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Rara Lake Nepal


  Rara Lake Nepal  

✔ Late king Mahendra honored Rara Lake by naming it the angel descended from heaven, a true gem hidden within the mountains of Mugu and Karnali.

✔ Deep blue lake and beautiful mountains in the background cool weather and pristine environment, the largest lake in Nepal.

✔ Area of 10.8 sq kilometers, the length of the lake is around 5Km whereas the width is around 3km.

✔ The lake is captivating, attractive, and expansive comparatively, it’s double the size of Phewa Lake.

Rara Lake

✔ Situated at an altitude of 2,990 Meters from sea level, Rara Lake is pure and pristine.

✔ The pollution-free deep blue water of the lake is just mesmerizing you are spellbound by its beauty.

✔ Rara Lake Nepal has an average depth of around 166 Meters, and you’ll find snow trout there, a species found nowhere else in the world.

✔ The water is so pure and clean, that you can even see the bottom from up their rocks and pebbles, and you can even see the sand deposit at the bottom.

✔ It is an absolutely beautiful place feels as if you’ve forgotten all the worries in the world, feels as if you’ve disappeared into nature’s embrace, a newcomer will be enchanted at least once- by this beauty.

✔ The lake looks beautiful from every angle, and you’re left gazing at this breathtaking view endlessly.

✔ The lake is quite deep, and according to locals, there are massive hills underwater.

✔ Rara Lake or Mahendra Lake is calm and serene in the evening as if its smiles hold many mysteries within itself. A helicopter carrying the royal family rests somewhere within its depths.

✔ You can see the entire Rara lake from Murma’s top, the horse ride business there has grown over the years.

✔ Horse ride to Murma’s top each ride, up and down costs NRP Rs. 2,000, you can find bears in the way of Murma’s top and see them on this trail sometimes but there hasn’t been any attacks on human.

Rara Lake nepal

✔ You can enjoy the scenic view of pristine Rara Lake and beautiful mountain ranges to the North from up there.

✔ Situated at an altitude of around 2,600 Meters, you can see everything down there from this Murma Top viewpoint, you can view the entire Rara Lake from up there.

✔ It generally takes about 3 hours of walking, and even on horseback, it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.

✔ You can get a clear view of the Northern Himalayan range, so if you want to experience this awesome view of Rara Lake and its region.

✔ Rara’s visit without the view from Murma’s top is truly incomplete, there are several small lunch stalls and hotels at Murma’s top but there’s no accommodation there, The major problem there is water due to its altitude.

✔ Plane flight is a common and measured problem for local and internal tourists, locals have been waiting in the airport for 7-8 days.

✔ A woman traveled from a distance with a sick child, and she was unable to take her son for treatment in Nepaljung.

✔ There has been a rule, that states that a flight has to carry half tourists and half residents in a way, this is a good alternative.

✔ The locals complain that the airlines manipulate the name list and give preference to their people. Even the ones with return tickets have to wait for at least a day, forget about the residents wanting to get a flight.

✔ The simple and humble residents of Mugu seem to be facing a major crisis regarding transportation.

✔ If someone protests or voices against the issue, then they are delayed 10 more days, a personal decision of the airline.

✔ All of these issues only happen during the season there are no issues during the off-season if you travel via flight, make sure you have a return ticket, or else, you might have to face the same issues.

✔ To reach Rara Lake you can personally catch a flight to Nepaljung, and then from there, to Taalcha airport. You can travel by road as well, the roads are comparatively better now.


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The team collected the information via a field visit to provide accurate and updated information.
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