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Tullamore: Ireland

  Tullamore: Ireland  

Ireland is an Island which is located in North Atlantic Ocean in North Western Europe. It is the second-largest island of the British Isles, and third largest in Europe and twentieth in the world.

Dublin is a big city in Ireland. The overall area of Ireland is 32,595 sq. km. total population of Ireland is 7,026,636 according to the 2022 data. The official language of Ireland is English, Irish, ISL, Ulster Scots,  NISL, and Shelta. The major religion of Ireland is Roman Catholicism.

Ireland is one of the most famous, fabulous, and important destinations in the world. Ireland is famous in the world for its rich history & culture, Emerald Island, Traditions & customs, Unique Identity, Irish pubs & Temple tar, and so on. Today we are going to know about the most famous tourist destinations in Ireland Tullamore:


  1. Lough Boora Discovery Park  

✔ Lough Boora Discovery Park is a park that is located in Count Ofally, between Tullamore, Birr, and Clan Macnoise. This park covers an area of under five hectares.

✔ The prehistoric site was discovered at Lough Boora in 1977. Some of the lakes in Lough Boora Discovery Park are Lough Boora, Boora Lake, Finnamore Lakes, Turraun Wetland, and so on.

Tullamore: ireland

✔ Some of the interesting things to do in Lough Boora Discovery Park are Walking Routes, Cycling & Bike Hire, Fairy Tail, Angling, Bird Watching, Sculpture, and so on.

Bank fishing is permitted in Lough Boora Discovery Park. It doesn’t require any license to do fishing in Lough Boora. We can spend our time playing and having fun at the park.


  2. Birr Castle Demesne  

✔ Birr Castle Demesne is a historical castle which is located in Townparks, Birr, Ireland. Birr Castle was originally constructed in 1170 at Norman structure.

✔ Birr Castle is famous as the great scientific research center because William Parsons, 3rd Earl built the great telescope there. Birr Castle was also previously known as Parsontown.


✔ Birr Castle consists of altogether 90 rooms. This castle was built in Victorian Architectural style. Birr Castle Demesne offers or gives something to everyone to enjoy, have fun, and relaxation to all who visit.

✔ Birr Castle is a nice heritage town where we can enjoy our leisure time and have fun. We can also know about the great history of Ireland by visiting those Castles.


  3. Leap Castle  

✔ Leap Castle is a famous historical castle which is located in Coolderry, County Offaly, Ireland. Leap Castle is famous in the world as a home to many fascinating and sometimes horrific spirits.

✔ Leap Castle was built in the early 1500s under the supervision of the powerful and warring O’Carrol clan. Leap Castle is also known as the center of much bloodshed and brutal atrocities.


✔ Leap Castle is also known as the “World’s most haunted castle”. As many people claimed that there are ghosts in the castle some paranormal investigation has taken place inside the castle at night.

✔ It is believed that the ruler of Leap Castle called O’Carrol Clan killed his own brother and priest inside the castle. Many bloody incidents have happened inside this castle in the past.


  4. Birr Theatre & Art Center  

✔ Birr Theatre which is also Oxmantown Hall was constructed in 1888 to the design of James Fuller. It was used as a theatre until 1965. It is a very interesting place to visit in Ireland.

✔ The entire building was restored and refurbished for its present purpose previous to 2001. Birr Theatre was constructed in the German architectural style.

Tullamore: Ireland

✔ The official opening of Birr Theatre & Art Center took place in March 2001. Birr City was constructed by Parsons Family between 1620 to 1899. 

✔ Some of the events that take place at Birr Theatre & Art Center are A Chance to Dance, Open Gig/ Scullion, Afternoon Theatre/ Threa & Alice, 80s Icon show, and so on. We can also know about Irish Culture and Art.


  5. Durrow Abbey  

✔ Durrow Abbey is a historical place which is located in Offaly, Ireland. Durrow Abbey was owned by Irish Government in 2003. We can know little about Irish History.

✔ Nicholas Herbert who was an old member of the English family used to live in Durrow Abbey. According to the Irish Etymology Durrow means “plain of the oaks”.


✔ Durrow Abbey was founded by Saint Columba around the 580s. It is a national monument which is located in Ireland. There is short Irish history hidden inside Durrow Abbey.

✔ It is a fantastic place to enjoy and spend our holidays. In 1186 Irishman called Hugh de Lacy also known as “Lord of Meath” was killed at Abbey. 


  6. Offaly History Center  

✔ Offaly History Center is a Historical society which is located in Bury Quay, Puttaghan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Offaly is famous for its flat landscapes.

✔ It is also known for its extensive bog and peatlands. Some of the large bogs at Offaly are Bog of Allen, Clara Bog, Boora Bog, and so on. According to Irish Etymology, the old name of Offaly is “Kings Country”.

offaly History center

✔ There are altogether 1,194 towns in Offaly. Offaly is the best place to visit in Ireland. We can spend our time enjoying cities and towns. The largest city to visit in Offaly City is Tullamore.

✔ The latest nickname of Offaly is “The Faithful Country”. Offaly is named after the ancient Kingdom of Ui Failghe.


  7. Clara Bog Nature Reserve  

✔ Clara Bog Nature Reserve is a conservation center owned by the government of Ireland.  Clara Bog Nature Reserves cover altogether an area of 460 hectares.

✔ Clara bog is a type of Raised bog which is much deeper. Clara bog was found in the period of 6500-7000 BC. The first evidence of forest clearance appeared at about 2300 BC. 


✔ We can see different species of plants and animals inside Clara Bog Nature Reserve. We can spend our holiday here with extreme joy and fun.  

✔ We can see the numbers of birds and animals. We can spend our time inside the reserve knowing about different kinds of plants and animals. We can explore the new environment. 



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