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Kanyam: ilam


  Kanyam ilam: Nepal  

✔ The queen of hills and plentiful cash crops, ilam is the eastern district of Nepal, famous for its teagarden worldwide.

✔ Kanyam is a locality in the Ilam district known for its tea estates and gardens. The region is famous for producing high-quality tea, and visitors often come to explore the tea gardens and enjoy the scenic views.

✔ Two leaves and a bud in the center of horse riding, Kanyam children, youths or aged, everyone get fascinated there.

Kanyam: ilam

✔ From the place of Charali, Jhapa toward the east 11 Km lies Kakarvitta, Birtamod in the west at a distance of 6 Km, toward south Chndragadhi headquarters of Jhapa and its Kanyam towards North.

✔ There is a place called Lasune Bhanjhyang the places below there are warm and the places up from this point are cold.


      Aspect                                Information
LocationIlam is an eastern district of Nepal, known as the “queen of hills.” It’s famous for its worldwide teagarden.
Tea GardenIlam is renowned for its Teagarden, with a special mention of “two leaves and a bud” in the center of horse riding.
KanyamKanyam is a place in Ilam known for its attractions. Visitors of all ages, including children, youths, and the elderly, find it fascinating.
Pine Tree QueueKanyam is described as having a queue of pine trees.
HarkateHarkate is a location where Suryodaya municipality starts and Rong Rural municipality ends. It’s a busy market favored by tourists visiting Kanyam.
Market and Fresh VegetablesHarkate serves as a market for fresh vegetables, and people returning from Kanyam often stop there for this purpose.
Historical SignificanceHarkate was the main market for places in the east like Targau, Rambhyang, and Salakpur before the construction of the highway.
Indian VisitorsKanyam is connected with India, attracting many Indian tourists.
View LocationsFrom Kanyam, one can see Shree Antu, Samalbung, and Pashupatinagar. On clear days, Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchanjunga, and Mt. Kumbhkarna are visible.
Natural BeautyThe region is known for its cold weather, beautiful environment, and unique feelings it evokes.

Visitors enjoy the cold breeze, long tea gardens, and the soothing sound of pine trees.


  1. Harkate  

✔ The place with the queue of pine trees is Kanyam, Mountains can be seen from Harkate.

✔ From Harkate, Suryodaya municipality starts and Rong Rural municipality ends, Harkate is also a busy market.

Kanyam ilam

✔ The tourists visiting Kanyam favor Harkate. The hospitality business proposed that people returning from use to buy fresh vegetables there.

✔ It was the main market for the places of the east like Targau, Rambhyang, and Salakpur before the construction of this highway, there used to be hotels in Harkate.

✔ It was the entry point for Kakarvitta and Bahundangi, at that time travelers used to rest there and take foodstuffs.

✔ They used to walk up to Fikkal and Ilam, now Harkate is a big market, and hotels are plentily available.


  2. Kanyam  

✔ Kanyam Tea Garden is located in Suryodhaya municipality of the Ilam district, The beautiful tea garden can lure everyone.

✔ There is near Harkate where the Kanyam tea garden starts. Tourists usually go toward Bhanjyang, they don’t climb this place but real view can be seen from there wherever you see.


✔ The place is visited by Nepalese and foreign tourists because it’s connected with India, many Indians used to visit there. Shree Antu, Samalbung, and Pashupatinagar can be seen from Kanyam.

✔ On a clear day, Mt. Everest, mt. Kanchanjunga & Mt. Kumbhkarna can be seen there.

✔ To enjoy cold weather and a beautiful environment gives us a unique feeling, cold breeze, long Teagarden and sound from the pine tree, it’s too good to travel.

✔ There are many tourist destinations in Ilam, as Kanyam is near from plain and has good roads, many tourists visit there.


  3. ilam  

✔ Ilam is a district in the eastern part of Nepal. It is known for its lush tea gardens, beautiful landscapes, and the production of tea.

✔ The district is situated in the hilly region and is known for its cool climate, making it suitable for tea cultivation.

✔ It feels good to travel curved roads and visit the tea garden, the name “Ilam” has also a connection with curved roads in the local language “il” means curved, and “lam” means road.

✔ The main cash crop of Ilam is tea and the Teagarden increased tourism, it’s a famous picnic spot in Nepal.


✔ The geographical diversity is amazing in Nepal, so people visit there in the eastern plain of Nepal to enjoy the cold.

✔ Nepalese people also call a district of 8 “A”s cardamom, ginger, Orthodox tea, Red Savina pepper, milk, tiger grass, potato, and hospitality, We can’t praise the beauty of ilam orally.


  4. Love Dada  

✔ There is a spherical hill called Love Dada which is a place for loving couples who used to pass the time there.

✔ The Nepalese national flag is on the top of Love Dada, it’s so clean there at the top, we can see 360 panorama view from the top. People used to take photos there.

Love Dada

✔ The horse riding business is quite good here at Kanyam, tourists prefer to ride horses and gallop Teagarden.

✔ Near Love Dada there are small shops managed properly, a queue of small moveable shops, tea, cheese, and local sweets.

✔ Tourist prefers their own type of dress and click photos in the tea garden. Whether children, youths, or age, everyone is enjoying.



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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.


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