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Harsil Valley


  Harsil Valley  

The beautiful side of Uttarakhand is still unknown to many people, a beautiful blue river emerges from the huge glacier, and along with rivers, there are some charming villages.

200 Km away from Dehradun, this place is the Harsil Valley of Uttarakhand, Harsil Valley starts where India’s largest river Ganga.

Ganga flows through the mountains of the Himalayas of Gangotri and flows into its first stream, Bhagirathi.

Harsil Valley

This beautiful river, on the banks of Bhagirathi, is the Harisl Valley, not just the river, but this forest of Debodaar and the snow-covered mountains.

Together, it looks as if a painting made in childhood has come to life and as soon as you reach Harsil, you will be ready to see some paintings.

When you enter Harsil, along with peace and tranquility, you will see a lot of yellow buildings, some paintings have been made on them. this place has a very unique style.

It shows the face of a local lady, the local culture, and the local people’s activities.


  1. Bogari Village  

There are lots of small villages in Harsil Valley, but the one closest to Harsil market is Bogari Village

Bagori Village is one of the few places in Uttarakhand where you will still see wooden houses.

There are about 150 wooden houses, which are beautifully built in a straight line, and some apple trees are next to each house.

Bogari Village

Whether you are in Bagori or anywhere in Harsil Valley one thing that you will see everywhere is the beautiful Gangotri range, this range peaks are more than 22,000 feet in height and once you see them, it isn’t easy to take your eyes off them.

Whether it is morning, day, or night, these peaks look different and beautiful at all times, looking at these peaks it’s pretty much understood that it is frigid there.


  2. Gartang Gali  

Those who live in Bagori never used to live there before the Indo-China war these people used to live in Nelong Valley, and used to trade with Tibet, for which these people used to walk from Nilong Valley to Tibet but after the war, Nelong Valley is now in the line of actual control.

Gartang Gali

That is why these people were shifted to Bagori from Nelong but the amazing thing is the road from which these people used to go to Tibet.

There was a wooden bridge on that road that used to go from Negon to Tibet and you can still trek to that old wooden bridge there, which is called Gartang Gali.

There is a cliff and it’s so close, that we can’t even stand straight properly, which used to go all the way to Tibet from India.

People used to walk on this road or go with their animals or mules, and this was the salt route of Indo-Tibet trade, it’s closed now.

Gartang Gali

This place is so special, Imagine so many years ago, these people used to make this road by cutting the cliffs.

It’s a good engineering marvel of that time and it’s still so challenging to make such a structure and it was made at that time. It’s a very unique experience to walk on this.


  3. Mukhwa  

There is a very small village in the beautiful mountains of Harsil Valley and the way to this village is very beautiful.

The village view is very beautiful the trees, the peaks, the snow peaks, and there is a river flowing on the side, a very clean river you can hear its sound all the time on the way.


The name of this beautiful village in Harsil Valley is Mukhwa it is just like any typical village you can imagine old wooden houses and some people sneaking from them some cows and goats coming from under the house.

The name of Mukhwa is Mukhwa temple and this temple is very special for the people there because this is the second house of Gangaji or Ma Ganga after Gangotri, people there also called it Gangaji’s Maika. We can see a large number of old wooden houses in this area.


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