to the roof in 1864. 

✔ Leith Hill Place was opened to the public by National Trust in 2013. It has been claimed that on a clear day, 13 countries can be seen from the top of Leith Tower. Due to some construction and conservation work, this place is closed until 2024.


  3. Box Hill  

✔ Box Hill which is named after Box Woodlan is located in Southwest London and its total area is 31km. According to the estimation of the National Trust, 850,000 people visit Box Hill every year.

Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty

✔ The village of Box Hill is owned by the National Trust. The total area of Box Hill is 11 square kilometers.

✔ The nearest station to Box Hill in Surrey is Westhumble on the London to Dorking Line. Box Hill was named after the ancient box woodland.

✔ Box Hill is famous for its natural beauty, scenic walk, and stunning views. This area is now being protected by the National Trust. In Box Hill Surrey we can find 40 species of butterfly.

✔ There are also some natural and cultural attractions inside Box Hill and some of them are National Trust Box Hill Estate, The Box Hill Pavilion, The Hilltop Gardens, and so on.


  4. Newlands Corner  

✔ Newlands Corner is a natural reservation site which is located in Surrey, England. The total area of Newland Corner is 103 hectares(250 acres).

✔ This area used to be managed by Surrey County Council but is no longer managed by them.

✔ It is claimed that Newlands Hill is named after the Highwayman Newland. Inside Newlands Corner, we can see the area of Chalk grassland and Woodland. Below the ridge of Newlands Corner, we can find the villages of Albury and Shere.

✔ As Newlands Corner is a dark site close to London we can see the constellations like Orion and Gemini in the winter season.

✔ Newlands Corner is a good site for amateur astronomy. It has been claimed that the crime writer Agatha Christie staged her disappearance from Newlands Corner in 1926.

✔ The area of Newlands Corner is over 170m (500ft). Newlands Corner is 103 hectares big.

✔ According to the survey we can see 1,000-year-old yew trees in Newlands Corner. Corner Yews found in this place are the world’s oldest yews growing anywhere in the world.


  5. Guildford Castle  

✔ The Guildford Castle is a historical castle which is located in Surrey England it was constructed in 1066 and it was later sold to Guildford Corporation in 1885. 

✔ The actual meaning of Guildford is “Ford with yellow flowers”. It was built after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror in 1066. 

Guildford Castle

✔ Guildford Castle is built using Bargate stone. This castle is built in Norman Style. The Guildford Castle is 43 kilometers wide in area.

✔ The opening time of this castle is from 10 am to 4 pm and the most interesting thing is this castle is closed during the time of closed in January-February and November-December. 

✔ The oldest area is Guildford Castle area is St Mary Church which is the oldest surviving structure in the town.

✔ If you are interested in knowing the history of different places, you must visit this place. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Surrey.

✔ The symbol of Guildford was made in front of an Elizabeth hall which was extensively restored.

✔ There are altogether 46 churches around Guildford. The entry fee for adults is 3.5 pounds, for children 2 pounds, and no entry fee for children under 5 years.


  6. Betchworth Castle  

✔ Betchworth Castle is a historic castle located on the western bank of River Mole in Surrey, England.

✔ Betchworth Castle was built in the 18th century. It has been claimed that Sir John Fitzalan, Marshal of England, was granted a license to clove his residence there. 

Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty

✔ Betchworth Castle was built in 1449 but later it was reconstructed in 1799.

✔ The overall area of Betchworth Castle is 300 acres. Betchworth Castle is free to the public and it is open for 24 hours.

✔ In 1798 Henry Peters brought Betchworth Castle and spent considerable money to renovate it and to make a comfortable family home in England later on it was enlisted in the Surrey Historic Buildings Trust.

✔ Betchworth is also famous for St Michael Church, Betchworth House, Broome Park, etc.

✔ This area is being protected by the government of England now. The historical records of Betchworth Castle indicate that this castle dates at least 1377.


  7. Dorking  

✔ Dorking is a traditional English market town which is located in Surrey, England about 34km south of London, and is in the Mole Valley District. Dorking is 6.57 km in area. Dorking is one of the most beautiful villages to visit in Surrey.

Surrey hills

✔ Dorking is famous in the world for its natural beauty, architectural beauty, and so on.

✔ The Kings Arm is the oldest building in Dorking Town, built in the 16th century. The name Dorking came from the word Dorchingas.

✔ Dorking is also known as the third most dangerous small town in Surrey. According to the estimation of 2022, the crime rate of Dorking was 64 crimes per 1,000 people. 

✔ Around this village, we can see a theater cinema, leisure center, lots of markets, book shops, and so on.

✔ Dorking High Street was originally called East Street and formed part of the key east-west route through the town.

✔ Dorking is also famous for its long connection with the poultry trade. While visiting Dorking we can visit some beautiful places like Rose Hill, Park Copse, and so on.



Surrey hills Maps

✔ At the end you’ll see Gomshall a village in Surrey where the walk ends there are lots of cafes art galleries and pubs here so it’s a great place to have lunch.

✔ It’s an outstanding place for a weekend short trip. Family-friendly, couples, pet friendly, it’s a good and clean place to walk.

✔ The stepping stones are a little bit challenging if you are not an active sporty person. But you can do it. Not too long. Good place for a picnic too.

✔ We can see people flying their drones, it’s a bit loud to ruin the atmosphere of quiet nature.

✔ If you want to fly a drone make sure you keep a distance from the people who are trying to enjoy their peacefulness.


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