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Mount Bromo: Hiking

  Journey of Mount Bromo: Hiking  

✔ Mount Bromo also known as Gunung Bromo to their locals, is a very common, famous, and active volcano in Indonesia.

✔ It is exactly located in Tengger Massif, East Java. Mount Bromo is the very easiest way to reach the town of Cemorolawang.

✔ Mount Bromo is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia, It is 7,641 Ft tall ( 2,329 Meters).

✔ The Bromo name is created from the Hindu god Brahma, and the mount created is an idol of Ganesha.

✔ It is protected by a nature reserve since 1919. Mount Bromo is surrounded by other Volcanos like the highest peak in the Tengger Mountains, Mount Semeru.

Probolingo station

✔ To reach this Mountain Town first take a train to Probolingo station from wherever you are in Java you can buy a train ticket.

✔ Once you arrive at the train station you can catch a bus to Cemorolawang, you can Book a shared ride from Ijen Backpacker for around $13 from Banyuwangi to Cemorolawang.

✔ Cemorolawang is over 2,000 from sea level, so it does get quite cold.

  recommend Packing lists  

  •  Headlight 
  • Jacket
  • Hiking shoes

✔ From Cemorolawang, the itinerary is to hike up to King Kong Hill to see Mount Bromo at sunrise. 

✔ Before hiking up to see the crater Mount Bromo, we started the hike at 3 a.m., it takes only about an hour and a half to reach the sunrise view at King Kong Hill.

king kong Hill

✔ On the way you will see many jeeps heading the same way so you won’t get lost if you get tired at all at any point, there are lots of people offering horse rides and motorbikes.

Hiking After about an hour you will reach the first official viewpoint, feel free to stop here or continue for another 30 minutes to the top of king kong Hill.

✔ Usually, the tour groups leave shortly after sunrise and you will get plenty of time to enjoy the view all to yourself.

✔ When you are ready to make your way back to the town of Cemorolawang, the hike down is quite nice as you will get a beautiful view of Mount Bromo the whole way.

✔ We stop for a delicious breakfast before making our way to Bromo. The trailhead to Bromo is right next to the Cemera Indah Hotel.

Top View of Mount Bromo

✔ From here we will walk for another hour before reaching Bromo, the reason I was able to hike Bromo for free is that there is no pay station at any point on the trail.

✔ If you walk on foot you will be charged $15 to 20 dollar, and entrance is free if you go by Jeep with a tour.

✔ Once you get to the foot of Mount Bromo you will be able to again hire a horse up to the mountain.

✔ Hiking on Bromo was such a cool experience as the unique landscape simply looks out of this world.

✔ Once you get to the top of the crater you can walk around the volcano.

✔ There is no railing around the volcano so there are scares who are afraid of the height.

✔ Mount Bromo is not only an active volcano but also has a rich cultural history, it’s considered a sacred site by the locals.

✔ Every year they hold a ceremony in which offerings of fruit, vegetables, and live stocks are thrown into the crater of the volcano as a sign of respect.

✔ after hiking down the mountain I caught a bus heading to Problangal at around noon the bus will drop you off at the Probolingo bus and train station.


  Here are some important things to do in Mount Bromo  

  • Hike to the top of Mount Bromo
  • Watch the sunrise over the volcano
  • Visit the Tengger Semeru National Park
  • Take a jeep tour of the area
  • Visit the village of Cemoro Lawang


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