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Huashan Mountain: China

  Huashan Mountain  

Today I’m headed to Huashan, it’s known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world and one of the most famous mountains in China.

In Huashan Mountain, it takes around 30 minutes to get to the peak by Cable car.

On the way, there is a little house and cave in the mountain we can see from the glasses of the cable car.

It seems like footsteps on the mountain, Huashan has been known as a mountain for hermitage for thousands of years in China.

Huashan Mountain

It used to be so tough to get here and Taoist hermits would live here because no one can get to them and they can have the whole Mountain and it’s a peacefulness to themselves.

Huashan Mountain has above 30 caves throughout the mountain where these hermits would live.

There is a crazy dug hole in this mountain which is a cable car station under the Huashan Mountain rocks.

There are five Peaks, South Peak (Luoyan Peak), West Peak (Lotus Peak), Central Peak (Yunu Peak), North Peak (Yuntai Peak), and East Peak (Chaoyang Peak).


  1. West Peak  

We can see the cable car below from the top of the mountain. Almost at the west Peak right there is a very famous landmark called Ax chopping rock.

Huashan Mountain

Near the West peak, we have to climb a big rock to get to the peak but the view is absolutely insane we can see lots of mountains, greenery, and a tiny tree there.



  2. South Peak  

On the South Peak, there are a lot of stairs we feel that the stairs are endless. out of the world and imaginary mountains view from the top of South Peak.

Plank roads in the sky don’t go if you are older than fifty-five (55) or shorter than one point-five (1.5) meters, we should get a ticket for the sky plank.

Huashan Mountain

It is a very dangerous, adventurous, and scary way, many people gave up, and get back halfway we can pray at the near temple for safety.

In the past people have fallen to their death due to unhooking the carabiner so now it’s completely locked, and when there is traffic someone has to crawl under.



  3. East Peak  

Now heading to the east Peak but on the east peak, there is a pretty scary route called Sparrow Hawk Flipping over let’s go this way.

East Peak is really famous for having a small chess pagoda in order to get there you have to take the really really scary trail called Yells Defention or Sparrow Hawk flipping on.

It’s very scary once you get to a little below the area. The brow is full of these very steps and steps after that we reach the chess pavilion.

Huashan Mountain

According to the legend during the Song dynasty, The emperor was playing chess with the sage Chen Twan after losing three games to the chess the emperor gave him Huash as a gift.

Maybe the view here is the most beautiful, it’s much scary as the Sky Plank Walk because of the cliff right below you.

The people here are a little bit more helpful they would tell you where to put your feet and if you have a camera then they give you a little bit more freedom to explore the area.



  4. Central Peak  

Central Peak has a lot of stairs to get to the peak it’s quite easier than other peaks to climb and the view is also awesome.

Huashan is a scary Mountain of Taoism one of the major religions and Philosophies in China Taoist.

Huashan Mountain

Monks have been going to Huashan for thousand of years you will often see various caves scattered throughout the Mountain serving as centuries for Taoist hermits.

Tower temples can be found in Alva Huashan when you visit you can still see many monks practicing and living there today.

Along the way, you will see steps carved into the side of the mountain created by monks thousands of years ago.

The world comes to Huashan to pay their respects, some even stay overnight on the mountain at a hotel or a campsite.



  5. North Peak  

North Peak is the last peak and that’s the peak it can also take the cable car down.

We are just passing the skate and right here are lots of prayer ribbons you can basically give an offering and get a prayer ribbon and tie them here.

Huashan Mountain

North Peak is so far away from other peaks around an hour it takes time to just straight downhill and very hard on your knees, cloud stairs are the worse part of here.

The view of the mountains from North Peak is outstanding today we went to all five Peaks thank you so much for coming with us hope you enjoyed it.


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