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Bhujung: Village


  Bhujung Village, Nepal  

The largest Gurung village Bhujung, is covered with houses everywhere old houses, made of stone and mud, ancient houses and constructions.

Bhujung of Lamjung is a big and clean village with old traditions and a typical environment protecting originality has been applying technologies for convenience.

The village has a history of centuries nearly 500 houses in the village.

Beautiful Besi Sahar (city) is beside the Marsyangdi River and has all the facilities, Besi Sahar is huge in size.

It’s a 2-hour drive from “Dumre” a place between Mugling and Pokhara to reach Besi Sahar, it’s also the headquarters of Lamjung district.

The road is constructed amazingly salute to those who made this road, the journey to Bhujung was difficult.

Bhujung Village

It’s not long after Bhujung is connected to the roadway, it’s just 10/15 years now we can travel by vehicle.

The location of Bhujung seems different, the river flows between two hills on the western slope of East Hill in the village, so it’s difficult to see the whole village at once but from the top of the ward office we can see the beautiful view.

Ghalegaun was at 2,100 Meters but Bhujung is at 1,600 Meters altitude. There is a Lamjung, Kholasothar-4 ward office, from the top of the ward office view is really beautiful, with around 450 houses densely arranged.

A typical Gurung village having ancient culture, one should visit Bhujung to see Gurung culture. Here we can see “RODHI” and Gurung Dances.

Gurung used to live in groups from the beginning, the majority of Gurung villages are of the same type today so Gurung is social, helpful, and friendly, in Lamjung, there are 300 villages like this.


Aspect            Information about Bhujung
Village HistoryBhujung village has a history of over 700 years.
Village NicknameIt is known as the “Kumari” village due to its hidden location.
Conservation EffortsIn 2050, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) was established.

It was initiated after the formation of a mother group called “Aama Samuha.”

Conservation MeasuresACAP implemented several measures including:

  • Prohibition of gambling
  • Restrictions on hunting animals
  • Conservation of forests
Women’s EmpowermentWomen in the Gurung village are highly active in various aspects of village life and development.

They play a significant role in shaping the community and its progress.


The village has a history of over 700 years, it is a hidden village, we can’t see it from far, away no one can see it, so it is called “Kumari” village.

The huge village before it was a whole VDC. Today even is a whole ward of a rural municipality.

This is regarded as the last village of Lamjung no villages are found beyond, and there are rounded, old, and attractive houses in the village.

The main occupation here is tourism and agriculture old people never wore a dress made outside the village. Aged people wear the local dress even today, a new generations are modernized.

Bhujung Village

Village make their own rule along with common rules. a meeting called “Bhadau Sabha” held here.

Bhadau Sabha makes rules every year during “Bhadra” month, the rule for the village is made, and Bhadau Sabha declares the wage rate and decreases the rate of locally made products.

The rate of Agricultural products is declared, and if one goes against the rules and is punished, locals promise to obey the rule touching khukuri, they called it “Dharma Samatne”

Until today the rule is made in the same way but is made in accordance with the constitution of Nepal. Rules are made practically.

Bhujung is so big that someone can lost there, and if the homestay can’t be found, should ask the locals. The mobile network is good enough in the village.

In this village “Rodi” used to be practiced earlier still now Rodi is performed but in a modified form due to deformity Rodi came to an end.

 On the top of the hill, there is a dense village, on the lower side gradually village is thinly dispersed, and at the lower end is the vacant land.

The land is utilized by locals for agriculture soil is fertile. Rice and maize can be produced.

Bhujung Village

The life of Bhujung was difficult Before the roadway, they used to carry items on their back for serval days.

They traveled a lot for salt, oil, and foodstuff, at that time they didn’t have cash, so they performed barter trade and exchanged village products.

There is a settlement at the top hill, agricultural land lies down below so they should go up and down to carry produce land is cumbersome.

There is a station of ropeway in Bhujung that makes life easier. The rope can handle heavy items. down there is cultivable land, agricultural items can be brought using this ropeway.

This ropeway was made with the assistance of Japan making farmer’s life easier.

The life of villagers became convenient as time passed. A roadway has been made, and transportation is possible people divert from agriculture to tourism, more tourists visit, and homestay has been established.

Tourists became happy while visiting here, far away from the city the place is perfect for tours, tourism adds income, and life standards increase for villagers.

People used to hunt earlier landlords used to gamble and alcoholism many villagers lost their land and houses, played cards, and made fake documents to take houses and lands.

In 2050 Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) was established after the mother group (Aama samuha) was formed, Gambling was prohibited, hunting animals was restricted, forests were conserved the organization made new rules and regulations now everything is good.

Women’s empowerment is a feature of Gurung village, women are more active than their male counterparts, and women play an active role in the development of the village.


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