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Northstar Ski Resort: Tahoe lake

  Northstar Ski Resort  

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and it’s also home to the highest concentration of Northstar Ski Resort in the United States.

Northstar is located in North Lake Tahoe on Mount Pluto which is an extinct volcano sitting at 2,624 Meters.

We can fly to the closest airport in Reno, Nevada, and stay in the town of Truckee which is a 15-minute car ride from Northstar.

There are also many accommodations available inside Northstar including a Ritz Carlton.

Northstar has around 3,000 acres of ski terrain making it one of the largest ski resorts in the region.

Northstar Ski Resort

From the Northstar, we should walk through the beautiful village where we can buy tickets, get rentals, and sign up for lessons.

There are also many restaurants and shops in the village as well as an ice rink You can also rent or buy demo skis and snowboards at the Burton and Butterbox store in the village.

After all setup, we can head to the big spring gondola and head to the mid-mountain area which is where most of the lifts are:

Northstar Ski Resort

If you are a beginner or intermediate skier or snowboarder you will love Northstar as there are many wide and well-groomed beginners to intermediate runs in the heart of the Mountains.

If you are a beginner you can practice on the bunny hill and the big easy lift Then you will find wide open space perfect for learning the basics once you feel more confident you can take the arrow express lift where you will find many green runs in the mountains.

The great beginner learning area and the number of green runs make Northstar a great place for new skiers and snowboarders.

If you are an intermediate skier and snowboarder you’ll have even more options as 60% of all runs at northeast are intermediate.

Northstar Ski Resort

it’s a great mountain to help with the progression and recommend taking the Zephyr lift,  where you will find many groomed runs where you can just cruise and enjoy the view.

You can also take the Comstock Express lift all the way to the top of the mountain. You can find the most beautiful run in Northstar The East Ridge Run.

Northstar is nicknamed “Flatstar” due to the lack of challenging terrain, however, there are more advanced options There are some black diamonds spread throughout the mountain like Totini’s but most of the advance runs in the back.

stateline fire look california

Northstar is also known for having a great terrain park accessible to all levels of skiers and snowboarders even if you’ve never tried the park before they have small features that are quite beginner-friendly.

You can take the Vista Express to reach the terrain park Right next to the Vista Express is a half-pipe for snowboarders to show off their tricks and it’s a fun place to just people-watch.

If you want to take a lesson North Star has a ski school and a Burton snowboard school the only one in the country.

There is the big spring lodge right outside of the gondola the Zephyr Lodge on top of the Zephyr lift and the summit smokehouse on the top of the Comstock lift.

memorial point overlook

There are also plenty of options down in the village with my favorite being the newly opened inclined burger Even if you don’t ski or snowboard you can try tubing, cross-country, and snowshoeing on 22 miles of groomed scenic trails.

The cross country, telemark, and snowshoes center is right next to the Vista Express lift chair.

An elevation of around 10,000 feet Heavenly is the highest ski resort with the best view of Lake Tahoe out of all the resorts.

From North Lake Tahoe the drive took about an hour but there are many beautiful viewpoints along the way to break up the trip.

Northstar Ski Resort

Heavenly is a large Mountain spanning California and Nevada with four base areas on the Nevada side you have the stagecoach in Boulder Logdes.

The slopes on the Nevada side tend to get darker in the afternoon so it’s common to follow the sun and start your day on the Nevada side then traverse to the California side.

You have the Heavenly Village in California Lodge. The Heavenly Village is a great place to start if you have people in your group who don’t ski or snowboard.

Ski in California and Nevada at the same time at one resort that is really unique, It’s the only ski resort in California and Nevada.

Northstar Ski Resort

If you are an intermediate skier or snowboarder you will love Heavenly 45% of its terrain is blue squares only in California.

I recommend the Sky Express or Canyon Express lift Both will take you to the top where you will have a lot of fun on a long, wide blue runway with some of the best views of Lake Tahoe.

If you are visiting the California side you can head to the Nevada side of the resort by the Skyline Trail On the way you’ll be greeted by the beautiful Lake Tahoe on one side. Beautiful scenery on the order side is the Nevada River Valley.

If you are a tournament skier or snowboarder 35% of the terrain is black diamond or double black diamond.

Northstar Ski Resort

Head to Mot Canyon and Kilibru Canyon you will find a lot of technical trees double black diamonds and Gay access slims filled with steep buds.

There is also a great food option on the mountain. One popular place is the East Summit Lodge on the Nevada side, the Sky Express at the bottom, the sky deck lifts at the top, and the Tamarak Lodge at the top of the mountain.

If you are not a skier or snowboarder Heavenly has a lot of offers. stroll through Heavenly Village which also has restaurants and shops as well as an ice skating rink.

You can also take the cable car to the scenic observation deck where you can see a beautiful lake view. At the top of the cable car, you will find Tamarak.

The lodge is where you can enjoy good food and drinks with your friends who are out on the mountain skiing or snowboarding.

If you want to come here for refreshments the best season is mid-December before the Christmas holiday or late in the spring.


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