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How Social Media Destroys Your Life


  How Social Media Destroys Your Life  

✔ Social media addiction is dangerous for your life for a host of reasons, the first and simplest reason is that you will be wasting your time, but this is only a surface-level reason. Apart from this, there’s an increase in radicalization.

✔ If an algorithm keeps showing you things you like, your political viewpoints are developed in an echo chamber. if you like right-wing posts, you will be shown right-wing posts only. If you like left-wing posts, you’ll be shown only that.


  The Neurobiology of Social Media Addiction  

✔ Social media addiction is a prevalent issue in the contemporary era, with individuals spending an average of 7 hours daily on their screens, on average a person unlocks their phone 50 times a day and makes approximately 2,600 touches on their phones.

✔ This addiction not only impacts productivity in areas such as studies, jobs, and hobbies but also takes a toll on mental well-being.

The Neurobiology of Social Media Addiction

✔ The addictive nature of social media is closely linked to the brain’s dopamine system, a neurotransmitter associated with motivation and reward.

✔ Dopamine levels rise when the brain anticipates pleasure from engaging in certain activities, creating a pattern. However, repeated exposure to the same stimuli can lead to a chronic Dopamine Deficit state, requiring more stimuli to achieve the same level of happiness.

✔ The ease of access and speedy rewards play a crucial role in addiction. Social media platforms, designed intentionally to be easily accessible, offer instant rewards such as likes, comments, and notifications. Apps like TikTok, with its swift video consumption and immediate rewards, are particularly addictive.


  The Dark Side of Social Media  

✔ Social media companies employ psychological strategies to keep users engaged. Infinite scrolling, notifications, and personalized content contribute to prolonged screen time.

✔ Professionals within these companies conduct detailed psychological analyses and surveys to identify triggers that encourage extended app usage.

The Dark Side of Social Media

✔ The danger of social media addiction lies in its impact on mental health, productivity, and overall well-being. Social media companies, motivated by profit, intentionally design their apps to be addictive, creating a cycle of dependency.

✔ It is essential to recognize the addictive nature of social media and take conscious steps to limit screen time for a healthier lifestyle.

✔ It’s crucial to address social media addiction as a significant issue comparable to addictions like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and gambling.

✔ The instant gratification provided by social media platforms triggers the brain’s reward system, contributing to a cycle of addiction.

The Dark Side of Social Media

✔ It increases insecurity and depression when you look at the social media pages of people, they look so beautiful when you look at them through the filters. The teenagers then start feeling more and more anxious and eventually get depressed.


  How can I avoid social media?  

✔ The problem is social media addiction if used in moderation social media can be used for good, it is not saying that you should completely stop using social media.

✔ After all, you are also reading this blog through social media but the question is, how do we stop the addiction?

✔ To mitigate the negative effects of social media addiction, individuals can consciously reduce screen time, set usage limits, and engage in alternative activities that promote physical and mental well-being.

How can I avoid social media

✔ Awareness of the psychological tactics employed by social media companies can empower individuals to make informed choices and regain control over their screen time.

✔ The answer to this is hidden in the two factors ease of access and speedy rewards, if you want to stop any addiction then you’ll have to reduce the ease of access and you’ll have to eliminate the speedy rewards.

✔ Today it is so easy to log in to Facebook that you pick up the phone unlock it and tap on Facebook’s icon. But if it weren’t so easy would you use Facebook so much?


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Sudeep Thapa
Sudeep Thapa
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